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Pete's Dragon 2: Attack of the Dragons is an 2019 American fantasy adventure film and the sequel of 2016 film Pete's Dragon.


Three years after the events of the first film, Pete is adjusted to his new life with his adoptive family, mother Grace , father Jack and sister Natalie while his dragon friend, Elliot, leaves in peace with his remaining dragon clan. But that tranquility is shattered when a team of renegade Russian commandos, led by brutal KGB general Valeri Chekhov, invaded their land and captured several of his fellow dragons while few of them got killed in the attack. Although Elliot managed to take out a several commandos, he was wounded in the attack, but managed to get away. Unable to find his missing dragons by himself, Elliot flew to Pete and his family for help. Upon hearing the attack, Grace turns to U.S. Army General Ray Richmond, her late father's old friend, to lead a search for the captured dragons and the rogue Russian commandos.


Three years after the events of the first film, Elliot the dragon lives in peace and tranquility with his dragon clan. He and his seven dragons live in their lair that is away from a human population.

Meanwhile, at Millhaven, Elliot's human friend Pete (Oakes Fegley) is adjusted to his new life with his adoptive mother Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), father Jack (Wes Bentley) and sister Natalie (Oona Laurence). Although Pete is happy settling in with his family, he sometimes still thinks about Elliot. While Grace and her family visits the grave of Grace's father, who passed away eight months before, her father's friend, Army General Ray Richmond (Morgan Freeman) shows up for support and makes a dragon joke to them, which makes Pete think about Elliot and Grace assures him that he is living in peace. Jack revealed that his brother Gavin (Karl Urban) is back after moving away two years before because of his actions capturing Elliot.

When Elliot and his dragon clans were spotted by a pair of KGB agents, they informed their leader, KGB General Valeri Chekhov (Gary Oldman) about it and shows him the tape of the dragons. Chekhov planned to use the site to build a secret base of operations to attack the U.S., but upon seeing the dragons, he saw an opportunity to plan to capture the dragons so they can researched them and auction them off to the highest bidder. After careful planning, Chekhov and his men attacked Elliot and his dragon clan at morning, which result in the capture of many dragons and the deaths of two of them, despite putting up a fight. Although Elliot managed to take out some of the commandos, he was shot in the left front paw and had to retreat. Chekhov ordered his men to find Elliot.

After escaping detection from the Russian commandos, Elliot tended to his own foot and tried searching for his dragon clan momentary, but was unable to find them on his own. Needing help, Elliot flew to Pete and his family. He dug a distress code in the family's yard in their house so they will meet him at his old cave since Pete would translate the message during their time together for six years. After returning home, Pete and his family spotted Elliot's distress message on the glass. Grace and Pete went to Elliot in their old cave and, upon seeing his wound in his paw, realized that he was attacked. Elliot revealed that he and his dragon clan were attacked in their lair. He also show them two bullet cartridges he picked up from the ground in their lair.

Gavin identifies the bullet cartridges came from Russia. After discovering the bullet cartridges are directly traceable to KGB, Grace puts a call to General Richmond on the situation. Upon learning of Elliot's actual existence and the connection to the KGB, Richmond send a Army team to the lair to investigate the attack while he had Lieutenant-Doctor Anna Greer (Ashley Johnson), a brilliant young Army doctor and veterinarian, treat Elliot's wound on his paw.

As Chekhov kept the dragons tranquilized and locked up for the auctioneers to arrive the next day, he learns about the likely dragon sightings in Millhaven. Chekhov send a few men over to Millhaven to see investigate if Elliot might be there. Richmond's team investigated the attack site. They questioned an weapons dealer who provided the armaments and vehicles to Chekhov and his men. They discovered that the dealer was paid $25 million by Chekhov for weapons, vehicles and helicopters, implicating Chekhov in the attack of the dragon lair. They learned that Chekhov disappeared after a botched Soviet mission five years ago and went AWOL afterwards. Pete shows Chekhov's picture to Elliot and Elliot angrily confirmed that Chekhov was the one who led the attack in the lair. Richmond had evacuated Pete, Grace, Jack and Natalie out of the house in case Chekhov knows about their connection to Elliot. Pete and Natalie stick close to Elliot and Greer while Grace and Jack assist Richmond and the Army search for the captured dragons.

Chekhov's men in Millhaven learn about Elliot's past connection to Pete and his family. He orders his men to find them since they will lead them to Elliot. Greer managed to save Elliot's life and his foot. Chekhov and some men contacted Richmond, demanded them to hand over Elliot or they will kill everyone in Millhaven with smallpox, starting with the saw mill. With Gavin's help, Elliot and some of the soldiers entered the mill, killing some of Chekhov's men and finding the weaponized smallpox before it can go off in Millhaven, but Chekhov and a few men escaped, using a gang of men carrying bombs in their cars as a distraction.

Following several leads and with Elliot interrogating one of the Russian commandos, Grace, Jack and the Army discovered Chekhov's hideout is an abandoned mine. Before the operation is set to begin, Grace, Jack and Greer convince Richmond to allow Grace and Jack accompany the team since they know how dragons can be around humans. Richmond had Captain William Craig (Jack Raydor) and his team guard Grace and Jack while two squads of soldier prepare to attack the mine. Pete and Natalie stayed at the cliffside campsite Richmond and the military set up base at not far from the mine.

