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PikaRap is an American-Japanese animated dramedy rap musical TV series created by Game Freak in cooperation with The CC (Cartoon Comedy) based on Game Freak's Japanese media franchise of video games and TV anime Pokémon. The series started airing on January 2, 2017 with 26 episodes set for the first season. On February 13, 2017, the show added 26 more episodes for the first season for a total of 52 episodes. At the same time, it was announced that there would not be a second season, and the show ended on June 26, 2017, after airing its 52 planned episodes. The show was praised for being mature and funny at the same time, and it is currently the most viewed TV show for The CC (Cartoon Comedy), averaging 6 million views. It has garnered a bit of controversy, however, due to its themes of murder and homosexuality (most episodes are rated TV-14 because of this), with Pokémon fans calling out the show for being devoid of the original "feel" of the Pokémon franchise. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a Tomatometer rating of 99% (based on 9 reviews) and an average rating of 9.1/10. It has been called "The CC's best show in maybe like, ever," as one critic points out.

The theme song, "The PikaRap Way", was composed and performed by celebrated rapper Kendrick Lamar, one of only three occasions in which a famous artist would perform a theme song for a CC (Cartoon Comedy) program ever.

The series reran on The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s adult programming block, AdultingAroundCC on June 1, 2018.


A Pikachu (voiced by Nancy Cartwright, rapping provided by Donald Glover) gets famous after rapping "Pikachu", and gets a manager, Manny-Ger (voiced by Patrick Warburton) to sign him to a record label under the stage name PikaRap. He meets other stars who also rap. Along the way, he meets dilemmas and rap-battles. Almost every episode will have an original song rapped by PikaRap. Most of the episodes focus on his manager Manny-Ger's unrequited love for him.

Voice cast

  • PikaRap (Nancy Cartwright, Donald Glover (rapping)) is a Pikachu who has the ability to rap. He admits his love back to Manny-Ger in I ♥ You, and he ends up living in a condo with Manny-Ger following his retirement.
  • Manny-Ger (Patrick Warburton) is PikaRap's manager. He is silent and protects PikaRap. In later episodes, he starts talking more and is revealed to have feelings for PikaRap, though he never manages to tell him until the episode I ♥ You. Afterwards, PikaRap returns his feelings back and they live together in a condo after PikaRap's retirement.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 January 2, 2017 June 26, 2017

Season 1 (2017)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "A Pika-Star Was Born" Kenneth Dumont January 2, 2017 101
An unnamed, wild Pikachu (Nancy Cartwright) is about to get captured by a Pokémon trainer (Greg Cipes), who finds out that the Pikachu can actually rap. Realizing his potential at getting famous, the Pikachu's sent to the music industry, where he adopts the mononymous stage name PikaRap and gets a manager in the silent and brooding Manny Ger (Patrick Warburton). Soon, his first concert is planned but this makes PikaRap anxious as he does not know how well he'll perform. On the day of the concert, he's about to rap but, due to his increasing stage fright, leaves halfway through and leaves, only to bump into retired rapper Skeetlez (parody of Eminem; Kevin Michael Richardson), who convinces him to continue his performance and be a "one-of-a-kind" rapper. PikaRap is still not convinced until Skeetlez relates his first concert in which he also got stage fright but continued performing. This motivates PikaRap to go back to the concert to rap his original rap song "Pikachu", and is given a standing ovation.

Song: Pikachu (rap)

2 "Manny-Ger In Love" Colette Patterson January 2, 2017 103
Manny Ger falls in love with female rapper $erena (Whoopi Goldberg), which distracts him from helping PikaRap choose decisions that will affect his rapping career. After accidentally getting PikaRap signed into a horrible record label known for screwing over their artists and stealing their money, Manny Ger decides to stop having a crush on $erena which turns to be a great idea as he manages to get PikaRap out of the record label. But soon, $erena ends up admitting her love for Manny-Ger to which PikaRap gives their blessing, under the condition that Manny Ger still manages him. The whole situation ends up being the basis for PikaRap's second rap song, "Love Is a Funny Thing, You Know".

Song: Love Is a Funny Thing, You Know

3 "It's a Rap!" Fenton Cole Octavia Pratt January 9, 2017 105
PikaRap tries to write his third rap song after his other two songs, "Pikachu" and "Love Is a Funny Thing, You Know", become big hits. Unfortunately, though, he ends up with "writer's block", and so is unable to write one. He's then invited on a "boy's night out" with Manny Ger to an ice-cream parlor and afterward sees a movie with him. After that, they attempt to go back to PikaRap's studio but a crowd of PikaRap's fans demands autographs from him. After he does so, he and Manny Ger manage to arrive back at the studio. PikaRap, now with a rap song idea in his head, writes out his third song, "Life Is Good". The credits roll as him singing it is heard.

Song: Life Is Good

4 "PikaFan" Diane Reed Octavia Pratt January 9, 2017 104
Anderson Auteberry is a mentally ill PikaRap fan. As a child, he was severely abused by his mother and never had a father figure in his life. He was locked indoors in his broken wooden home and did not speak until he was 5. He was "homeschooled" by his parents, who only had a 5th-grade education, which turned detrimental for him since he was unable to go to college. When he was an adult, he escaped his abusive household and managed to get a job at a convenience store. After hearing of PikaRap due to the store's TV commenting on his newfound success, he listens to his songs and feels alleviated, a feeling which he had never had. Because of his found love for PikaRap, he becomes obsessed with him and starts buying his debut album and merchandise. One day, as he is leaving the store, he finds a crowd of PikaRap fans wanting his autograph and seeing PikaRap himself. He also tries to get an autograph and when denied, he starts touching PikaRap in an attempt to "turn into him", but fails as he's pushed away by Manny Ger. Angry at his failed attempts to be with PikaRap and touch him, Anderson vows a secret plan in which he'll kill PikaRap at his next concert. He buys a ticket for the concert and buys a rifle at a gun shop. At the concert, PikaRap is in the middle of rapping his new song, "Luvly Gurl", when the crowd starts to panic and flee the scene as Anderson retrieves his rifle and attempt to shoot PikaRap. Security guards attempt to escort him out, and call the police on him. When they arrive, Anderson, in the back seat, looks at the crowd of fleeing PikaRap fans, and also sees PikaRap himself. In jail, he's given a gift, a signed album, from a mysterious person. However, the album reads, "To my fan. From PR", revealing that it may have been PikaRap.

Song: Luvly Gurl (sung only for a minute).

5 "No Rappin', No Stoppin'" Kenneth Dumont Fatima Mataraci February 6, 2017 109
PikaRap decides to break the world record of rapping for a long amount of time by doing so for a day non-stop! However, this attempt at a world record presents itself with many challenges, such as the microphone malfunctioning, Manny-Ger showing disinterest in the challenge, and no one willing to record proof of the challenge. PikaRap decides to spend all his money on a new and expensive microphone and camera at the last minute and records himself. He contacts Guinness World Records to show the "world record" he broke, but he's rejected as it's the second fastest rapping for a long amount of time, only next to Eminem. They, however, put him in the World Records for "fastest attempt rapping in a long amount of time."

Song: Rapper's Longest

6 "Epic Rap Battles of Pikachury" Poppy Livingston February 6, 2017 106
PikaRap has his rap battle against a rapper who also happens to be a Pokemon, a Raichu named "Rap-Chu" (Phil LaMarr), who had been recently discovered by the same Pokemon trainer who had discovered PikaRap. PikaRap is not allowed to meet Rap-Chu before the rap battle, raising suspicions. When he finally makes an appearance, he is shown to be a good rapper, "out-rapping" PikaRap, who's taken aback by this. He decides to try his best, though, by rapping "I'm Better Than You". However, when someone trips on a hidden tape recorder, it is discovered that Rap-Chu can't even talk English, lest even rap at all, and it was a recording by his manager, Min Auger (George Takei). Rap-Chu is immediately disqualified and PikaRap wins. Even though Rap-Chu was a fake, PikaRap becomes friend with him as it is discovered they share a love of rapper Skeetzlez (first seen in "A Pika-Star Was Born").

Song: I'm Better Than You

"Friends to the End" Colette Patterson Diane Reed February 13, 2017 123
PikaRap gets news that his friend, an unnamed and mute Cubone (Dee Bradley Baker) has been battling with depression and it has been taking a toll on his life to the point where he has tried on a plethora of occasions to kill himself, and he has (almost) successfully killed himself, though he didn't manage to do it but landed himself on a hospital in critical condition. These attempts at his own life have made him paralyzed and possibly die within a month. PikaRap is saddened but decides to visit him at the hospital, where Cubone tells him that he's the only person who ever came to visit him and that he doesn't want to live anymore. PikaRap doesn't want that from him, but it is too late. PikaRap then decides to write and sing a song to Cubone, "Friend". He also decides to stop touring in order to accomplish this. Cubone enjoys the song when shown to him due to how "sad it is, like his life". PikaRap then decides to help Cubone make friends, which he manages to do with the Nurse Joys (Grey DeLisle) in the hospital. Cubone enjoys PikaRap's company and seems to have a positive perspective on life, which makes PikaRap certain his friend will live. However, one day, when PikaRap decides to visit Cubone, he sees his hospital room empty and finds out Cubone committed suicide by jumping through his window. He has left a suicide note, which read "Happiness is just a chemical reaction which I cannot react to". PikaRap is saddened and attends his funeral, during which he talks to no one. PikaRap stops writing rap songs and more songs in the vein of soul/R&B, which are all dedicated to PikaRap's memories.

Songs: Friend, Happiness Is Just a Chemical Reaction, Passing By To Say Hello (all dedicated to Cubone)

Note: This episode was the highest rated for the show and any show airing on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), at 15.9 million viewers. This episode was also over an hour long.

11 "Manny-Ger Out" Fenton Cole Fatima Mataraci February 13, 2017 120
Manny-Ger does not seem to agree in the type of song genre PikaRap seems to sing a lot (hint: the genre is in PikaRap's name), though he has managed to hold back that opinion. However, one night, after a heavy drink, Manny Ger admits that he thinks rap music "ain't music" at all and it's just "trash talking over a noisy beat", and curses it out, causing PikaRap to get angry at him and arguing over how rap music is better. Manny Ger, in the heat of the moment, decides to quit, leaving PikaRap with no agent and in risk of losing his career. He goes to his engineer friend, Kramer (Tom Kenny), who decides to build PikaRap a robot bodyguard by the name of Botty-Guard (Kevin Michael Richardson). At first, Botty-Guard is proven to be a good bodyguard, as he is friendly, able to manage the business, and gives off good looks as opposed to Manny-Ger's brooding looks. Soon, however, Botty-Guard's real motives are revealed as it is found out he's actually evil and plans to kill PikaRap. He is found out, however, when PikaRap leaves his camera on by accident after recording an unreleased song, and leaving the camera to pick up Botty-Guard and his true motives. Botty-Guard denies this, but PikaRap manages to destroy him along with Kramer. Kramer then becomes PikaRap's temporary manager as it is revealed he took a course in "Business Management". While singing a song about Manny-Ger's departure titled "Missing You" (the song PikaRap was recording), and the real Manny-Ger is revealed to be there and sings the song along with him. After the song ends, PikaRap and Manny-Ger hug each other and are back together as rapper and manager.

