Piranha In Rivers Is A horror Comedy thriller murderers animals Starring Jensen Ackles,Brittany Snow,Sean Faris,Camila Belle,Steven R. McQueen,Michael Travino,Ashley Greene,Juliana Guill,Danielle Panabaker,Jennifer Lawrence,Michael Cera,Kat Graham,Kristen Bell,Bobby Campo,Travis Van Winkle,Crystal Lowe,Misha collins and Miley Cyrus


a group of friends the Easter holidays passed in a serca ruins of Mexico but is that they think are ruins but no matter who is a lake in the deadliest piranha and a hunter will be able to them their happy vations in a blood-filled horror and pain



Jensen Ackles As Sean O'Conner/principal of the film Boyfriend lauren  and brother Jeremy and cousin bella

Brittany Snow As Lauren Darley/Sean Girlfriend

Sean Faris As Tyson Crowell/Sean Bestfriend and Bailey Boyfriend

Camila Belle As Bailey Simone/Lauren Bestfriend and Tyson Girlfriend

Steven R. McQueen As Jeremy O'Conner/Sean Little Brother and Bella Cousin he is gay in love with her ​​ best friend

Michael Travino As Tyler Fields/Miley Boyfriend and jeremy love interest

Ashley Greene As Bella Michelle/sean and jeremy premium

Juliana Guill As Arabella/Bella Bestfriend

Danielle Panabaker As Milly/Bellla Bestfriend

Jennifer Lawrence As Danny/Bella Bestfriend

Michael Cera As Tate/Milly Boyfriend

Kat Graham As Miley/Jeremy Rivals and Tyler Girlfirend

Kristen Bell As Courtney Grey/Sean Ex-Girlfriend

Bobby Campo As Duncan/Tyler Friend

Travis Van Winkle As Jeff/Tyler Friend

Crystal Lowe As Kelsey/Bella Bestfriend

Misha collins As Thug Lautry

Miley Cyrus As Claire/Kelsey Bestfriend


Kelsey-chest and half-eaten food and torn hand side

Claire-then eaten his first shot out of the car and falls into the lake ends to be devoured

Jeff-Piranha drag to the lake to be devoured

Courtney-Lautry when she escapes she falls into a trap she is later used it as bait is eaten by a piranha

Duncan-shot in the chest by lautry and eaten like

Arabella-face eaten by a piranha

Miley-is jeremy accident decapitated and devoured by piranhas

Danny-in a fight with 2 Bella Bella fall lake achieves up to vote but is shot launtry

Thug Lautry:Stabbed in chest by dagger(Sean) is pulled and pushed by tyler, Tyson beautiful lake so it is eaten


Sean O'Conner,Lauren Darley,Tyson Crowell,Jeremy O'Conner,Tyler Fields,Bailey simmons and Bella Michelle

Opening and Kelsey Death

Lauren:finally got to see the ruins ...
Bella:that this beautiful lake
Kelsey:wow did not think it was so beautiful Lake
Balery:how terrible I thought it was a study tour
Tyson:relax love is a journey of pleasure "lol" (hugs Tyson bailey)
Bella:I think we're going to bathe a while as my cousin, Kelsy, Bailey and Tyson looking old things
Sean:I think good idea
Tyler:yeah we cute
Miley:Yes my hero
Jeremy:that cheesy :/
Lauren:then we are in agreement
Kelsey:I'm going to swim with my pink bikini
Miley:this rose that I take them out of the movie spring breakers I had the same vanessa hudgens
Claire:I bought this last week that a sex shop
Bella:I naked
jeremy begins to see his muscular chest of tyler
Bella:I know your secret I do not worry cause notice you cousin
Kelsey:I am gives me wrinkling
Jeff:There go my sweet angel
Bella:I Hey jeff is expected that fish looks weird (jeff does not get to the water and close to beautiful to see that fish is
Jeff:What the Hell is that thing
Jeremy: is a Piranha
Tyler:What You can not be on this side of the world there piranhas
Bella:Yes is a Piranha ooo shit kelsey fast salt water
Kelsey:What thereeeeeeee help meeeee something bit my leg
Bella:Teke my Hands Kelsey
kelsey tries to grab the hand of beautiful but a piranha jumps and kelsey size of a single bite you eat
Bella:What the hell was that can not be a normal piranha
kelsey goes all scream when average half-eaten chest without one hand and with the torn face kelsey reaches them and dies
Miley:Owh Shit what the fuck
Jeremy:Seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan help us
Jeff:that does this kind of piranha
Danny:I think they can be mythological piranhas
Claire:It can not be that is pure crap
one eats piranhas jumping leg to claire
Bella:Claire Nooooooooo
Jeremy:need a doctor or will die from blood loss
Bella:I have an idea with jeremy, tyler miley and we'll be looking for other dannny Promo and my car and go to see you there fast city

the scene changes lautry few leaves of your car

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