Pieces (remake)

Pieces is a 2014 American horror film and is a remake of the 1982 film of the same name.


After killing his mother over forty years ago, a chainsaw wielding killer goes on a rampage around a college campus in Boston slaughtering innocent young girls to make his own human jigsaw puzzle while in pursuit by the local police.


  • Patrick Wilson as Lt. Bracken
  • Michael Keaton as Sgt. Holden
  • Ethan Hawke as Prof. Arthur Brown
  • Christina Applegate as Mary Riggs
  • ------------------------------------------------------
  • Shia LaBeouf as Kendall James
  • John Goodman as Willard
  • Eli Roth as The Dean
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Sylvia

Victims Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz - first, grass
  • Elizabeth Blackmore - pool victim
  • Jane Levy - elevator victim
  • ? - locker victim


In 2012, it was announced by Jason Blum that a script for the remake was in the works and that Paramount Pictures agreed to distribute the film.

By December 17th, 2013, the director had claimed principal photography had begun. Filming lasted for about three months on a $22 million budget. The exteriors and interiors of the university were filmed in Benedict Hall and Detroit. Several scenes in Boston were reconstructed to make it appear as if it was set in the early eighties.

When the film was first submitted to the MPAA, it received an NC-17 rating; thus most of the violence and sex scenes had to be trimmed short - including a castration scene of Shia's character - to achieve an R-rating: for strong disturbing bloody violence and gore throughout including grisly images, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language and some drug use - all involving teens.  


An estimated $8 million was put into the marketing business.

On Aug. 24th, an official teaser was released on YouTube, revealing a unseen assailant putting on black leather gloves and then opening a vault only showing a chainsaw. The person then starts it shortly before the camera lingers on the killer's concealed face saying: "Groovy". The teaser ended with no title.

As part of keeping the film in 1980-circa, the old Paramount logo was used in trailers and even in the final film - but was replaced with the fade-to-red over the logo instead of the traditional blue color. The movie was also released as a special 3D feature with posters of the chainsaw bursting right out of them.


The film received mixed reviews, but has a 78% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stand alone sequel

Following the film's success at the box office, the director Larry Roosevelt (also a long time fan of the movie) had already had a script written for what he had envisioned for the original film of the same name. Albeit, it would focus on the now middle-aged Kendall James (LaBeouf reprising his role), still suffering from PTSD from the first film, attending his thirty-year college reunion and completely unaware that the new Dean responsible is actually his daughter, who also seeks revenge by creating a human jigsaw puzzle of his deceased father.

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