Song: Missing You

12 "Rappers in the House, Y'all!" Diane Reed Poppy Livingston February 20, 2017 102
PikaRap invites his rapper friends over and not Manny-Ger, as he finds it embarrassing to have his agent over for a party. He makes Manny-Ger go get him fast food to a restaurant, The Happyburger, which doesn't exist at all. He then finds out, however, that his friends are only there to get money from him and to get associated with such famous Pikachu. PikaRap parties with them for another half-hour and then kick them out. It is revealed, however, that he'll keep in touch with them "if they see him as a friend instead of dollar bills". He calls Manny-Ger up and confesses that he would like to party with him alone. Manny-Ger then says he never found The Happyburger.

Song: Party Hardy

13 "Have a Rappy Birthday" Fatima Mataraci February 20, 2017 107
PikaRap celebrates his birthday, but he does not know which gifts he would like to receive. His fans invade his house so they can tell him "Happy Birthday", but even that doesn't make him feel better. He gets to eat at his favorite restaurants, but that doesn't satisfy him. After rapping at a concert, he leaves half-way through it to visit his parents, who tell him happy birthday, and he spends the rest of the day with them. After that, he leaves to his home only to find out Manny-Ger and his rapper friends from the previous episode "Rappers in The House, Y'all!" have made him a birthday party, complete with a cake and decorations. The episode ends as he embraces everyone with a hug.

Song: Happy Birthday

14 "Hokey Pokéballs" Colette Patterson Calvin MacKenzie March 6, 2017 108
PikaRap "leaves rap" for a day and participates in a square-dancing competition. He ends up arriving late and ends up being a "left-over" along with a human woman with a Southern accent, whom he ends up being paired with, Rosie (Danica McKellar in a special guest appearance). At first, they both mess up, and, as it turns out, both of them have never done square-dancing before, as Rosie prefers new wave music over country music. PikaRap then learns more about her as the square-dancing continues, and then the square-dancing competition ends. PikaRap and Rosie don't end up winning first place, but they do win fourth-place and win a ribbon. Rosie says PikaRap can keep it, and then writes her phone number and also hands that to him, telling him to "call her sometime". When PikaRap arrives back at his mansion, he tells Manny Ger about the square-dancing competition, Rosie, the ribbon they both won, and Rosie's phone number he received. As he heads into the kitchen to grab something to eat, Manny-Ger's shadow is seen ripping up Rosie's phone number apart without a reason given as to why.

Songs: Hokey Pokey, All I Need (Is My Truck and Dawg)

15 "The Importance of Being PikaRap" Lester Gomez Ambrose Thurop March 6, 2017 112
PikaRap begins to question his life in a non-suicidal, philosophical way after he attends Manny-Ger's great-grandma's funeral and wonders how the world would be like without his existence. As he ponders about this matter, he is suddenly visited by the spirit of deceased rapper Aging, Unclean, Egghead (Phil LaMarr), who takes him on a tour of an alternate world where PikaRap was never born. In it, Manny-Ger never becomes an agent for any rapper and feels sad. Rosie feels lonely and is shown to suffer from bullying because of her accent. Another Pokemon, a Bulbasaur named Lil' Bulba (Donald Glover in a special guest appearance), becomes famous instead. PikaRap insists on not seeing any more of this world, and then he finds himself waking up on his bed as if the previous events that had occurred were merely just a dream he had. No definite answer is given. PikaRap then goes to give Manny-Ger a hug, saying that he's glad he's ever met him. Manny-Ger, in response, stares at him lovingly.

Song: I'm the Pokemon, Man! (rapped by Big Bulba in the alternate world)

16 "If You're Rappy and You Know It,
Rap Your Face" (Off!)
Fenton Cole Fatima Mataraci March 27, 2017 110
PikaRap is scheduled to visit an elementary school, specifically, a kindergarten class. This is to use rapping in an educational way for the kids. He visits there but quickly finds out that the event was organized by the school and NOT the teacher, as evidenced by the teacher's subtle yet noticeable disgust at rap music. She wants PikaRap's visit to end so she can "actually" educate the kids, and thinks that rap music isn't even music. She also hates it because she believes rappers are bad role models for kids. PikaRap decides to change her mind by making his educational raps "interactive" by making the kids rap along to his educational rap, which all the kids join in. The teacher, seeing as the kids enjoy PikaRap's educational rapping, changes her mind and tells PikaRap the visit was "lovely" and apologizes for her former rap disgust. PikaRap accepts the apology and is about to leave, when all of the teachers in the school run to him, wanting him scheduled for separate visits.

Songs: Rap, Rap, Rap Your Boat, Humpty Rapty, Rap and Jill

17 "Holy Rap!" Kenneth Dumont Poppy Livingston March 27, 2017 111
Manny-Ger keeps admiring PikaRap on a basis, but one day he accidentally gets caught by him. PikaRap asks if everything's all right, to which Manny-Ger lies by saying it is. In reality, though, Manny-Ger harbors an unrequited love for PikaRap but never wants to tell him for obvious reasons. PikaRap, however, doesn't think this, as instead theorizing that Manny-Ger is probably an Illuminati agent sent to be his "agent" in order to watch and make him join the Illuminati, which would be "today". He decides to capture this "agent" by putting his mansion on house arrest and designing a trap which would capture the so-called "agent". Manny-Ger, who had finished taking a bath, is surprised at the traps that almost trapped him into a net. Paranoid, he believes PikaRap found out about his love for him and, (maybe) being homophobic, is getting revenge on him by setting up traps. As he tries to escape the traps, only wearing a towel, PikaRap finds out that he easily escaped most of his traps and puts up more of them. Manny-Ger manages to escape but doesn't see a net that PikaRap set up after his many failed traps and gets trapped in it. PikaRap tries to make Manny-Ger confess and he accidentally confesses that he loves him, but retracts that statement and "admits" that he just cracked up and simply admires him. PikaRap feels bad for putting up so many raps just because of one misunderstanding. He tries to set Manny-Ger free but comically discovers that cutting of the net will require "bad rap music". As PikaRap goes to find the so-called terrible rapping music, Manny-Ger whispers, "Almost, my dear".

Song: Trapped Rap

18 "The Rappies Award" Diane Reed Octavia Pratt April 3, 2017 114
PikaRap finds out that the first song he ever recorded and released, "Pikachu" (rap), is up for a nomination for Best Rap Song in the annual Rappies Award, an awards ceremony dedicated to the awarding of the best rap songs in different categories. Unfortunately, he is up against a "rap boy band" named The Hood Luvas and an alternative rapper named Antoine/Intertwine, both of them which have been in the rap game for longer than PikaRap. Due to this, PikaRap is nervous and worried that he'll lose the category by either of them. As the nominations are counted, it is clear that PikaRap is losing, and he's consoled by Manny-Ger, who tells him that they were born rich and don't understand the struggles that PikaRap had to overcome in order to be in the rap industry. He also tells him that the Awards are sometimes "rigged" and that it doesn't matter, that at least PikaRap will still continue to rap and will probably get an award in the near future. PikaRap feels better until this understanding gets shattered when he finds out that his mansion is getting egged and vandalized, his social media account from InstaChat (a portmanteau parody of Instagram and Snapchat) is hacked to be sent Manny-Ger and many of PikaRap's fans horrible and derogatory comments, making PikaRap lose many of his fans and Manny-Ger's trust, and PikaRap loses hope that he'll ever win at all. However, he begins to notice that his mansion was vandalized with a miniature, proposed "gang sign", later turning out to be saying "THL+A/I", confirming that The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine worked together to sabotage PikaRap's chances of winning at the Rappies Award. He shows this to Manny-Ger and they plan a trap in case they come back. They set up traps that were put in the previous episode, "Holy Rap!", and stake out inside the mansion at nighttime. As they are about to fall asleep, they hear a commotion outside and see The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine trying to avoid the traps in order to vandalize the mansion again...this time, they are about to destroy the mansion partially! PikaRap and Manny-Ger realize they must take the matter into their own hands and decide to confront them outside. Manny-Ger tackles The Hood Luvas and Antoine-Intertwine while PikaRap films half of the tackling to prove it was The Hood Luvas and Antoine-Intertwine and then helps Manny-Ger with the tackling. They manage to tie them up and later call the authorities, who come to arrest the musicians. But, as it turns out, they're really not The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine! It was impostors all along who were set on ruining the careers on the musicians they were impersonating as. The impostors are later arrested, though another revelation is made: they were hired by said musicians they were impersonating as. This means that, technically, it was The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine's conjoined master plan, after all! Also, also, The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine had done this everytime of the year that the Rappies Awards came around, which explained why they always won in a tie. Because of all of these revelations, The Hood Luvas and Antoine/Intertwine are disqualified from the Best Rap Song category and from the Rappies Awards forever. At the Rappies Awards, PikaRap is handed the Rappies Trophy for winning the Best Rap Song category and performs "Pikachu" (rap). He thanks Manny-Ger, his fans, and the Pokemon trainer that found him. In the heat of the moment, he gives Manny-Ger a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which he finds flattering, but no one notices. Manny-Ger and PikaRap leave in a limo after the post-Rappies Awards party. In the limo, PikaRap ends up falling asleep on Manny-Ger's shoulder, though Manny-Ger lets him out of love.

