Planey is an American-Canadian animated travel comedy TV series that aired for 42 episodes on April 13, 2015, and ended on December 18 of the same year. On January 22, 2016, the show was cancelled, though the show had already wrapped up. The reason it was "cancelled", however, was that a TV movie was planned to continue the events of the show.


The plot revolves around a private plane named "Planey" who travels around the world with his six pilot friends: Larry, Barry, Harry, Jerry, Terry, and Perry, in order to catch a ne'er-do-well named Goliath (who later turns out to be his former pilot), in a never-ending game of cat-and-mouse.


  • Planey (Curtis Armstrong) - A private plane and the main character of the eponymous show who is carefree.
  • Larry, Barry, Harry, Jerry, Terry, and Perry (Harland Williams) - Planey's six pilot friends who, well, pilot him around the world.
  • Goliath (Alan Tudyk) - The villain of the show who's a ne'er-do-well pilot revealed to be Planey's in "Big Ben Bizarre" when he was a young plane but left him due to his increasing evil desires.
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Rowan Atkinson) - British pilots who meet Planey and the six pilots in "Big Ben Bizarre" and who eventually join them.
  • Kroger (Tom Kenny) - Goliath's brother who is also evil.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 42 April 13, 2015 December 18, 2015

Season 1 (2015)

No. Title Location Original airdate Prod.
1 "Atlantis Archeologists" Atlantis April 13, 2015 1.01
Planey and the gang go to Atlantis to play archeologists but end up meeting a ghost who was a citizen of Atlantis; Goliath plans to resurface Atlantis so he can rule it.
2 "Himalaya Hassle" Himalayas April 20, 2015 1.02
After an avalanche disrupts his system, Planey crashes into a Himalayan mountain and, while he's getting fixed, meets the Abominable Snowman, or Yeti ; Goliath tries to capture the Yeti in order to win a reward.
3 "Secret of the Sphinx" Cairo, Egypt April 27, 2015 1.03
Planey visits the Sphinx in Egypt, who surprisingly talks and has a secret; Goliath tries to kidnap the Sphinx.
4 "Pisa Pizzazz" Pisa, Italy May 4, 2015 1.04
Planey visits the Leaning Tower of Pisa after believing it contains pizza; Goliath wants to lean the tower even more (and also find pizza).
5 "Tokyo Trouble" Tokyo, Japan May 11, 2015 1.05
Planey visits Tokyo, but hates its wasabi (for him, it resembles "squished peas") and tofu (thinking it's pronounced "toe food"), but faces a "bigger" problem when Goliath purchases a Godzilla-sized costumed armor to scare Tokyo and its residents, in a homage to the original King Kong.
6 "Caribbean Craze" Caribbean Islands May 18, 2015 1.06
Planey and the pilots vacation at the Caribbean Islands; the vacation's ruined when Goliath gets a shark armor to scare the swimmers away at the beach.
7 "Mexico Madness" Mexico May 25, 2015 1.07
Planey meets mariachiswhile at a Mexican restaurant in the same country; Goliath wants to taste Mexican food but is banned from doing so after he's seen as a racist.
8 "Timbuktu Trek" Timbuktu, Mali June 1, 2015 1.08
Planey has a sight of Timbuktu and meets the infamous "Snake King", a so-called "king" who can control snakes by playing a flute which hypnotizes them; Goliath tries to kill the "Snake King" so he can become the new king and control snakes that will get Planey and the pilots.
9 "Hollywood Hoot" Hollywood, California June 8, 2015 1.09
While in Hollywood, Planey stars in a new movie while the pilots are part of the crew; Goliath tries to injure Planey so he can take over his role.
10 "Titanic Tour" Titanic (on time) June 15, 2015 1.10
"Time Travel" special. Planey winds up on the Titanic after finding a time machine, and must survive when it crashes into an iceberg; Goliath ends up there, too, and tries to sink the Titanic faster than it really did.
11 "Nutcase on Niagara Falls" Niagara Falls, New York June 22, 2015 1.11
Planey visits Niagara Falls, but falls down the falls and is eventually saved by a barrel; Goliath wants to get rid of the barrels in order to kill people who might also fall over.
12 "Wackiness In the White House" White House June 29, 2015 1.12
Planey visits the POTUS in the White House; Goliath plans to kidnap the POTUS and VPOTUS so he can become president.
13 "Bermuda Triangle Bonanza" Bermuda Triangle July 6, 2015 1.13
Planey ends up in the Bermuda Triangle and gets lost; Goliath plans to disappear Planey in there forever!
14 "Spain Silliness" Spain July 13, 2015 1.14
Planey ends up in Spain and learns Spanish; Goliath wants to get revenge on the Spanish language, as he is unable to speak it.
15 "Antarctica Attack" Antarctica July 20, 2015 1.15
Planey goes to the Antarctica and learns about it; Goliath plans to freeze Planey, but ends up freezing himself.
16 "France Frenzy" Paris, France July 27, 2015 1.16
Planey goes to France and tastes its food and learns its beloved Eiffel Tower; Goliath plans to take over the Eiffel Tower.
17 "Safari Suspense" Africa July 3, 2015 1.17
Planey goes to the Safari in Africa, where he meets lions and the wilderness; Goliath plans to poach lions.
18 "Hawaii Haywire" Hawaii July 10, 2015 1.18
Planey and the pilots hasveanother vacation in Hawaii, and learn surfing and the hula dance; Goliath falls in love with a woman, who turns out to be innocent and way out of Goliath's league.
19 "Canadian Catastrophe" Canada July 17, 2015 1.19
When Planey arrives in British Columbia, Canada, he learns that humans snowboard there, and so signs up for a snowboarding competition; Goliath is bound to win the prize by cheating!
20 "Mount Rushmore Rumble" Mount Rushmore, South Dakota July 24, 2015 1.20
Planey admires Mount Rushmore, and eventually rests on top of it; Goliath wants his face plastered on Mount Rushmore, but accidentally shatters Mount Rushmore!
21 "Australia Amazement of Awe" Australia July 31, 2015 1.21
Planey visits Australia and competes on a boomerang competition; Goliath has no friends, until he befriends a kangaroo and a wallaby who he makes them abide to bring down Planey and his six pilots.
22 "Jamaica Jeepers" Jamaica August 7, 2015 1.22
