"Jessica we can run me you and our friend do we wanna end up like those other kids who died on the camping trip"
―talking to his fianee[src]
Peter Allan
Known aliases: Pete Honey Daddy
Known relatives:
Jessica Miller (Fiancée)
Joshua Miller-Allan(son)
unborn baby (Daughter)
Year of birth: 1980
Year of death: Unknown
Age: 23
Movie: Adrenaline Camp 2:Camping Becomes Death And Adrenaline Camp 3:Horror Camping
Status: alive
Portrayed by: Devon Bostick


His Bands

Scar Darling

his band went on hiatus and his wife was pregnant and he loved her and spend the time with her and his father and mother hug him for it

meeting his fiancée

they met during she was poledancing he and propose and she said yes and they moved to their house and she and him she took a pregnancy test she felt a cramp in her Uterus with their their son

The birth of his son

his fiancée went into labour in their bed he carried her to their bathroom he called his mate Stanley over in his bathroom they tryed Water birth and the baby head came out cause he was delivering it and his body came out and legs came out and he was born in 1999 and he cut the cord of the baby and his mates he named it Joshua


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