Song: Pikachu (rap) (From the first episode, "A Pika-Star Is Born")

19 "Soap Rapera" Colette Patterson Calvin MacKenzie April 3, 2017 113
PikaRap's success in the music industry as a rapper has landed him a major role in a rap opera called Rapo! The Aesthetic Rap Opera (a pun on Repo! The Genetic Opera!), about a robot rapper, the eponymous Rapo (PikaRap's part), who must save the world. Unfortunately, PikaRap is not a very talented actor and constantly mumbles and messes his lines on rehearsals. So he gets a tutor (Lin-Manuel Miranda in a guest appearance) that teaches him to read his lines in a certain flair and style while sounding interested. PikaRap manages to say his lines perfectly and in tune, but another problem becomes clear: almost all of the sets keep falling off and most of the actors acting out their parts ungracefully fall down to the floor. The play looks as if it will become a disaster, but unfortunately, the day of the big opening for the rap opera has arrived. The play begins as PikaRap is to make an entrance from stage left in order to take a sight at a set painted like an apocalyptic world, but he ends up tangling himself with the curtains. Despite this, he resumes his part and continues his robot rapper part. The other actor, an orphan girl who is to be running from something, accidentally trips herself while doing so, and ends up breaking her ankle in the process. She continues her part, which is a minor one and leaves the stage to get treated on the ankle. Then the next actors, the villain's (a powerful android obsessed with rock) henchman, guitar drones/mechanical spiders hybrids, are to attack Rapo (PikaRap), but the spikes built in their costumes cause PikaRap's eyes to be poked by them. PikaRap, wanting the show to go on, continues his part as he is to shoot at the guitar drones/mechanical spiders hybrids with a machine gun that plays rap while singing along to said rap. The hybrids get shot down to their death, and the curtain is to be closed, signaling intermission and the end of Act I (the play has 3 acts), but the curtain is pulled forcefully, and so the curtains are dismantled. After intermission has ended, the problem is solved by making the audiences who stayed during intermission close their eyes as the actors prepare for Act II. Act II begins with Rapo rescuing child actors playing even more orphans in need of help and rapping along with them to show them that the world may be apocalyptic, but everything can still be happy. Unfortunately, one of the child actors gets all emotional during the singing and literally bursts into tears, though the audience dismisses it as "good acting". After the musical number, the act continues with Rapo and the orphans encountering more hybrids who are, this time, wearing blonde, rock star wigs reminiscent of that worn by Bon Jovi and members of the Twisted Sister rock band, who, well, all played rock. The hybrids do their job of attacking with loud, rock music, and Rapo is to shoot with the fake rap machine gun, except that it runs out of rap music for real. PikaRap, improvising right on the spot, decides to use the power of rap in order to defeat the hybrids. He tells this idea to the child actors, who decide to do this, and they all rap in order to defeat the wig-wearing hybrids, which they do. Act II ends with an intermission, with the remaining audience staying during intermission having to close their eyes. As so, Act III (the last act) begins with Rapo and the orphans encountering the final boss, the aforementioned overpowered rock-loving android who wants to destroy Rapo and the orphans for loving rap, and it is revealed they're the only ones in the apocalyptic world to openly admit their love for rap. Rapo and the orphans decide to rap in order to defeat the final boss, as he really hates rap. It seems to be working, but the actor playing this overpowered android accidentally finds himself liking the rap Rapo and the orphans are rapping to, so he accidentally breaks out of character and raps along, which was not in the script. PikaRap improvises again and makes it seem like that means that the android finds himself loving rap. The act ends with the apocalypse coming to an end in this fake world and all the actors coming together and rapping while still in character. The audience claps for a long three minutes while they are bowing and receive throwing roses. As the actors are getting out of their costumes and rubbing out their put-on makeup, the musical director tells PikaRap that while he was a bit upset that his original planned ending wasn't used in the final act, he admires PikaRap's quick improvising and tells him he could star in upcoming rap operas that he'll be directing, but PikaRap denies, as he finds it "intense" and "full of mistakes". He is then kicked out of the theater comically.

Songs: Oh Shoot!, Rap-Power, Rapping United

20 "The Divorce" Bubba Guiana Ambrose Thurop April 10, 2017 117
After Manny-Ger and $elena marry, they stay in a hotel in France as part of their "half-year honeymoon". They visit the Eiffel Tower, visit cafes, and watch a bike race. $elena sees that Manny-Ger seems distracted during their trip there, however. She tries to ask him if everything's all right, and he says yes, saying he is okay. In reality, however, he's missing PikaRap and is thinking about him. He wishes to be celebrating his anniversary with him and feels his feelings for $elena have long gone since. His feelings for him, however, take over him, and so he breaks down revealing his love for PikaRap to an astonished $elena who had woken up. $elena is surprised and enraged at ther news, calling Manny-Ger a "disgusting" and "nonstandard" (hinting at his sexual orientation) excuse for a boyfriend, before leaving. The next day, $elena calls, and Manny-Ger thinks she wants to get back with him, but it is actually so Manny-Ger can file a fault divorce with her. After he does so, he goes back to PikaRap's mansion, where he reveals the divorce. PikaRap wants to know the reason as to why, seeing as they just married and all of a sudden they don't love each other anymore, but Manny-Ger understandably discloses as to why. PikaRap decides to play matchmaker and get Manny-Ger another girl. He meets a fan of his (Grey DeLisle) and tells her he's got a friend who's "interested in her". When Manny-Ger and the fan, Leila, meet, Manny-Ger is nervous and unable to talk to Leila. He breaks down again, saying he actually loves PikaRap, and she leaves disgusted. PikaRap finds out and tells Manny-Ger why he didn't like Leila much, and Manny-Ger just says that he's not ready to be committed into another relationship. PikaRap accepts this and goes back to record his first album, which is revealed. As he goes back to the recording studio, Manny-Ger breaks down and rips a photo of $elena. He then replaces it with a photo of PikaRap, and kisses it before shedding a single tear on it.

Song: My Love For You Hurts

21 "Love on a Train" Kenneth Dumont Diane Reed April 10, 2017 115
PikaRap has to be driven by limo to Concord, New Hampshire, where he will be touring. Unfortunately, on the way, the limo breaks down after a tire explodes. Due to this, PikaRap's tour has to be slightly delayed as he travels by train (the ones with sleeping cars) with Manny-Ger instead. On the train, he and Manny-Ger dine a burger with fries, but his meal is interrupted by a girl, Annathy (a portmanteau of Anny and Kathy; Kristen Schaal), who wants his signature. He gives her one, but she stays with him and tries to, well...apparently seduce him. He tries to shake and laugh it off with Manny-Ger, but she tries hard to give him a kiss. Manny-Ger tries to kindly tell Annathy to leave, but she just ignores him and tries to give PikaRap a kiss. So PikaRap tries to escape but has no idea the train cannot stop unless it is at its designed station. The next stop, however, is far away, and PikaRap has to contend with a cuddling and kissing Annathy. Manny-Ger is angry at Annathy because "a girl is with my man". PikaRap tries to escape her by going to the men's restroom, accompanied by Manny-Ger, of course, but she actually enters the men's restroom and tries to give him a lap dance. Manny-Ger tries to block Annathy away from PikaRap while PikaRap goes to complain, but he is ignored as he's told Annathy is just being "playful" and does not really love him. PikaRap has to deal with Annathy for the rest of the day, as Manny-Ger cannot shake her off until nighttime arrives when he has to go to his cabin in one of the sleeping cars he's sharing with Manny-Ger. As he is resting, PikaRap is yet again disturbed by Annathy, who tries to take off her clothes and wants to "do it" with PikaRap. PikaRap tries to ignore her, but he's thrown Annathy's dress! Manny-Ger, thinking fast, pretends that he and PikaRap were "actually" a couple all along, and he kisses PikaRap on the lips. Annathy, shocked and angry, leaves and proclaims PikaRap "not hot at all". PikaRap is glad that Manny-Ger managed to fool Annathy, and he blushes, feeling flattered that he actually managed to kiss PikaRap without him caring. PikaRap goes back to sleep while Manny-Ger hesitates, then kisses him on the forehead and hugs him asleep. The next day, the next stop's announced on the "train intercoms": a Concord, New Hampshire station. While PikaRap and Manny-Ger board off the train, Annathy discovers them boarding off and chases after them. Manny-Ger, carrying PikaRap in his shoulder, comically escapes her.

Song: Crazy for Attention

22 "How To Buy Happiness" Fenton Cole Poppy Livingston April 17, 2017 116
Manny-Ger has just gotten his paycheck but has no idea on how to use the money left from it. His attention, always being on PikaRap, gives him the bright idea of buying a lot of stuff for PikaRap in order to swoon him over. He buys him an expensive hoodie with diamonds plastered all over it. He then takes him over to numerous fast food restaurants that he knows PikaRap likes to eat at. He even takes him to Lollachella, the biggest musical concert of all time (and a parody and portmanteau of two famous musical festivals, Lollapalooza and Coachella), and even gets him tickets to the backstage to meet the singers who performed at said festival. PikaRap sees this as more of Manny-Ger being super friendly than actually trying to swoon him, which ruins Manny-Ger's original plans. PikaRap wants everything to go back to normal, though, as he has had enough of Manny-Ger buying stuff for him. Manny-Ger however, digresses, as he is about to take PikaRap to a "fancy" restaurant that he believes will make PikaRap feel swooned. However, a strong wind blows the money away from his pocket and it ends up landing in a local lake, where it gets all wet and prone to ripping, making it basically useless. Manny-Ger is distressed because he can no longer swoon PikaRap with a "fancy" dinner, but PikaRap finally speaks out and tells him that he doesn't want any stuff being bought for him anymore and that he's just happy being with Manny-Ger. Manny-Ger himself, seeing that PikaRap doesn't need to be bought "happiness", decides to stay at PikaRap's mansion with him and watch a movie. As they head to the mansion, the song of the episode starts playing.

Song: Can't Buy Me Happiness

23 "Kid-Rapped" Ingrid Gibbons Fatima Mataraci April 17, 2017 121
PikaRap is watching a film with Manny-Ger (note that this episode is not a continuation of the previous episode) when he realizes that he has run out of popcorn. He decides to go to the nearest convenience store to buy some. So he goes to the convenience store, Elevenco (a parody and portmanteau of 7-11 and Chefco + Costco, the three of them being real-life convenience stores), and buy some. On the way home, though, he feels a tissue on his face, which contains chloroform, and he blacks out. Waking up, PikaRap finds himself tied up in a chair in a foreign room. The room is black and only subtly dimmed, making it hard for him to guess where he's being held up. A trio of 20-year olds, one man, one woman, and one whose gender is never revealed, not helping is the fact that he looks like neither two genders. They introduce themselves as fans of PikaRap who just happened to realize that he lived near them, so they logically decided to kidnap him instead of getting his autograph or casually meeting and talking with him. Obviously, this trio of fans may be crazed or have some sort of mental illness, as they believe that PikaRap was meant to be the one-fourth of their trio and that they should hang with him forever until they are each "a 139 years old". They are also not the traditional yet clichéd kidnappers, as they don't even demand a ransom from Manny-Ger. Also, they even offer him all the food, drinks, and TV programs that he desires for, as they are all "buddies" who should "satisfy each other's needs". However, this all comes at a price, after they make him go on an "adventure" with them to the cemetery. No reason is given as to why. Meanwhile, after an hour following PikaRap's disappearance, Manny-Ger is worried that PikaRap may have been kidnapped, or worse...may have discovered his love for him and left. Manny-Ger, agitated at this thought, decides to go find him. He goes looking at the local park, a forest, and even the local music store...until it becomes to clear to Manny-Ger that PikaRap had gone to the convenience store. As he passes the cemetery two blocks away from the convenience store, he happens to find a bound and gagged PikaRap being forced to join a trio of 20-year olds into the cemetery in a game of "Name the Corpse". Realizing that he's not hanging out with sane fans, Manny-Ger comes to the rescue by punching out the kidnappers. PikaRap goes to call the police while Manny-Ger's dealing with them. The police arrive shortly after and arrest the crazed trio. As the trio is getting arrested, the ungendered person from the trio says they have a gender and are about to reveal it, but they comically end up being interrupted by the shutting of the patrol door.