Planey becomes a "Bob Marley"-esque figure in Jamaica; Goliath also becomes like Planey, but can't seem to do the drums as well as him.
23 "Wild West War" Wild West August 14, 2015 1.23
Planey becomes a cowboy sheriff who must stop a outlaw, Goliath, in the Wild West after arriving there.
24 "Statue of Liberty Lurking" New York, New York, USA August 21, 2015 1.24
Planey learns of a conspiracy in which Goliath plans to steal the Statue of Liberty.
25 "Irish Intimidation" Ireland August 28, 2015 1.25
Planey must stop Goliath when he gets his hands on a "Golden Bagpipe".
26 "Big Ben Bizarre" London, England September 4, 2015 1.26
When Planey notices Goliath's odd behavior at London, he finds out Goliath reunited with his long-lost brother, Kroger, so they can get the Big Ben. How will Planey stop their evil plan? Planey and the six pilots then befriends British pilots: Dewey, Huey and Louie, who, with their help, Planey can stop Goliath & Kroger. In the end, Goliath vows revenge on Planey, his six pilots, and the other three British pilots. It is then revealed Goliath was Planey's pilot when he was a young plane but his evil desires eventually made him left Planey and his memories of him.
27 "Shangri-La Showdown" Shangri-La September 11, 2015 1.27
Planey learns Goliath has summoned the fiction valley of Shangri-La, and wants a showdown with Planey. In the end, Planey learns that Goliath is his pilot and gains a whole new perspective on him.
28 "California Chaos" California, U.S.A. September 18, 2015 1.28
Goliath escapes from Planey and arrives in California, where he creates chaos in a cable car by driving it fast and crashing it.
29 "India Irritating" India September 25, 2015 1.29
Goliath arrives in India while escaping and learns its traditions while Goliath gets his hands on Planey's time machine and escapes to Camelot.
30 "Camelot Conspiracy" Camelot (on time) October 2, 2015 1.30
The 2nd "Time Travel" sepcial. Planey desperately wants answers from Goliath while they land in Camelot. Goliath reveals that he left Planey because he of his aforementioned desires. He also admits he will destroy Camelot as part of a "conspiracy". Planey is angry at Goliath for not telling him the truth, and sets out to get help from the legendary King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay, and with their help, gets to stop Goliath's evil conspiracy in destroying Camelot. Then Planey and the now nine pilots go back to the present time, where Planey is angry yet sad at Goliath, and goes back to Camelot to get Goliath back with the help of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay again. Goliath then is saved and apologizes to Planey for turning evil but that he does not desire to stay with him and leaves to Greece.
31 "Greece Gladness" Greece October 9, 2015 1.31
Planey, sad after Goliath disappears, is in search of him, and eventually ends in Greece. In the end, it's revealed Goliath was there, but then went in an unknown location in the United States.
32 "Aurora Borealis Bang" Alaska October 16, 2015 1.32
Planey goes to Alaska, still in search of Goliath, after finding out he's somewhere in the USA. He admires the aurora borealis and fishing in ice. Goliath is later seen arriving in South America, though it's not exactly revealed which country.
33 "Brazil Baloney" South America October 23, 2015 1.33
Planey arrives in Brazil, and learns football, which lends him into a football game. He later finds out Goliath has left to go back in time with his time machine.
34 "Hindenburg Haste" Hindenburg (on time) October 30, 2015 1.34
3rd "Time Travel" special. Planey uses the time machine and goes back to 1937 in order to find Goliath, and ends up on the notorius commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the Hindenburg, and finds out he's now a human embodiment of himself. After finding out the airship will end up crashing, he manages to leave after finding the time machine. Goliath's then seen leaving to Russia.
35 "Russia Ruckus" Russia November 6, 2015 1.35
Planey arrives in Russia and learns of its traditions, as always, while in there. He then encounters Goliath, who refuses to face him and escapes yet again, this time with his brother Kroger, to Europe.
36 "Switzerland Stupidity" Swiss Alps November 13, 2015 1.36
Arriving at the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, Planey learns how to yodel and does so in the Alps. He hears someone else's yodels and, upon investigation, finds out it's Goliath with his brother Kroger, who see him and escape again.
37 "9/11 Nightmare" New York, New York, USA (on time) November 20, 2015 1.37
Goliath tells Kroger of Planey's time machine and how to enter it and go to their desired time period, so they decide to go back in time to September 11, 2001, the day of the infamous 9/11. They decide to kill Planey by bringing him to September 11, 2001, and making him crash on the Twin Towers. When Planey and the nine pilots find out about the time machine, they find Goliath and Kroger and decide to confront them, but the trap is revealed, and Planey ends up crashing on the North Twin Tower, causing major damage to him. Planey's pilots manage to carry him back to the present day, where they update him and destroy the time machine so it won't cause more damage to Planey, unfortunately trapping Goliath and Kroger in September 11, 2001.
38 "Broadway Badder" Broadway, New York November 27, 2015 1.38
Planey lands in Broadway, where he learns how to be an actor and stars in a musical. Meanwhile, after finding out they're trapped in 2001, Goliath and Kroger try to find a way to go back to the present time with the help of Kroger's smarts, who had graduated college with a degree in Technology. In the end, they manage to build a portal taking them to the present.
39 "Holland Heinous" Holland December 4, 2015 1.39
While in the Netherlands, Planey finds himself admist the Tulip festival. Unfortunely, he also finds Goliath and Kroger. They barely manage to escape by throwing tulips that they had planted for the festival. They're seen going to a city in the United States.



