phineas and ferb: xenomorph attack is a horror fanfic between phineas and ferb and the alien movies.


phineas and ferb build a commercial spaceship and decide to go through outer space with it. joining them are perry/agent p, candace and jeremy, and their freinds buford, baljede and isabella. while they're in outer space, phineas goes outside the spaceship to check out a desolate planet, only to be attacked by a facehugger. the crew bring him back on board, and he is soon killed from a chestburster, which escapes into the spaceship somewhere. jeremy is also killed. he asks where's perry? and goes looking for him. however, the now adult xenomorph ecounters him, gives him a headbite and carrys his corpse away. isabella and baljede rush to save him, but arrive too late and all they find is blood on the floor. isabella, candace, baljede and ferb navigate buford into killing the alien in the air ducts, but he fails when he is dragged away and supposedly killed by the alien. after buford's death, isabella is attacked by ferb and knocked unconcious. ferb attemps to proceed on killing isabella, but baljede and candace intervene and decapitate him, revealing him to be an android. isabella, candace and baljede decide to just escape with the shuttle and blow up the ship. when baljede and candace head to the utility room to pack up, isabella hears their terrified shrieks and rushes to protect them, but arrives too late and finds them both dead, having been killed by the alien. isabella finds perry and they escape to the shuttle just in time as the ship explodes, killing the alien. the film ends with isabella and perry, inside the shuttle, safely floating back to earth.

resemblances between alien (1979) and the phineas and ferb version

everyone on the ship is based off a character from the film alien.

buford is dallas.

isabella is ripley.

candace is lambert.

jeremy is brett.

phineas is kane.

ferb is ash.

baljede is parker.

and perry is jones the cat.

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