As Chekhov waits for the arrival of the auctioneers to arrive in a matter of hours, he learns that Pete and his family are with the military, trying to find them and has fortified the mine. While the Army prepares to breach the mine, Elliot cloaks himself and hid in the trees near the mine to sprang the surprise attack on Chekhov's men. Craig and his team lead Grace and Jack inside the mine and broke the sedated dragons out of the cage. Elliot quietly enters the mine and convinced his tranquilized fellow dragons to trust the humans saving them. As everyone's in position, the soldiers loaded the dragons to the flatbed trucks. Elliot hid in position as Chekhov and his right hand Major Mikhail Kuznetsov (Alex Veadov) entered the mine while the soldiers hid. Grace and Jack decided to distract Chekhov from Elliot's surprise attack by revealing themselves. During their confrontation, Chekhov said to Grace and Jack he plans to use dragons to research them to learn how they cloak, breathed fire and such. He also says that the money from the auction of the dragons for operations to attack America. Before they can kill them, Elliott, Craig and his men sprang their attack, killing some Russian commandos and force Chekhov, Kuznetsov and some men to retreat. Grace, Jack and the soldiers drove the sedated dragons out of the mine as the soldiers breach the mine. Elliot held off any pursuing vehicles.

The majority of the commandos we're killed in a shootout and the charges in the mine blew, causing it to collapse, killing Kuznetsov and some men. Few American soldiers were either killed and wounded in action. Chekhov and a few men control a Mil Mi-24 helicopter and pursue the captured dragons with it. Elliot sees Chekhov on the helicopter. Chekhov and Elliot attack each other head-on in an intense battle, with Elliot breathing fire, his tail & other primitive tactics and Chekhov's heavy armament in his helicopter as everyone watched. Elliot dove into the lake to avoid Chekhov's missiles and mini-guns on the helicopter. Then he came out of it and Chekhov chased the dragon back to the mine. Elliot sees a crane on the mine and grabs the hook to it. He then toss the hook and the cables wrapped around the main rotor of Chekhov's helicopter. As the crane's cable causes the helicopter to violent roll around, Elliot breathes fire at the helicopter, catching it on fire. Then the helicopter exploded, killing Chekhov and his remaining men aboard.

With the Russian commandos defeated and his fellow dragons in full strength, Elliot tells Pete that he and his remaining dragons will have to go further north since their lair is no longer safe. Pete knew that Elliot has to move far away again and realized why they can't be together because of the dangers of another attack on them in a future. They promised that they will come and each other whatever they are in trouble. After a tearful goodbye, Pete returns to his family and Elliot and his dragon clan took off.

Some time later, Richmond and the U.S. Army covered up the existence of dragons. Pete is continuing on with his life with his family. Elliot and his surviving dragon clan moved to Alaska.


  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Grace Meacham-Magary, a forest ranger, who is Jack's wife, Natalie's stepmother and Pete's adoptive mother.
  • Gary Oldman as General Valeri Olegovich Chekhov, a rogue KGB general and the leader of a group of Russian commandos.
  • Oakes Fegley as Pete Magary, an orphaned boy who lived with Elliot the dragon for six years now lives with Grace, Jack and Natalie as his adoptive family.
  • Wes Bentley as Jack Magary, the owner of the Magary lumber mill, who is Grace's husband, Gavin's brother, Natalie's father and Pete's adoptive father.
  • Karl Urban as Gavin Magary, a disgraced former lumberjack who is Jack's brother and Natalie's uncle.
  • Oona Laurence as Natalie Magary, Jack's daughter, Gavin's niece, Grace's stepdaughter and Pete's adoptive sister.
  • Morgan Freeman as General Ray Richmond, an high-ranking U.S. Army general and old friend of Grace's late father.
  • Neal McDonough as Colonel Adam Jackson, General Richmond's adjutant.
  • Jack Raydor as Captain William Craig, Army Special Forces squad commander.
  • Isaiah Whitlock Jr. as Sheriff Gene Dentler, the sheriff of Douglas County, Oregon.
  • Ashley Johnson as Lieutenant Doctor Anna Greer, a brilliant young Army doctor and veterinarian who treats Elliot for his wounds.
  • Troy Winbush as Captain Brown, Army Special Forces squad commander.
  • Alex Veadov as Colonel Mikhail Kuznetsov, Chekhov's right hand man.
  • Ilia Volok as Major Fedor Popovich, Chekhov's commando who lead a team that spotted the dragons.
  • Oleg Taktarov as Captain Antipin, Chekhov's commando who also spotted the dragons.
  • Andrew Divoff as Captain Tkachenko, Chekhov's commando and weapons specialist.
  • Pasha D. Lychnikoff as Lieutenant Domashev, Chekhov's commando who also spotted the dragons.
  • Roman Varshavsky as Sergeant Bazarov, Chekhov's commando who filmed the dragons on camera as proof for Chekhov.


  • Magical secrets aren't meant to be exploited.