Piranhaconda 3D is a American fictional science horror film which is going to be released on 2013. The Cast Features Seann William Scott, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Arlen Escarpeta, Samuel L. Jackson, Hunter Parrish and Sasha Grey


Some College Friends go to a Lake house in a forest where an unimaginable creature attacks them and they start disappearing one by one.


  • Seann William Scott as Travis Goldsmith
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Rachel Watson
  • Hunter Parrish as Stan Stratford
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Mike Wilson
  • Sasha Grey as Lindsay Summers
  • Riley Steele as Hillary Winters
  • Adam Gregory as Michael Hamilton
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Thomas Steelman


Michael Hamilton - While He and Hillary was dating on water, Hillary decided to go and get some beers, Michael was attacked by an Piranhaconda leading to his death.

Hillary Winters - When Stan crashes the boat to the rocks, Stan fell and Hillary leans and tries to pull back Stan to board but also fell, She gets attacked and killed by the Piranhacondas.

Stan Stratford - He gets bitten in half by the piranhaconda when Lindsay tries to help him back to board.

Lindsay Summers - She, Rachel and Mike start to across an rope with Stan corpse as a distraction, after Stan's corpse was eaten Lindsay was attacked while acrossing and she give up and fell on the rope. (Unknown if she died)

Mike Wilson - When the Piranhaconda is attacking Him and Rachel, He sacrifice himself to save Rachel and he gets eaten. Piranhaconda gets killed by tnt


Travis Goldsmith

Rachel Watson?

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