Song: Crazed and Confused

24 "Manny-Ger's Parents" Poppy Livingston Fatima Mataraci April 24, 2017 122
Manny-Ger's parents, Annie and Lenny (Grey DeLisle and Adam West), visit unexpectedly at PikaRap's mansion to see how's their "tiny Manny" doing as a rap manager. After realizing that Manny-Ger is single, even at 30, they decide that he must date childhood friend Aretha (Jessica DiCicco), who has become a soul singer. Manny-Ger, being a homosexual still in love with PikaRap, does not want to, and tells this to his disappointed parents. Annie and Lenny leave without saying goodbye and give Manny-Ger hateful stares. Manny-Ger feels disappointed in himself as well and confides in PikaRap to help him get a date with Aretha. PikaRap promises him that if he ever runs into her, that he'll ask her. Before a concert PikaRap is set to perform at begins, he goes backstage to practice on his rapping and encounters Aretha, who just happened to be set to perform at the concert, too. She is approached by PikaRap, who asks her if she would like to date "a brother". After telling Aretha that he is robust and fit, she finds him attractive and accepts a blind date with Manny-Ger. This blind date is set to take place on a fine dining restaurant, Cavazzi's, on the coming weekend. The concert ends, and PikaRap goes to his mansion to tell Manny-Ger the good (actually bad) news. Manny-Ger is glad because that means he has not disappointed his parents. He goes to tell them the "good" news right away, and they feel proud of him for "getting lucky" and turning into "a real man". The next day, which is Friday, PikaRap tries to tell Manny-Ger how to act like a gentleman with Aretha and how to look interesting so she can ultimately find him irresistible and marry and eventually live with him "for a centennial". Saturday comes fast, and Manny-Ger goes to a department store, Apartment Department, to buy a costly tuxedo with PikaRap's credit card. He puts it on and goes to Cavazzi's to get his reservation. He sits down and waits for his date. Half an hour goes by, and Manny-Ger's about to leave when she arrives in an indigo dress. Manny-Ger actually finds her attractive and soon falls in love with her. She introduces herself as Aretha Billingsly, and Manny-Ger tangles up his words and starts mumbling gibberish as a means of introduction. She ignores him, but Manny-Ger feels embarrassed and confused, as he finds Aretha lovely but has the same opinion on PikaRap. Aretha orders breadsticks as appetizers to their assigned waiter, but Manny-Ger accidentally asks for chips instead. Again, Aretha ignores him and tries to know more about Manny-Ger, asking if he is fit. He says that he lifts weights at the gym 4~5 times a week, and she seems enchanted at the hearing of this. The chips arrive, and Aretha finds them tastier than the breadsticks she had originally planned to order. The waiter is about to leave, then asks for their drinks. Manny-Ger wants to order water, but Aretha doesn't ask for his choice of drinks and instead orders wine for both of them. Manny-Ger is actually a non-alcoholic, but he does not say anything. Aretha continues with their conversation, saying that she loves men who are "hunky dunkys", which includes. Blushing, Manny-Ger thanks her for the compliment. Just then, the waiter arrives with the cups of wines. He asks for their main courses, and Manny-Ger has his eyes set on a steak. Aretha, on the other hand, wanted salmon as her main course, but in his nervousness, Manny-Ger orders two steaks as the main courses instead. Aretha yet again keeps quiet and says that she is daring, anyways, and that she would always love to try new foods when the opportunity comes to her. Then they start sipping on their wines. As Manny-Ger takes a sip of the wine, he finds the taste too strong for him, and spits the wine on Aretha's face! Aretha seems uncalled for, but she wipes off the wine off her face with the table napkins and resumes their conversation as if nothing had happened, this time on the topic of the release of her 2nd album, For the Soul, which has sold "approximately 980K copies". She asks Manny-Ger what he does for a living, and he accidentally mumbles even more gibberish. She laughs as this, telling him that she loves men who seem perfect and imperfect at the same time, saying they're more "realistic" and "cuter", and proceeds to start eating her steak. Manny-Ger starts eating as well and also starts feeling a tight grip on his thigh. She says that she really loves him, and starts making out with him. The feeling is too much for Manny-Ger, and kisses her back. After finishing their meals and leaving the bill at the restaurant, Aretha and Manny-Ger go to Manny-Ger's limousine, where she tells him that they should have some "adult fun" and that the passionate kiss was just the beginning. However, Manny-Ger is not ready, and he tells her that he's not ready to have this adult fun. She asks for his phone number instead, and when she gets it she is driven to her mansion as Manny-Ger's chauffeur speeds off at his command. Back at the mansion, PikaRap is told by Manny-Ger about the date and how he was about to have this adult fun with Aretha. PikaRap tells him it's not the right time to do so and to wait for at least half a year before having adult fun. Manny-Ger thanks PikaRap for the advice, and goes to sleep, but can't seem to because he feels torn between Aretha and PikaRap. He then has a dream where he marries a hybrid of Aretha and PikaRap, "Aretha Rapz", and wakes up in a pool of his drenching sweat and B.O.

Song: Aretha the Amazing

25 "Beef" Annie Oh Calvin MacKenzie April 24, 2017 129
During a Skeetlez (the rapper from the first episode "A Pika-Star Is Born) concert, PikaRap tries to get Skeetlez's (Kevin Michael Richardson) unique autograph which he signs using a pen in his curled-up tongue. Skeetlez, not recognizing PikaRap, pushes him off as he's in a hurry. PikaRap is pissed off and this anger helps him write a diss track towards Skeetlez titled "Not Tazty". Skeetlez, not aware that this song is made towards him, starts liking and considers it "yet another rapperpiece" (masterpiece). Skeetlez's manager, Monty Yer (also Richardson), notices the song's subtle hatred towards a certain type of candy and realizes the song's diss towards Skeetlez. He tells Skeetlez about the real message behind this song, and he feels betrayed about this. On the social media application Talky-Talkie (a parody of Twitter), he starts outing PikaRap and tells him that "old rappers will always be better because they were more original". He even starts roasting him by saying that he needs a toadstool in order to reach a microphone to rap on, how Manny-Ger might "drive the other way" (a hint that he may know of his homosexuality, or didn't know and was just being mean), and that he relies on "techno crap" in order to make his rap sound as catchy and as good as possible. Skeetlez even manages to cancel his next concert, though it's not revealed how he managed to do this. PikaRap's Talky-Talkie account is even hacked thanks to Skeetlez's manager. Manny-Ger is worried about PikaRap's mental state handling all of this beef, and tells him that maybe getting a simple autograph from Skeetlez could end all of this "unnecessary drama stirred from nothing". PikaRap realizes that all of this beef was indeed unnecessary and that maybe Skeetlez was just in a rush and couldn't give him his trademarked autograph. He tells Skeetlez to meet him up somewhere, that somewhere being in PikaRap's mansion. When Skeetlez arrives at the mansion, he is greeted with PikaRap handing him all copies of his diss track (which he managed to get through recalls) and telling him to "burn, burn, burn them". Confused, Skeetlez does as he is told and throws the given diss tracks into the mansion's fireplace. PikaRap does the same and, as they witness the burning, PikaRap tells him that all of this was really unnecessary and it was just because he couldn't get his famous tongue autograph at his latest concert and that none of this should have ever happened. Skeetlez says that he did not know he was in his concert at all and thought he was just a "random pedestrian". He gives PikaRap a tongue autograph, which is heavily written in a paragraph, and tells him goodbye before leaving. The autograph read: "I actually thought your diss track was well-written. Pretty sure I was angry at it because I thought you really mean it. Oh well. Some of it was my fault. You see, I was kind of angry because your manager was kinda buff and scary AH".

Song: Not Tazty

"The Release" French Donovan Amy O'brien May 1, 2017 127
The episode starts with a bird-eye's view of a prison. It then cuts to go inside this prison, showing, from yet another bird-eye's view, a jail cell. This particular jail cell contains Anderson Auteberry, the crazed PikaRap fan who tried to kill him in the fourth episode, "PikaFan". He's tally marking the number of days he has been in jail using a chalk that may have only been an inch tall. A police guard comes in to tell him he will be released from prison for "good behavior". Anderson, surprised, starts screaming with joy and hugs the bemused police guard before leaving. He's comically pulled in back to the prison, however, as he has to fill out release papers. After the process is done, he has to go through the rest of the release process. It takes him at least 6 hours, but he's officially released. So now, as a free man, he then makes it his mission to find PikaRap's mansion and tell PikaRap face-to-face that he wishes he never wanted to kill him and apologize. He tries to ask for directions, but almost everyone knows who was behind the plan to assassinate PikaRap at his notorious concert in "PikaFan", and either get scared at the sight of him or call him names like "The One Who Almost Killed Music", "Booth Stupe", and "Retarded Oswald". He takes a break from searching and goes to eat at a nearby The Happyburger. Having ordered the iconic Happyburger and Smile Fries, he sits down at an isolated table since everyone still knows him for his attempted assassination. This makes Anderson frustrated and angry at himself for trying to kill PikaRap, and hopes he can find him as quickly as possible in order to apologize. After eating, he continues looking for PikaRap and, as he's walking, is chased by police officers, ones who were not present at the prison where Anderson was being incarcerated at, and so believe that he escaped. They chase him on their patrols, and Anderson makes a dash for it. Doing parkour and jumping on almost everywhere hardly helps, as the police officers have called for backup, deeming him an "isolated threat", meaning that he will be put into solitary confinement. Anderson runs and unknowingly hides in PikaRap's mansion. PikaRap just happens to be outside, chilling with Manny-Ger, and sees a hiding Anderson. Anderson realizes he has succeeded in finding PikaRap and tells him if he can hide in his mansion, as he was released for good behavior but is mistaken to have escaped. PikaRap deals with the police officers by telling this to them. They call the police officers at Anderson's prison and realize their mistakes. So they apologize and drive off. After this, Anderson tells PikaRap that he is sorry that he tried to kill him but now he will try to be medicated enough to not let it happen anymore. Accepting his apology, PikaRap lets him stay at the mansion's guest room. As a form of appreciation, Anderson gives him the signed album that he gave him in the same episode where he tried to kill him.

