Pizzaria Defender is a defense game in which Zikuie is main character that had to shoot the evil endoskeletons which trying to invading his pizzaria.

Pizzaria Defender
Series Five Nights at Freddy's
Release date Februray 6, 2019
Genre Defense


In Februray 8, 2019. Zikuie had few hours to build a wall to prevent endoskeletons from invading his pizzaria. Things that Zikuie had to do defending his pizzaria and kill the endoskeletons with his weapons to prevent them from destroy this pizzaria through 30 waves. If the wall was reach zero, the game will finished and forcing you start this game again. If through 30 waves, will trigger you wins. The player start a game with a pistol.


  • Moving mouse: control the target
  • Click mouse: shoot


  • Evil Endoskeletons: has 7 hps, when dead, they will drop 125 moneys
  • Speeder Evil Endoskeletons: wearing a blue cap, they is run faster than normal evil skeletons and has same health, introduced in wave 6, when died, they will drop 200 moneys
  • Shield Evil Endoskeltons: has a shield with 20 hp, the total is 27 hp, when died will drop 225 moneys. Has speed same as normal Endoskeletons, introduced on wave 11


  • Fix the wall to fully health(1000 $)
  • Shotgun ( 7000 $ )
  • Uzi (3900 $)
  • Grenade (50000 $)
  • Sniper gun (35000 $)
  • MP5 gun ( 29789 $)
  • Chainsaw (23000 $)
  • Boomerang (25100 $) 
  • Crossbow (30000 $)
  • Infinife HP for Wall (11000 $)


  • Chica, Freddy and Foxy is absent in this game
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