Phoenix Jones is a 2013 superhero film based loosely on the life of real life superhero Phoenix Jones.


Benjamin John Francis Fodor is a down on his luck citizen of Rain City. He is unemployed and is constantly being bothered by a street gang named the Vampires. One night he witnesses a man taking a brutal beating outside of a bar and nobody does anything. He is nearly driven to suicide, but remembers his promise to his young son to watch a movie with him. They watch an old superhero serial from wartime and Ben is inspired to take crime on his own.

Donning a ski mask, he tries to prevent a car jacking but is mocked although he does fight off the criminal, he is nearly discouraged. However, a review of his son's homework reminds him that Rain City needs a hero to create a better enviroment for his son to grow up in.

After another altercation and an encounter with the police, Ben decides to distinguish himself from common thugs by desgining a unique look for himself. He crafts a secret identity and a 'supersuit' becoming known as Phoenix Jones.

Soon, his heroic activites come to the attention of the Vampires and their leader, the Count. Phoenix then realises that he must take down the Count to inspire the citizens of Rain. He begins to work his way through the Vampires, climbing towards the Count. In protest and fury, the Count takes over the apartment block where Phoenix lives one night, challenging him to a showdown. Phoenix makes his way through the building, taking out the Vampires one by one. Meanwhile, the Count deduces his identity and kidnaps his son, taking him to the roof. Phoenix follows him and grapples with the Count, causing him to stumble and fall over the edge with Phoenix's son. Phoenix leaps over the edge and saves his son, while the Count falls to his death. Phoenix and his wife then discuss his secret life and she agrees to support him as long as they are kept seperate. The film ends with Phoenix continuing his war on crime.


Corbin Bleu - Benjamin John Francis Fodor/Phoenix Jones

Viggo Mortensen - The Count

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