Pet Semetary is a remake to a 1989 film


Doctor Louis Creed moves his family to Maine, where he meets a friendly local named Jud Crandall. After the Creeds' cat is accidentally killed, Crandall advises Louis to bury it in the ground near the old pet cemetery. The cat returns to life, its personality changed for the worse. When Louis' son, Gage, dies tragically, Louis decides to bury the boy's body in the same ground despite the warnings of Crandall and Louis' visions of a deceased patient.



  • Chris Pratt as Louis Creed
  • Julianne Moore as Rachel Creed
  • Louis Lombardi as Irwin Goldman
  • Sigourney Weaver as Marcy Charlton
  • Susan Sarandon as Missy Dandridge
  • Jonathan Banks as Jud Crandall
  • Orlando Bloom as Victor Pascow
  • Edward Norton as Steve Masterton
  • Briana Grace Naim as Ellie Creed
  • Owen Bento as Gage Creed


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