Song: I See the Police

"Old School Love" Diane Reed Fenton Cole May 1, 2017 149
PikaRap is having a celebrity-fan meet-and-greet, where fans get to talk to him, get his autograph, or even take selfies or pictures with him. During the meet-and-greet, a female Raichu, Raicha, (who used to know PikaRap; Danica McKellar in a special guest appearance) manages to sneak up to PikaRap (fans were to pay $3 before meeting him in any way) and ask for an autograph. Manny-Ger manages to reach Raicha and tell her that she needs to pay up, but PikaRap, recognizing his old friend and having fallen in love with her at first sight, says that she doesn't have to pay, and neatly signs her an autograph. She gets the autograph and kisses it, leaving lipstick on it. She then blows PikaRap a kiss and accidentally drops something as she's about to leave. PikaRap manages to get this something, which is a small piece of paper and is about to give it back to her. However, he reads what's on it and realizes it's Raicha's phone number. When he reads it, he looks at Raicha who winks at him. Then PikaRap realizes that Raicha likes him a lot. After that, he cancels his "guys' night out" with Manny-Ger in order to get to talk on the phone with Raicha. They still manage to hang up, though PikaRap can't enjoy himself if Raicha's not on the phone with him or hanging out physically. Manny-Ger is angry at Raicha showing affections for PikaRap and believes he might be the "third wheel". One night, as PikaRap and Raicha watch "Sing It Loud! Live", Raicha sings along to one of the contestants and PikaRap discovers of her singing skills. She reveals that she used to sing and was a one-time hit, even though PikaRap has no idea as to why because he finds Raicha's voice "godly". Realized, PikaRap tells her if she would like to sing a duet with him. Raicha finds this idea "a new opportunity" to become a singer yet again, with the hopes of becoming a full-time singer and not a forgettable one-time wonder as she used to be. PikaRap tells her that first he must write the song and word it carefully, so in the meantime, they keep hanging out on the phone and physically as always while Manny-Ger gets angry each and each time about this. In fact, he's so mad that he tells Aretha (his girlfriend which he met in episode 24: "Manny-Ger's Parents") that they may have to give their relationship a "tiny gap" (break) and that he can't take her to dates due to a personal issue. Not taking the hint that he may want to break up with her, Aretha agrees and tells him that he can take all the time he wants to in order to fix the personal issue. During these events, PikaRap has managed to finish the song and has carefully worded it. Due to this, he calls Raicha over and tells her that they can record now. When she comes over, they go to PikaRap's recording studio and begin recording while an audio engineer and a record producer (Tom Kenny and Dana Gould, respectively) wait to mix the mic and instrument signals with a mixing console, record the singing and playing onto a hard disc. Manny-Ger watches them and gets angrier and angrier after it is clear that the duet will end with PikaRap and Raicha kissing each other. As the duet begins to end and PikaRap and Raicha are about to smooch, Manny-Ger stops the recording and tells PikaRap that he doesn't approve of their duet and that recording will no longer continue, canceling the duet. Also, Raicha would no longer be allowed to see or talk with PikaRap. PikaRap is surprised at his sudden outburst but lets a scared Raicha leave while he asks Manny-Ger why he all of a sudden cancels recording. He tells PikaRap that he's taking up most of his time and that overall, the writing of the song was horrible. Bile forms in PikaRap and he angrily goes to play pool in his game room. After a three-hour playing session, he goes to sleep without telling Manny-Ger a good-night, which is what he usually does. The next day, he wakes up without joy as, basically, Raicha was a wonderful friend and potential girlfriend whose relations with her have ended due to "Stupid-Er" (Manny-Ger). PikaRap goes through the whole day without the "Raichu of his life", and begins to wonder if life is worth living without Raicha. He begins to feel suicidal and ends the day by going back to his mansion. He finds a microphone and is about to choke on it in order to end his "loveless melancholy" when Manny-Ger comes in about to apologize to him and realizes what he has done. He takes the microphone off his mouth and, in tears, tells him that he may have gone too far and that he was "angry over rationalizing", and instantly calls over Raicha, telling her that he feels bad for pulling a "Romeo and Juliet", and that they can see each other whenever, if, forever. Raicha comes over and admits her love for PikaRap, seeing as if "her feelings were about to escape". They kiss, and Manny-Ger watches. All of a sudden, however, he feels as if his feelings may have taken over thinking, and realizes he must stop liking PikaRap if he wants to stop this pain. After some thinking, he finally manages to not "want to f*** PikaRap" and tells Aretha over the phone that their relationship can resume. She is happy that his personal issue has been dealt with, and tells him to meet up with her at the local park. Manny-Ger happily leaves to the park without a though of PikaRap in his head, for once.

Song: The Feeling Of...

30 "Fakeumentary" Annie Oh Kenneth Dumont May 8, 2017 122
PikaRap and Manny-Ger are watching a documentary on PikaRap's favorite, aforementioned rapper Skeetlez, titled A Tazty Look At Skeetlez's Life: The Documentary, when coincidentally a documentary crew who just happened to enter the mansion tells PikaRap that they want to film a new documentary on the "downfall of his career", then retract and say that they meant the "uprise of his career". Then the camera crew gets permission from PikaRap to film his mansion while the other part of the doc crew interview him on personal things like: when and where was he born, how was life before his rapping career, and what are his friends and interests? After answering all of their questions, PikaRap provides additional information, including pictures of his childhood and an interview from Manny-Ger, who calls him a "great friend". Then the doc crew has to leave and thank PikaRap for his "cooperation" with the doc. The next day, and the day, and the day after THAT day, they come back to edit the doc, add filmed credits, and basically try to make it into a doc. Due to filming ending, the doc is now set to be in indie theaters, with a release date already announced. Ecstatic, PikaRap and Manny-Ger decide to go the theatre during the opening for the doc. Opening day arrives, and as planned they go to the indie theatre. It is almost packed, though not by much. They end up finding a seat in the front aisle and wait for the doc to start, as commercials are playing. Then the doc begins with the title "The Pikachusen One: A Documentary". It then shows pictures of PikaRap in his childhood, though they're not the real pictures! They are poorly-drawn, colored pictures of a toddler PikaRap, and a narrator tells the viewers that they are "recreations" of PikaRap's childhood pictures since his mother didn't "wuv (sic) him enough" to keep the real pictures. The doc then goes on to tell how he used to be owned by a Pokémon Trainer, even though PikaRap has only encountered one his entire life, the one who discovered his rapping talents in the first episode, "A Pika-Star Is Born". It then cuts to interviews by PikaRap, who tells the interviewer that he was born on a tree-lacking forest to a single mother who abused and neglected until, eventually, he was left to die or fend for himself. He also says that he had no friends, only enemies and that Manny-Ger is his "daddy" and "lover", revealing that he is so-called "gay". The audience, infuriated at the reveal of PikaRap's "life", start booing him and start leaving midway through the doc. PikaRap is angry and shocked and refuses to talk to Manny-Ger since the whole thing is awkward. He hires another bodyguard to protect him from heckling and physical fights caused by former, angry fans. One day, as PikaRap gets angry at himself for letting the doc crew "ruin" his life, an idea pops into his head. He decides to make a doc ruining the doc crew's lives. After getting help from Manny-Ger and doing research on doing and filming a doc, PikaRap edits it and the "doc" gets a release date. On release date, the doc is shown and "reveals" that the doc crew supports misogynism and "fake news", and eventually PikaRap and Manny-Ger manage to become loved again while the doc crew hides in shame and stop making docs.
31 "PikaRapersonation" Ambrose Thurop May 8, 2017 121
After three whole days of writing PikaRap's new song, PikaRap and Manny-Ger decide to celebrate by going out to The Happyburger, when they stumble upon an unusual contest being held...a PikaRap look-alike contest, where fans of his are dressing up just like PikaRap and try to win the prize for basically looking like a "not-quite-but-almost-exactly like a clone" of him. PikaRap tells Manny-Ger that he's going to enter the contest as a joke to see if he'll win, so he pretends to already "be in costume" and gets himself into the contest. The deadline for entering comes to a close and after the winner is chosen, it''s...not PikaRap. Matter of fact, it turns out to be a woman who suffers from dwarfism. PikaRap is shocked that he ironically lost a Pikarap look-alike contest to someone that isn't him when he entered the contest himself without any physical change. That's not the worst thing, though: Manny-Ger cannot find him after he went ahead and ordered Happyburgers and Smile Fries from The Happyburger, then went to go pick him up. Manny-Ger reluctantly tries to find him amongst the crow of PikaRap look-alikes and only ends up finding him after he tells him to rap. After all that commotion, PikaRap and Manny-Ger have to leave in a hurry after all of the PikaRap look-alikes realize that their favorite rapper was amongst them.

Song: Trap That Rapper!

"A Fine Dinner With the President" Bubba Guiana May 15, 2017 130
While sorting the mail uncovered in the mailbox, PikaRap finds a red letter from The President of the United States (John DiMaggio), inviting PikaRap and Manny-Ger to the annual Presidential Dinner Party hosting a week from on then, where the President and a host of famous and important, influential people dine together and chat. The President requires them to dress formally, as it will be a really important event. After announcing the invitation to Manny-Ger, PikaRap suggests going to a department store and finding them the best and expensive dress clothes they can find. After a shopping spree, our two protagonists go back to the luxurious mansion, and store the clothes for the President Dinner Party. 4 days later, our two friends must go on a plane to the capital and stay in a hotel while the deadline for the Party comes to a close. On the day of the Presidential Party, our two friends arrive to the Dinner Hall, and sit next to a famous model, Marguerite (Grey DeLisle). Unfortunately, Manny-Ger is awkward and anti-social, and doesn't manage to start a conversation with anyone. Meanwhile, PikaRap tries to impress Marguerite, but she constantly rejects his offers. He doesn't see a reason as to why, until he realizes that she already has a boyfriend in basketball player Darrius Robinson (Khary Payton), who arrived late since he had a basketball game. PikaRap then tries to help Manny-Ger overcome his social anxiety by helping him begin small talk with a famous writer, Tim Matthews (Jeff Bennett), who seems a bit friendly with him. Soon, they hit it off, and they begin talking about their childhood and current lives. When Manny-Ger admits that he has never held a relationship for long, Tim reveals himself as a bisexual and tells him that he's attracted to him. Manny-Ger, unable to respond to someone's romantic attraction from him, ignores him and pretends like he's a stranger. The President announces a toast, and everyone clinks their bottles together. When everyone does so, Manny-Ger's wine falls on his shirt, and he excuses himself to the bathroom, where he takes off his dress shirt and leaves his white plain T-shirt on. Tim then comes in the bathroom and locks the door, then proceeds to kiss him and have...yeah. Manny-Ger manages to jam open the door (since he is robust and strong) and makes conversations with anyone, breaking free his social anxiety, though it is to avoid Tim. After another hour, everyone starts leaving and saying goodbye to each other. Tim says goodbye to Manny-Ger, who tells him that he does love him, but that he loves some else that he knows more personally. He manages to give him a goodbye kiss, and they both still look at each other as a taxi picks up PikaRap and Manny-Ger.

