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Pippi & Equestria Girls is a Canadian-American animated slapstick comedy television series created by Tom Hanks, it is based on the 2024 film Pippi & Equestria Girls. It is produced by Hasbro Studios, RCA/Columbia Pictures, Entertainment One and Sony Pictures Television and will premiere on Discovery Family in 2025.


After the events of the film, Pippi and his Mane 6 and CMC have different adventures and discoveries, while they outsmart their enemies and facing different trouble.

In every episode, the closing credits featured songs about Pippi & Equestria Girls that were sung to the tune of various traditional songs such as “Bingo”, “Miss Lucy’s Steamboat,” “On top of old smoky,” “Yankee doodle boy”, “She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain” and Circus Parade.


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  • A Bunch of OC From MapleB, BrightStar40k, DS65, and so on appear on this series.
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