Pinocchio 3: Twinsantiny is a Seqeul to Pinocchio 2: The Wrath of The Coachman.


The Coachman is Still Return, Pinocchio Walking After School Until a Wisp Smack on the Road, So The Fight is On Between Pinocchio & The Coachman Until They Fall Over a Big Hole in the Road, After the Coachman & Pinocchio Escape Into the Cave Together a Big Black Hole Like Portal Appearance it was The Coachman's Lost Pet Fishes Named "Vuctor" & "Murgandi", The Coachman Remember That Time at age of 8 He Remebemer When he buy the Fish & Use them as a Project, He Test his Magic Wisp Until The 2 Fishes Disappeared into the 10th Dimension. So Pinocchino & The Coachman Teaming Up Together To Stop the Coachman's 2 Fishes From the 10th Dimension.


  • TBA as Pinocchio
  • Matt Oberg as Coachman
  • Breckin Meyer and Mark Duplass as Vuctor & Murgandi
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