Song: Hip-Hopin' and Clothes Shoppin'

"A Fine Dinner With the President" Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston May 15, 2017 132
While on a camping trip with Manny-Ger, PikaRap tries to find firewood when he gets the feeling that he's being stalked. Thinking it must be nothing, PikaRap continues with his task, only to have his fears confirmed as truth when, out nowhere, a male Pokémon trainer (Danny Pudi) catches PikaRap in a Poké Ball and runs off in the hopes of not getting caught. Manny-Ger tries to find PikaRap, but is unable to, and leaves the forest he and PikaRap were camping in, deserted. At his house, the Pokémon trainer is revealed to be named Ashton (a reference to the main character from the Pokémon anime, Ash Ketchum), and wants to prove to his friends that he can catch a Pokémon, since none of his friends believe that he can. He forces PikaRap to learn the basic moves of a Pikachu like Volt Ball and Bolt Strike. After some immense training, PikaRap starts behaving like an average Pokémon. He doesn't talk English anymore, only communicating in Pika Pika, and does not wear any clothes and such. Due to this, he is no longer recognizable and looks like any other Pikachu. As he gets trained more and more and attacks more Pokémon, the whole world is on an international search party, searching for the unique Pikachu that can rap. Manny-Ger misses him and constantly kisses a framed photo of him in order to keep himself from going out of control. He employs other aspiring rappers, but to him, none of them reach the level of success and love that PikaRap has, and he fires them for this reason. He stays strong, however, and is determined that he will be found, claiming that he would never leave anyone like this. Efforts to find him go fruitless, and a rumor (later morphed into a theory) goes on about how PikaRap may have been killed and his body just hasn't been found yet. Another theory suggests that he may have moved somewhere exotic and obscure in order to escape fame and fortune for a humble and tranquil life. One day, Manny-Ger goes door-to-door, asking anyone owning a Pikachu if perhaps they may have accidentally captured Pikachu. No one seems to have done this, and an already distressed Manny-Ger is about to give up until he arrives at the house where PikaRap was trained and asks Ashton if he has captured PikaRap by accident. Ashton has known that he captured PikaRap, but he refuses ever doing so since PikaRap is his only good Pokemon. Manny-Ger thanks for his help, but then he sees PikaRap's trademarked Poké Ball hat that he uses while recording rap music, and questions Ashton's truthfulness. Before Ashton can deny it, Manny-Ger pushes him out of the doorway and looks for PikaRap, finding him stuck in a moving Poké Ball. After Manny-Ger releases PikaRap, he recognizes him and takes him away with him, but PikaRap attacks him with Static. This is because he sees Manny-Ger as a stranger. Manny-Ger tries to get PikaRap to recognize him, but nothing can make him remember Manny-Ger. Manny-Ger then takes the risk of hugging PikaRap, and PikaRap, recognizing Manny-Ger's muscles, thanks to him for his sudden repressed memories. Ashton then apologizes for trapping PikaRap, saying that he thought it was a wild Pikachu. He's apologized and PikaRap gives him his Poké Ball hat as a souvenir. After all that trouble, PikaRap goes back to his life while Manny-Ger smiles at the warm feeling of PikaRap's body on his.

Song: A Search Party Ain't the Best Party

36 "Sweet Come Album" Lester Gomez William Ebert May 22, 2017 148
After being in the hip-hop industry for less than a year, PikaRap has the date set for the release of his first album, titled Rapped Up. He has not finished the album though. 1/4 of it has yet to be completed, so he makes it his mission to do so. It is done, and PikaRap waits until a copy of the album is shown to him. When it is shown, he accepts copies of it to be distributed to retail stores. However, the album sells fewer copies than expected, selling only 310,000 copies in the first month. PikaRap is worried that, since his first album sold horribly, he will have to quit his career as a rapper. So he does something controversial: buy all copies that he can get his hands on, and drop them in people's mailboxes so that it will get a boost in sales and he won't have to retire rapping. This doesn't work, and soon, reports of breaking and entering flood 911. PikaRap is soon found out as the culprit, and eventually arrested, but he only has to pay a minimum fine of $10K (which he can afford to pay, being rich and all). The controversy spreads like wildfire, even reaching the news, who report on it. This controversy causes sales of the album to increase, now having sold over 9,000,000 copies. It becomes an instant success, and PikaRap no longer has to worry about an early retirement.

Song: The Breaking and Entering Rapping

"PikaRap: The Years Before
All of That Rape Fame Stuff"
Kenneth Dumont &
Poppy Livingston
Diane Reed &
Fenton Cole
May 22, 2017 140
A whole episode flashback about PikaRap's birth, growth, and childhood. It starts with PikaRap's mother (Ashley Johnson) giving birth to him, only to abandon him at the last minute as an experienced Pokémon trainer (Greg Cipes) catches her. PikaRap is almost left to die, until he is saved by another Pokémon trainer who's also a rapper wannabe, Damian (Benjamin Flores, Jr.). He shows PikaRap his rapping "skills", which are actually really sub-par, though this event triggers PikaRap's love and eventual talent of rapping as he listens more and more to Damian's hip-hop music. He eventually starts rapping and this surprises Damian, who shows his mom (Whoopi Goldberg in a special appearance) what PikaRap can do. Instead of being impressed, this horrifies the mother, who immediately orders her son to abandon "the Antichrist in the cuddly form". Damian resists, but his stern mother manages to make him abandon PikaRap. Before he completely abandons him, Damian gives PikaRap his now-iconic Poké Ball hat that he owns before leaving the scene bursting in tears. PikaRap also starts shedding tears at the realization that hey may never see the only human he has ever befriended in his whole entire life. A young Manny-Ger (played by Logan Chabinsky) sees PikaRap and asks his mom (Amy Sedaris) if he can keep him. His mom gladfully lets him keep our young, primary protagonist, but PikaRap uses Static on him since he cannot trust humans that are not Damian. Toddler Manny-Ger starts howling in pain and his mom, carrying him in her arms, curses at PikaRap before leaving it alone. All hope seems lost for our friend until he comes across a gang of Pokémon who can also rap. They let him under their wing under the condition that he participates in "Pokémon rap battles", wherein rival Pokémon gangs have a weekly rap battle to see who can attack the other one. It just so happens that this weekly rap battle will take place at this instant. PikaRap doesn't believe them until his Pokémon gang's rival gang comes out the shadows and demand their participant. PikaRap's new friends shove him in as a participant against a rapping Deoxys (Elijah Wood). The rivaling Deoxys wins, and PikaRap feels embarrassed, though the gang he joined doesn't seem to care, as only PikaRap gets affected (he gets attacked by the Deoxys). Afterward, they decide to steal hip-hop albums from a music store, but they get caught and chased out. PikaRap doesn't manage to escape and gets beaten by a broom by the elderly employee (J.K. Simmons). He manages to leave with bruises and loses track of his gang, therefore ending all ties and bonds with them. As PikaRap seems deprived of happiness and joy, he is revealed to have stolen a taped hip-hop album pertaining to rapper Tiny Biggs (parody of The Notorious B.I.G.'s other stage name, Biggie Smalls) along with a cassette player. He pops the album in and hears it as a storm pours down over him, making his fur wet.

In the present day, it is revealed PikaRap was reminiscing the "bad old days", as he calls them, and suddenly remembers when he had first met Manny-Ger. He tells Manny-Ger about how he electrified him when they had met all those years before. Manny-Ger does not buy into his story until PikaRap attacks him with Static, the same attack he used on him when they first met. Electrified Manny-Ger remarks how he had just now remembered the attack because of the "feel", before comically passing out.

Song: A Pokémon Named PikaRap, Battle of Rap

"The PikaRap Kid" Anthony Gilligan Fatima Mataraci May 29, 2017 135
A fan of PikaRap's, a 19-year old kid by the name of Tony (Zach Callison), looks up to him and constantly writes rap songs inspired by PikaRap's songs. He's made fun of, since his actual rapping is, to say the most, average and just like about every modern rapper. He writes PikaRap a letter detailing his love for rapping and how he looks up to PikaRap as a role model. But PikaRap, who always gets tons of fan mail, tries to respond as best as he can, though he comes across as uncaring and ignorant, at least to Tony, who seems to be delusional and hateful. He decides to turn his back on PikaRap and plagiarize his beats, changing the complete lyrics, but keeping the same tone and theme of PikaRap's raps. He gets a manager, Minnie-Yer (April Winchell), and starts recording music. His music becomes a hit, and everyone starts considering him the "NBT" (Next Big Thing). PikaRap loses his dedicated fans to The Rapping Kid, Tony's stage name. At first, he surrenders and still makes music, though it is released with little to no public fanfare. When he ponders on why everyone likes The Rapping Kid, he takes a listen to his music and realizes it is basically plagiarized, with the exception of barely-changed lyrics. He starts making videos and uploading them to VidTube (parody of YouTube), contrasting similarities to his and Kid's songs. However, he gets backlash for overreacting, since, apparently, most hip-hop music can be generalized as "sounding the same", and this just causes him to lose more fans. Meanwhile, Tony is enjoying his fame as The Rapping Kid, but being young and all, he gets in lots of trouble and ends up having to get house arrested by his own mother (also voiced by Winchell). This causes a hiatus in his newly-blossoming music career, and he ends up losing fame, due to the fact that the fans that he had recently gotten want to hear more. While house arrested, he realizes that karma got him and that if he was a real fan, that he would never plagiarize his songs. After he serves house arrest, he makes new music, though from the genre indie-pop under the name Indie Kiddie. He makes a song called "A Change for a Friend", the song's topic being about his plagiarizing from PikaRap and how it affected him. The song becomes a hit, and PikaRap listens to it, accepting it as an apology...and "the best song he has ever heard of". Manny-Ger signs him up under the same record label as PikaRap, and they become friends.

