Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Lenny Leray (brother) Pranker Krueger (brother) Mimete (You Killer) (sister) Sheldon Voorhees (brother) Thunder Von (brother) Akiki "Shion" Tachibana (sister) Simon Myers (brother)
Status Deceased
Eye Color dark blue
Hair Color Deep pink
Height 5'1"
Affiliation Lenny Leray, Pranker Krueger, Mimete, Sheldon Voorhees, Thunder Von, Shion, and Simon Myers
Weapons Knife
Species Humanoid cannibal
Home Unknown
Appearances You Killer 3 Equestria Girls, You Killer 9 Super Smash Bros Ultimate, You Killer 10: The Final Showdown
Quests Kill the viewer and their friends and collect their souls (failed)
Performer None

Pinkamena is one of the main antagonists of the You Killer franchise. She is the third youngest and second shortest of The Horror Children from the Deep End at 14 and a half. She's the first female villain to go up against the viewer. She known as the only cannibal of the horror children, as she loves to gobble up people whole and digest them as they struggle. She also absorbs the souls of the people she kills and eats. After she found out the viewer along with their new friends and family have destroyed her two younger brothers, she vows revenge, and wants to swallow them and digest them. But this failed when she was killed when Stocking destroyed her mirror that was used to summon her, and putting her spirit to rest for good. But this wasn't the end, she was resurrected in You Killer 9 for even more revenge. She is voiced by Andrea Libman


Pinkamena has very droopy dark pink hair that darkens some of her forehead. She wears a coal black shirt, black gloves, a blood red blouse, and deep aqua shoes.


You Killer 3: Equestria Girls

"I'm the new Pinkie now." (After she pulls Pinkie Pie into the mirror, killing her.)

"So many kids to devour, but my appetite is waiting for vengeance to my two younger brothers."

"Down the hatch." (Before swallowing Applejack whole.)

"I love it when my prey struggles." (Feeling her belly with Applejack struggles.)

"Don't you look just so pretty babydoll." (Watching Rarity muffling in pain as her face was turning burned red.)

"Why doesn't the great and powerful Trixie take a rest. "In my belly of course." (Before swallowing Trixie.)

"Kick and scream all you want Lunamoon. Nobody's gonna hear you, but at least you'll get to join you're friends from the Rainbooms. (Before Trixie digests.)

"Say Rainbow, do you recognize me?" (Meeting Rainbow Dash on the soccer field.)

"GOOOOAAAAAL!" (Punching Rainbow Dash's head clean off and kicking it into the goal.)

"In case you wouldn't know, I'm Pinkamena, Pinkie Pie's dark alter ego. Also the older sister of Leray and Krueger. Sooner or later, you all will fill my belly with goodness and vengeance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (Introducing herself to the main characters.)

"Lets rock and roll Flash. (Before killing Flash with his own guitar.)

"Sorry Sunset, friendship won't save you this time." (Before swallowing a stabbed Sunset Shimmer.)

"Of course, the souls, of my prey and victims, give me more power." (After she pulls her shirt off revealing the faces of her victims screaming in agony.)

"You're friend Sunset is inside me, as you will soon join her." (Stabbing Twilight.)

"You're all mine Flutters." (Before being stabbed with her own knife from Twilight's last breath.)

"MY MIRROR! NOOOOOOO!" (Noticing her mirror is breaking because of Stocking.)


Pinkemena is very much like Pennywise the dancing clown, they both love to torture and joke around, and they both love eating people. But Pinkemena swallows them alive without any trace.

Pinkemena is also similar to the Candyman. They both were destroyed with mirrors.

Pinkemena was the first horror kid to reveal she absorbs souls of the people she kills, along with her other siblings.

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