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Pet Day School is A New 5-Minute Series made by Luna Studio and Shires EMEA. The Same Company that animates Bloomy, But Unike Bloomy, is voice-recorded in An American-British Studio and why there aren’t any voice actors from Bloomy in this.



  • Simko the Dog (voiced by Alan Marriot)
  • Nory the Cat (voiced by Jules De Jough)
  • Kodak the Parrot (voiced by Dan Russell)
  • Cream the Puppy (voiced by Phillipa Alexander)
  • Selma the British Pony (voiced by Teresa Gallagher)
  • Miss Kinder (voiced by Phillipa Alexander)


  • Mako the Piglet (voiced by Elly Fairman)
  • Choop the Blind Mouse (voiced by Moya O’Shea)
  • Mako’s Owner (voiced by Bob Saker)


  • Originally, Pet Day School wasn’t going to air on Shires Junior in the US, Along with Sauruszilla.
  • Nory is Voiced by the Same Person is Helen from We Know.