Phantoms 2 (2019 film) rebooted from 2012 film Action-Thriller/horror film.


  • Yasiel Hernandez as Jake Darkholme, John's deceased past father.
  • Dario Rivers as John 'Francis' Darkholmes/Phantom, former U.S Army.
  • Keenon Douglas as Brett Crowe, main antagonist rebooted from 2019 film.
  • Yanet Swaby as Julia (uncredited) former scientist and Jake's and John's oldest-friend.
  • Oliver Swaby as Kit Walker (uncredited), Kit's mentor and ex-trainer.
  • Yuri Ferguson as Dario (uncredited, voice calls); John's friend.
  • Jasser Camacho as Tyler
  • Jesika Ebanks as Janet, Brett's girlfriend.
  • Junior Peart as Dr. Harrison, reboot of 2019 film, John's creator.
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