Phillip Derrick Rauder (b. September 14 1970, Chicago, Illinois) better known as Phil Derrick, is an American director and screen writer best known for his 2005 independent black comedy hit Work and 2010's The Stroke. He is known for his dark and absurdist humor, and a large cult following.


Early life

Phillip Derrick Rauder was born on the 14 of September 1970, in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Robert, was a lawyer, and his mother Laura was a school teacher. He has two younger siblings, Darren (b. 1972) and Joan (b. 1975). He is of Irish, German and Scottish heritage.



Derrick made his directorial debut with 2005's Work, a dark comedy film starring Claud Marin as a forty something office jock whose life gradually detortiates over the space of one work week. The film also stars Zara Clyne, Paul Zsorywacsi and Andrew Martol. Work was released on May 10th 2005 at independent film circuts, receiving rave reviews, praising the film's humor and Marin's performance. It has since gained a cult following.

The Stroke

Derrick's next project began during development of Work, but he wanted to wait until the right time to begin production. After film circuits for Work wrapped up, Derrick returned to Chicago to commence work on his new film.

The Stroke was under development for several years, and Derrick received significant financial backing from producer Aaron Trent, and the film received a major studio backing from Trent. Derrick was skeptical about the film's major nature, after his independent roots, and had always considered Robert De Niro in the film's lead role, but was doubtful of the actor's interest. After speaking directly with him in the summer of 2006, De Niro agreed to star in the movie.

Catching Time

Derrick's latest film is Catching Time, scheduled to be released on May 6th 2012 and stars Mad Men star John Slattery, alongside Zooey Deschanel and Claud Marin. The film, like most of Derrick's, is a dark comedy film set on a science fiction background. Slattery plays Paul Gorin, an employee of the futuristic company TechNoir. Derrick has described the film as: "A bizarre sci-fi/dark comedy/neo noir film. My most serious to date, not as blatantly comedic as The Stroke, but it has an undertone of satire to it. I'd call it my homage to Hitchiker's and Orwell".

Commenting on casting Slattery, Derrick has said "I' am big fan of Mad Men, and John just nails that suave businessman so well. His role is probably best explained as Rodger [Sterling] transposed to a sci-fi setting".

Personal life

Phil Derrick married his wife Alanna Morrow in 1993, and they have three children; Will (b. 1993), Christina (b. 1995), and Robert (b. 1999). He has called himself an Atheist, although he was raised a Roman Catholic.


As director

As screenwriter

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