Song: Kid (rap), A Change for a Friend

"Rap Dance" Bubba Guiana Ambrse Thurop May 29, 2017 137
PikaRap celebrates a year of his rapping career's beginnings by announcing a party at his mansion. He posts about it on social media, in concerts, on posters posted on street poles, and by word-of-mouth. Soon, his fans catch wind of his party, and they all talk about how the party will be "lit" and all that. Manny-Ger, however, doesn't want the party to happen, since he is socially anxious and scared of meeting a lot of people. But PikaRap makes him change his mind by telling him that people will really like him since he is strong and handsome, which makes Manny-Ger feel better and reminisce how he loves PikaRap a lot. Then store supplies are bought for the party, like party banners and red SoloTM cups. Junk food like CheetosTM and Doritos, and beverages like soda and...even alcohol, are also bought. When the things are bought, our two protagonists go back to the mansion and decorate it. The mansion is decorated, and soon guests start swarming into the mansion, ready to party it up...and probably get wasted, as well. As the guests enter, Manny-Ger is ready to go home and call it a day, but the comments that PikaRap made to him persuade him to interact with someone. Everyone in the party (apart from PikaRap) are strangers to him, however, so he gives up on socializing and decides to eat for the rest of the party. He heads over to the snack table, and while he's getting a plate of CheetosTM and a cup of cola, bumps into Bernard (Nolan North), one of PikaRap's fans who has a mild-mannered personality and apologizes. Bernard offers him a new plate of CheetosTM, to which Manny-Ger shyly accepts. After he gets Manny-Ger the new plate, he talks about how he also loves CheetosTM, and soon it goes from there. They both start talking about their lives and Bernard reveals himself as bisexual and how he is single. He then admits he has fallen for Manny-Ger, though Manny-Ger reveals to him that he loves PikaRap. Bernard tells him that he should tell PikaRap, though he has gotten himself intoxicated. This way, PikaRap will accept his feelings, and from there Manny-Ger can take it to "the next dimension", a nod to sex. Manny-Ger's reluctant about doing this since he thinks it's wrong "forcing" himself upon PikaRap, but considering it is a wild party, Manny-Ger finds comfort in that the wild night will help him reveal his feelings towards PikaRap. He goes to PikaRap, who is making a drunken fool of himself by this point, and tells him he loves him. PikaRap, who has drunk his rational thinking away, tells Manny-Ger that he loves him too, and they start dancing and making out in front of an audience who starts hooting for them. PikaRap tells him that they should "walk up to Heaven", and he drunkenly leads Manny-Ger into his room. As they try to push away the crowd of fans, Manny-Ger mouths a thank to Bernard, who gives him the thumbs-up. In PikaRap's room, PikaRap starts undressing and tries to undress Manny-Ger. Then, they start making out again. Manny-Ger feels comfortable making out with PikaRap, until he senses another presence in the room. He turns around and finds himself shocked as he sees Bernard in the corner of PikaRap's room, filming PikaRap and Manny-Ger's make-out session in order to post it on social media and make a laughingstock out of them. Manny-Ger turns red and puts his clothes back on, leaving a naked PikaRap in his room. He goes to confront Bernard face-to-face and starts to beat the crap out of him, leaving half of his face bloodied and bruised. Bernard staggers out of the mansion, leaving his camera. Manny-Ger doesn't return it to him, instead of burning it in the mansion's fireplace, and demands everyone else to leave, saying that PikaRap "has had enough". Everyone reluctantly leaves and, after they all do, Manny-Ger finds PikaRap already sleeping. He decides to leave him be by tucking him with his blanket, then hugs him and says, "I'm so sorry I tried to..." before bursting into tears and kissing him. He then leaves but smiles at PikaRap before he eventually does.

Song: Feel So Close

45 "Trapped in the Closet" Diane Reed Amy O'brien June 5, 2017 139
A musical episode and parody of R. Kelly's opera, Trapped in the Closet, focusing on Manny-Ger's struggles with loving PikaRap and coming out. It starts with him waking up to the realization that he is trapped in a closet...literally! He begins singing, ("Help!") as he bangs on the closet door, begging for PikaRap to open it for him. No one comes to open the closet door, so it is assumed that PikaRap is absent from the mansion. Manny-Ger then starts a new song ("Trapped By My Own Feelings") which is about his hopelessness about ever telling PikaRap how much he's in love with him. Afterward, he begins moving stuff around the closet, hoping that one of the items present may hold the key to freedom. He finds a key ("Oh Mighty Key!") and starts unlocking the door with it, but it will not budge. Manny-Ger then finds a diary pertaining to PikaRap, titled, Secrets of the Heart. He tries the key with the said diary, the end result unlocking it. The diary contains PikaRap's writings that mostly detail his frequent frustrations with the hip-hop industry at times, saying how being different "can screw you up" if you are in the industry, hinting at something. Manny-Ger skips to the next page, which has been left blank. This makes Manny-Ger angry at how he'll never know what PikaRap meant to write furthermore about but continues on his search for an escape of some sorts ("Quontinuing the Quest"). He finds a paper clip ("Praise the Clip!") and fidgets it around with the lock, though he just now realizes it is bent and therefore useless! He is understandably disappointed ("The Disappoints") and goes looking for another paperclip or way of escaping. After he has gone through every single item in the closet with no seeming worth to them, Manny-Ger starts having a breakdown and realizes that he may no longer see PikaRap ever again ("No More Of You, PikaRap"). He begins yelling out loud about how much he loves PikaRap, and this disintegrates into a rage. The rage overpowers him, and controls Manny-Ger into punching the door until it breaks off its hinges, finally letting Manny-Ger out (Out and Proud). PikaRap is finally seen arriving and shocked when he comes upstairs to find Manny-Ger and the broken closet door. Manny-Ger gives an explanation for the broken door, stating, "It was one of those Mondays".

Song (s): Help!, Trapped By My Own Feelings, Oh Mighty Key!, Quontinuing the Quest, Praise the Clip!, The Disappoints, No More Of You, PikaRap!, Out and Proud

46 "Sell-Out and Make Out" Kenneth Dumont Poppy Livingston June 5, 2017 144
PikaRap sells his second album, City of Lights, to a strikingly low 959 copies sold on the first weekend. A meeting is held (which is attended by PikaRap and Manny-Ger) on marketing strategies that should be employed to help the album see a spike in sales. The meeting concludes, after which Manny-Ger tells PikaRap that if the marketing strategies aren't used to help sell his second album, that it would surely hurt his reputation and force him to come into retirement. He names a rapper, Captain Guldz, whose second album only sold 1,455 copies, costing him his reputation and career. This combined caused him to retire at the early age of 20, despite starting his rapping career at the early age of 17. He names many other rappers whose second albums sold shockingly low and caused their early retirements. PikaRap takes his advice and decides to employ a tactic that will guarantee a huge sale in his second album: "coming out" as gay, which will get him "sympathy points", as he proclaims, and he tells Manny-Ger to play the part of his partner. This angers Manny-Ger, as he thinks PikaRap claims that it's easy to come out and expect to get positive results. He keeps his mouth shut on the matter, though, in order to please PikaRap and mostly, to see how the whole ordeal plays out. Then PikaRap goes to an unnamed social media network and "comes out" as gay to his followers, stating that he kept it a secret because he didn't have a lot of support, but that his music ultimately "supported" him and helped him come out to said followers. He goes on to explain how he was, and still is, in a secret relationship with a "strong and wonderful" man, Manny-Ger. Finally, he ends the video on a note by encouraging his followers to share the video as a "touching and heartfelt" one. His coming out story is picked up by media outlets, who take a kick out of the story by reporting it as "a big leap forward in the hip-hop industry". PikaRap is interviewed on various daytime talk shows, where he talks about the outpouring of support he has gotten and even talks about how much he loves Manny-Ger, who is reluctantly brought on in the interviews. He shows his love for Manny-Ger by going too far and kissing him smack on the lips! Manny-Ger is shocked but shows no love back because he is fearing of the hate that he'll receive. A montage is shown of PikaRap's various followers supporting his coming out, and PikaRap and Manny-Ger getting various comments about being "such a cute couple". City of Lights starts to sell a whole lot more copies, eventually selling 1.2 million copies at the end of its run. Everything seems to go alright, until one incident late at night when PikaRap and Manny-Ger wait for a taxi. They get into one, where they realize the driver (Steven Blum) is a homophobic aggressor who begins to beat PikaRap up for being a "furry little faggot". Manny-Ger fights back and beats up the taxi driver to the tune of PikaRap's cheering, who promptly thanks him for beating up the aggressor. Manny-Ger doesn't welcome him, however, and walks by himself to the mansion while PikaRap hitches another ride from another taxi. Back at the mansion, PikaRap tries to get a reason of out Manny-Ger as to why is he angry. Some back-and-forth later, Manny-Ger cracks and finally tells PikaRap that he got angry at him because PikaRap finds it easy to come out when really, it's not easy for everyone. This is the part where Manny-Ger finally tells PikaRap he is gay. PikaRap is shocked and tells Manny-Ger he will always be supportive of him, gay or not. Next, PikaRap decides to tell his followers that he is in fact, not gay and that it was a successful publicity stunt to sell copies of his second album. As PikaRap publishes this statement, he hears a window being shattered, confirming it to be an angry ex-PikaRap fan who wants to vandalize the mansion because he thinks PikaRap is homophobic. Manny-Ger tells him, "I'll handle him", and goes off.
47 "Death of a Rapperwoman" Fatima Mataraci Annie Oh June 12, 2017 147
Manny-Ger is eating breakfast burritos from The Happyburger with PikaRap when word reaches to him through the news that $elena, Manny-Ger's ex-girlfriend, had died from a drug overdose, more specifically, a combination of crack cocaine and LSD. Manny-Ger is shocked and ends up crying, since he blames himself and their divorce for causing her dependence on drugs and eventual death. PikaRap starts consoling him by saying that he didn't cause her to take her own life and it might have her liking towards drugs. Manny-Ger takes this to hart but finds himself reluctant. A letter then arrives in the mailbox stressing that Manny-Ger and PikaRap have been "honorably invited" to the funeral, and after some pushing from PikaRap, Manny-Ger eventually goes to the funeral with him, dress clothes and all. During the funeral, Manny-Ger can't stand to look at the pale corpse belonging to $elena and ends up crying, which catches the other funeral attendees' attention. PikaRap and Manny-Ger have a moment alone and Manny-Ger tells him that he can't look at her because he doesn't seen her corpse, just his "guilt". But PikaRap argues that $elena's various stints in rehab were document, and the audience is treated to news stories covering $elena going to rehab for treatment, which there are various. Manny-Ger still doesn't feel better, since he could never help her get better treatment, so PikaRap decides to challenge Manny-Ger that he'll do anything that he desires, just as long as it makes him happier. Manny-Ger asks for a kiss, but PikaRap is weirded out and Manny-Ger retracts what he had previously stated, and switches it with The Happyburger. PikaRap agrees but they are forbidden from leaving since they were "honorable invitees" and therefore must stay for the whole entire show. So for the rest of the funeral, Manny-Ger keeps his eyes closed to prevent the guilt in his veins. The funeral ends and PikaRap and Manny-Ger still stay in a trance as they view $elena's tomb, which reads, "Selena Robinson (1969-2017); A wonderful woman taken from us by a horrible sin". A lavender flower is seen curling around the tombstone, which represents rebirth and Manny-Ger's homosexuality. As they view it, PikaRap hugs Manny-Ger.

