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Playland is a 2016 American computer-animated comedy film directed by Rock Hunter and written by Peace Coffee, Mike Mitchell, Cinco Paul Ken Daurio. It stars the voices of Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Samuel L. Jackson, Kelsey Grammer, George Clooney, Jaleel White and Bill Murray. It is the first CGI-animated film to be rated PG-13 by the MPAA.

Voice Cast:

  • Ricky Gervais as Gromit
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Gromit's Father
  • Ty Burrell as Mr. Mo-Poke
  • Steve Carell as The Bingmaster
  • Tina Fey as Penny the Elf
  • Kelsey Grammer as Montealegre
  • George Clooney as Phillip
  • Jaleel White as Colin
  • Bill Murray as George