A possible restoration of a picroo based on the description made by the natives of Madagascar.

The Picroo (Picrosuchus) is an extinct species of fully terrestrial grizzly bear-sized crocodilian that lived in Madagascar. They were most likely omnivorous, feeding on lemurs, birds, pugcrocs, fish, and plants, they also were probably aggressive based on the description made by the native people of Madagascar that lived when they colonized Madagascar. These reptiles probably evolved from the prehistoric Simosuchus, which also evolved into pugcrocs which are still alive today. They were probably more warm-blooded than pugcrocs, so they most likely were more active and may have had needed more food than pugcrocs of today. They probably preferred dry habitats as the descriptions made by the natives' ancestors said. They probably were killed off to extinction through competition from and the fact that they hunted humans.

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