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Plan Killer II (film) Action-Slasher film.


  • Axel Dominguez as Nolan (23 years)
  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as Cyrus Hensen, half brother of Nolan know him thought out six years ago he died by Sea when they are young.
  • Emilio Hernandez as young Cyrus Hensen (19 years); antagonist and half brother of Nolan.
  • Marlon Bodden as adult Nolan Jennings (20 years)
  • Tyson Tatum as Tyler, main antagonist.
  • Charles D. Bush as John Arkin, an doctor and Nolan's friend.
  • Emilio Hernandez Sr. as Andrew Hensen, step-father of Nolan and Cyrus's father.
  • Krysten Martin as Tessa Wilson
  • Kayley Fowler as Jessica Harkholmes, ex girlfriend of Nolan.
  • Coralyn Powell as Jean, Nolan's Collage graduated teacher.