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Play Misty For Me is a 2014 remake of the 1971 American psychological thriller film, starring


Popular radio show host Dave Garver becomes restless in his relationship with his girlfriend. Impulsively, he goes out and sleeps with a woman he meets at a nightclub. After the fact, he finds out she was not an anonymous hookup, but an obsessive fan who has called in repeatedly to request he play the song "Misty." Garver soon discovers extricating himself from the woman will be no easy feat as she becomes increasingly psychotic.



  • TBA as Dave Garver
  • TBA as Evelyn Draper
  • TBA as Tobie Williams
  • TBA as Sgt. McCallum
  • TBA as Frank
  • TBA as Madge
  • TBA as Al Monte
  • TBA as Birdie
  • TBA as Murphy