Pignite! Incorporated is an American comedy-mystery animated TV miniseries and crossover of Scooby Doo! and Pokémon. It is about a boy and three girls, who make a mystery incorporated with a Pignite as a mascot. The show was announced as a "one-off" show, and would only premiere 2 episodes, which both aired on August 2, 2010, on The CC (Cartoon Comedy). The series was made in collaboration with The CC (Cartoon Comedy) and Game Freak. They would later collaborate again with another The CC (Cartoon Comedy) series, PikaRap.


The plot features a boy named Henry (Adam West) and a trio of girls named Diana, Amelia, and Dorothy (Nika Futterman, Haden Wylch, and Cathy Cavadini, respectively), who form a Scooby-Doo-esque group named "Pignite! Incorporated", with a Pokemon, Pignite (Dee Bradley Baker), as their mascot.


  • Henry (Adam West) - The main male character of the miniseries with a "big appetite".
  • Diana (Nika Futterman) - The leader of the girl trio who's into fashion and designing.
  • Amelia (Haden Wylch) - One of the girls in the trio who loves botany and gardening.
  • Dorothy (Cathy Cavadini) - The other girl in the trio who's a bookworm, the brains of the trio, and the voice of reason, all in one.
  • Pignite (Dee Bradley Baker) - A Pokemon Pignite who's the mascot of the group and Henry's pet.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
2 August 2, 2010


No. Title Directed by Written by Original
1 "Beware the Beastly Bus" Lester Gomez Lauren Gibbons August 2, 2010
A smart boy with a big appetite named Henry finds a Pokémon, Pignite, who becomes his pet and also likes to eat a lot. They bumped into three girls, named Diana (fashion girl), Amelia (gardening girl) and Dorothy (smart girl). They discover a police scene where a frog woman named Scarlett claims her bus (she's a bus driver) is actually alive and it's evil. The five decide to investigate the supposedly haunted bus. It turns out to be Tad, Scarlett's husband, and he did this because it was his bus, but Scarlett found it and keep it, so he vowed revenge by doing this. He is then sent to jail, and the police thank them. The gang then decide to solve more mysteries as "Pignite! Incorporated".

Villain: Devil Bus/Tad, Scarlett's husband

2 "Grasp of the Ghostly Girl" Kenneth Dumont Fatima Mataraci August 2, 2010
The gang investigate what appears to be a haunting of a ghostly girl in a haunted house. Dorothy and Pignite get taken by the ghostly girl and he last place where they are, there is blood. The guys find where the girl keeps them, and eventually find out who is it: a alive girl who set up the whole haunting so she could have some private time alone but could never do this, so she acted as of she died in the house so she should have some private time.

Villain: Ghostly Girl/Unnamed girl

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