Star Guardians to the Future is the fourth episode of the first season of The Phoenix Defenders.


When a mysterious new villain sends Lyn, Ezekiel, Berna, Trent, Tora, and Sera 40 years into the future, they must stop him by teaming up with...their future children?


Berna Manchester: Why do you hate me? Your future self acted as if i were her friend.

Sera furiously whipped around and faced Berna


Berna Manchester: Well, you are your future self. You'll be acting just like that one day.

Maya what exactly do we need to do?

Future Sera:My god! I guess i was grumpier when i was younger.

Future Tora:Keep an eye on Virgil for me once you get back, after all... every hero needs his wife by his side.(winks)

Tora blushed and looked away sheepishly.

Tora Neal:O-Okay.


Tora grabbed a piece of a broken bottle glass. Tora pull enough strands out to form a band and shape it to frame her face. Tora put the broken piece of glass to her braid and slice it off. Tora keep cutting her hair, making it shorter and shorter until it becomes spiky in the back.

Virgil Hawkins: Hey Tora!

Tora Neal:What?

Virgil Hawkins :Better question, what the heck happened to your hair?

Tora Neal: Isn't it obvious, I cut it.

Virgil Hawkins:(sarcastically)Well, thank you captain obvious. You wanna tell me why?

Tora Neal:Huh? Oh. it's just a haircut. Do i like it?

Virgil Hawkins:There is something that you're not telling me! Spill it!

Tora sighed and ran her hand through her now short hair.

Tora Neal: I married you! Happy now!

Virgil Hawkins: YOU MARRIED ME?!

Tora: A little louder, i don't think the Canadians heard you. Truth to be told, me and a few of my friends were sent to at least thirty years into the future and i met this kid who claimed to be our future son.

Virgil Hawkins:So that's what you were trying to hide from me? Look, we'll talk about this later and yes, it looks good on you.

But about the future, that's just the path our lives are heading right now...but the future's not set in stone.

There she is! There she is!

Sharon Hawkins:Oh, you're finally here! Welcome Tora, I'm Sharon.

Robert Hawkins:Welcome to Dakota, Tora. We're so glad you're staying with us.

Tora Neal:It's wonderful to be here, Mr. Hawkins.

Voice Cast

Erica Mendez- Future Lyn Manchester

Elizabeth Gillies- Lyn Manchester

Becky G- Sera Hernandez


  • The Phoenix Defenders shared the same universe with Batman Beyond.
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