Song (s): A Life Away

48 "Love Is a Drug" Grekk Annie Oh June 12, 2017 145
Manny-Ger wakes up in the middle of the night with an urge to kiss PikaRap. He decides to kiss him even though he is asleep, but as he is about to, PikaRap wakes up and he is unable to make love to him. The next day, Manny-Ger tries to hint numerous times to PikaRap that he indeed loves him without outright stating "I love you", but it's useless since PikaRap has always focused on PikaRap as a friend and nothing else. And then, the next day, PikaRap has to fly home to visit a friend, leaving Manny-Ger alone and unloved. He tries to do any type of activity, like watching TV or taking a bath, but nothing helps him deter from the loneliness he is suffering without PikaRap, almost feeling akin to getting rejected from him. So he decides that a fresh breath of air outside will do, and he goes outside to take a walk, where he encounters a sketchy character (Phil LaMarr), who ends up being a drug dealer. He offers Manny-Ger heroin if he pays up next time they met, but Manny-Ger doesn't buy into it (literally) until he's persuaded that he'll feel "heavenly", and immediately buys 2 grams in a Ziploc. He goes back to the mansion and proceeds to snort three lines, and begins feeling less anxious and more warm, quickly beginning to gain a dependency towards the drug, with a montage showing him buying gram after gram of heroin, snorting line after line, to forget the pangs of loneliness and lovelorn that he feels. Unfortunately, this causes nausea, regurgitation, itching, and falling on the grey area between conscious- and unconsciousness, but he deals with it if it means he can forget PikaRap. Not only that, when he meets up with the sketchy character, Gus, he is ordered to pay at least $400 dollars in cash for the heroin, and when he reveals he's short on money, starts getting beat up. Just like when it looks like it might be the end for Manny-Ger, PikaRap arrives all of a sudden in his limo, immediately recognizing Manny-Ger. He convinces Gus to cut his beatings short since he is kicking his manager, to which Gus apologizes and lets Manny-Ger have all of his heroine in compensation. PikaRap soon finds out about Manny-Ger's roots to Gus and his heavy drug use and demands an explanation. An explanation which Manny-Ger cannot give, for fear of PikaRap finding of his feelings for him. PikaRap is still distressed by the whole realization but promises Manny-Ger to get him help for his "white problem", and whatever problem he tried to get rid of with heroin. Manny-Ger vaguely states "you will never get rid of my problem" as he and PikaRap head to a rehabilitation center.

Song (s): White Solution

49 "Battle of the Hearts" William Ebert Anthony Gilligan June 19, 2017 146
Manny-Ger is touring with PikaRap when the latter introduces him to a bisexual rapper, Lil Chainz (Shameik Moore), a newcomer into the hip-hop industry. Manny-Ger and Lil Chainz eventually end up having a chat and figure out that they have a lot in common, right down to being managers (though the latter was formerly a manager). After a bit of chatting, Lil Chainz leans down to peck Manny-Ger on the lips, though he stops him and tells him that he loves PikaRap and not him. Lil Chainz is not happy and tells him PikaRap is straight and will never adore him back, but Manny-Ger persists by stating that he will always love PikaRap even if he won't return the feelings back. Lil Chainz does not attend to this and constantly pursues him, blowing kisses at him whenever they see each other, leaving him chocolate boxes and his latest album as a gift, etc., much to Manny-Ger's annoyance. Lil Chainz even manages to go as far as to send PikaRap a text message that he will go on a date with Manny-Ger. PikaRap realizes about the two's relationship and lets Manny-Ger go on a date, even if he does it reluctantly. The date happens to be at an exclusive and really expense bistro, which is all paid by Lil Chainz to show his affection towards Manny-Ger. Manny-Ger thanks him for the food but insists he wants nothing to do with Lil Chainz, so the latter forces a smooch on the lips and even pops the question out of the blue, all of which Manny-Ger can't take. He rejects Lil Chainz's proposition in front of a waiting crowd and leaves without ever wanting to talk to him again. He goes back to the mansion and tells PikaRap that he doesn't love Lil Chainz but that he won't stop pursuing him. PikaRap comforts him and promises him that he'll make sure Lil Chainz doesn't interfere with him ever again. The next day, however, Manny-Ger gets a love letter as he gets the mail from Lil Chainz, telling him how much he means to him and he can't wait to "meet up" again. Manny-Ger bursts into tears at Lil Chainz's infatuation to eventual harassment against him, but deduces that the only way this harassment could come to a stop is if he loves him back, so he goes to Lil Chainz's villa and tells him how much he dearly loved him, though he couldn't "express himself romantically" until now, and begins kissing him on the lips, to which Lil Chainz returns the lip-smacking. During the smooching, Manny-Ger wonders if it's really worth it, but is interrupted as Lil Chainz gives him a hickey.

Song (s): Bothered With Love

50 "Shoot!" Ambrose Thurop Colette Patterson June 19, 2017 148
PikaRap and Manny-Ger are walking down on an alleyway after attending an all-rapper party when a gunshot is heard. They both begin running to escape the alleyway in the case of more gunshots, but they hear another one before Manny-Ger realizes that this time, the bullet correlated with the second gunshot has struck PikaRap in his left temple. He begins panicking and crying before he gets a witness (Donald Glover in a special guest appearance) to call an ambulance, which quickly arrives to pick up a severely wounded PikaRap. As they're in the ambulance, Manny-Ger hugs PikaRap all the way until they arrive at the hospital. In the hospital, PikaRap is assigned a room to rest in during his comatose state while Manny-Ger stays at his side. PikaRap then begins having a dream in which he admits his love to Manny-Ger, who then returns the same feelings towards him. They share a passionate kiss, and then the dream flash-forwards to their wedding, which is attended by both of their families, PikaRap's fans, and a variety of rappers. Manny-Ger is shown putting the ring on PikaRap before they both say "I do" and kiss again. Everyone cheers as this go on. It then showcases their honeymoon in New York City, wherein they go to a fancy restaurant, attend a hip-hop concert, and go to a movie theater. When they return to their penthouse, however, they find it trashed with newspapers that recur themes of homophobia and sprayed with graffiti that displays homophobic slurs. They report this to the hotel receptionist, who brushes their complaints off and instead focuses more on being homophobic towards them, laughing about how men who love men are "not real men" and are "pussies" who should "man up". PikaRap and Manny-Ger are understandably irate at the receptionist's blatant homophobia, so they leave their current hotel to stay at another one. During their search, they are constantly bombarded with hate speech and homophobia, to the point where they can't stay at one potential hotel because no one is willing to sleep next to the "tooth fairies". After they go through that whole ordeal, our two newlyweds decide there is no hope for acceptance from anyone, so they end up sleeping over in a lonely ditch. Unfortunately, a storm ends up brewing, which culminates in a heavy-winded thunderstorm. In order to avoid getting swept away, our two lovebirds begin hugging each other, accepting the fact that they still have each other and "no other". They continue hugging even after they end up getting swept, and, at this point, PikaRap begins waking up and is therefore out of his comatose state. He turns to see Manny-Ger and begins giving him a tight hug, which he says he "never wants to let go" of.

Song (s): First-Time Couple

51 "I ♥ You" French Donovan Calvin MacKenzie June 26, 2017 151
After almost being caught staring at PikaRap lovingly, Manny-Ger begins getting frustrated and secretly longs to "brave his lovelorn labyrinth" in order to finally spill out his feelings towards PikaRap. He decides that now's not the time to make a confession just yet, so he settles down in PikaRap's mansion's grand living room to watch a police procedural, Above the Law, in which the main characters Officer Conchita and Officer Bailey admit their affections toward each other before embracing romantically. This triggers Manny-Ger, who turns the TV off immediately and throws down the remote control in anger. He attempts reading a book which also has a romantic confession, pissing him off even more. Even a newspaper story and a video game cutscene boil the pot just as much. Then he is sent a text from Lil Chainz, who inquires if he's "down" for a movie screening at a local theater, which Manny-Ger accepts if not to get his mind off of his admiration for PikaRap. He meets up with Lil Chainz to view If I Could Have You, which also closes with the main character, Khalid, telling his crush Natasha, how much he adores her before locking lips with her. This sets off Manny-Ger as he begins sobbing, reminding him of his secret love towards PikaRap. Lil Chainz wraps his arm around Manny-Ger as a motion of comfort, but Manny-Ger's exasperated and adamant at this point, yelling out "I need to tell him!" and breaking up with Lil Chainz, much to his saddened surprise. He tries to drive off to PikaRap's mansion, which quickly proves to be a challenge as a traffic jam blocks the highway. He casually gets on top of every car in the jam and begins jumping off of them to reach the mansion. Finally, he arrives at his destination and knocks on the mansion, immediately greeted by PikaRap being very confused at his presence due to the fact that he was supposed to be on a movie date with Lil Chainz at the moment. Manny-Ger blurts out through tears that he broke up with him in the spot because "[he] just exited this maze of feelings" that involve PikaRap. PikaRap is even more dumbfounded at Manny-Ger's strange metaphor and wants an explanation. So the latter utters more metaphors before calming himself and quietly, but finally, confesses that he always loved PikaRap and was never able to tell him until now due to fear of rejection, also explaining that is why he broke things off with Lil Chainz and the action of ripping apart Rosie's phone number (from the episode "Hokey Pokéballs"). PikaRap's obviously flattered but shockingly admits he too always loved him due to his muscled physique and mysterious nature. Manny-Ger jokes that he should've admitted the minute he fell in love with PikaRap before they caress in PikaRap's bedroom.

Song (s): A Sign From Above, Traffic Unjammed, Love (PikaRap cover)

52 "The Last Rap Concert" Poppy Livingston Kenneth Dumont June 26, 2017 152
PikaRap considers retirement in order to live his life with Manny-Ger, so he hosts a concert to end all concerts. Series finale.

Home media release

The series was not allowed to release DVD volumes by Shout! Factory, who usually distributed The CC (Cartoon Comedy) shows, due to the mature themes and controversy the show generally employed and received. However, they did make an exception and released the entire series on February 14, 2018, on Valentine's Day.

PikaRap: The Complete Series
Set details Special features
  • 52 episodes
  • 2-disc set
  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • Subtitles: English
  • English (Dolby Stereo)
  • Spanish (SAP)
  • French
  • Kendrick Lamar Interview
  • PikaRap Animatics
  • PikaRap Rappin' Soundtrack
Release dates
Region 1 Region 4 Region A Region B
February 14, 2018