"USA Universal"
"USA Ultimatum"
New York, NY, USA December 18, 2015 1.40



Goliath and Kroger are seen heading to an unknown shed way out in the forest in New York, New York, and are revealed to have been building a plane (which design is similar to Planey's), but made out of titanium material and capable of shooting up other planes. They decide to finall, y use the plane on Planey and decide to shoot him up along with the nine pilots. After Planey arrives in New York, he goes in pursuit of Goliath and unknowingly finds the shed. Goliath and Kroger end up facing Planey and his nine pilots and start getting on the pilot and shooting at Planey. Planey, unable to fight back, decides to escape under the control of his pilots. Unfortunately, he arrives at the city's busy part, and Goliath's plane's shots miss Planey but unfortunately not the buildings surrounding him. Planey, not wanting to cause another 9/11 incident with Goliath missing him and shooting the buildings up, decides to escape to the woods again, where he and Goliath decide to have a "showdown". Planey and the pilots decide to destroy Goliath and Kroger's plane using Planey's propeller. When it doesn't work, however, they decide to get on the plane, kick out Goliath and Kroger, and crash the plane, leaving it with only the most minor of injuries. Planey, however, doesn't want to do all of this and reveals this to his pilots. He only wants to convince Goliath to be on good terms with him. Goliath, however, refuses to do so, and tries to escape again, but Planey manages to stop him for the first time. He convinces Goliath to change his ways, but Goliath is not enticed by his speech and escapes for one last time as Planey refuses to follow him. The nine pilots agree with him and decide to go back to an airport where Planey and his pilots reside within. Flash forward to the future, where it is revealed that Planey lives on with his pilots for 20 more years until they eventually pass away. Planey is saddened and lives alone until he arrives at the Great Plains, his favorite location, and finds an ederly man there, too. The man, as it turns out, is a 54-year old Goliath, who went to the Plains because his brother, Kroger, had died at 49. Planey tells him he went there for the same reason and, after hanging out there, Goliath decides that his evil desires are over and he just wants to travel the world before he dies, too. Planey decides this is a chance for Goliath to become his pilot again, and went telling of this, Goliath agrees and gets on Planey, telling him he wants to go the Bahamas. The credits roll as Planey and Goliath fly into the sunset. 33-minute special.

Cancelled TV film

A TV movie depicting events after the season finale of the show was to air, but the show got cancelled before it went into production.

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