Perfect Dark is a 2013 science fiction action film based on the first person shooter video game of the same name.


In 2023, there is an on-going rivalry between two different factions; the Carrington Institute, founded by Daniel Carrington, which secretly carries out covert espionage operations, and dataDyne, a defense contractor corporation led by Cassandra DeVries.

Joanna Dark, an agent of the Carrington Institute known as 'Perfect Dark' due to her high scores in training, is dispatched to raid the dataDyne headquarters and rescue Dr. Caroll, a defector who feels that dataDyne have betrayed moral and ethical standards. Joanna enters through the roof and makes her way to the basement, where she locates Dr. Caroll, only to find that he is in fact an artificial intelligence created by dataDyne. dataDyne, detecting a security breach, shut down the lower levels and cut off all power. However, Joanna manages to make it safely back to the roof with Dr. Caroll, where they are confronted by Cassandra, who offers Joanna the chance to work with dataDyne. However, Joanna instead guns down Cassandra's bodyguards and escapes on the Carrington helicopter pickup.

dataDyne then attack Daniel's private villa and take him hostage. Joanna rescues him but learns that Daniel was forced by dataDyne to reveal the location of Dr. Caroll. He reveals that the AI has been taken to the G5 building in Chicago, which is where Joanna heads. She infiltrates the building and overhears a meeting between dataDyne and their conspirators, a group of Scandanavians, who plan to kidnap the US President in order to gain access to a deep sea research vessel. Joanna prepares to depart from Chicago to save the President, but is postponed by Daniel, who informs her of an emergency at Area 51; his allies transport has crashed and they are being held there.

Joanna infiltrates Area 51 and rescues Daniel's ally; a grey alien nicknamed Elvis. Elvis reveals that he is part of an alien race known as the Maians. Meanwhile, a corrupt NSA strike team plan to attack the hangar from which Air Force One will be departing. Joanna arrives and foils the attack, so the NSA team decides to instead hijack Air Force One. Joanna is also on board the flight and manages to save the President's life whilst fighting off the team leader, Trent Easton. The plane crashes in Siberia but Joanna, the President and Trent survive. Joanna kills the remaining thugs looking to assassinate the President and Trent is confronted by a Scandanavian called 'Mr. Blonde' by Joanna. Suddenly, Mr. Blonde reveals himself as an alien, but unlike Elvis, and he kills Trent for his failure. 

Joanna learns from the President that dataDyne were seeking his permission to use the deep sea research vessel to reach a Cetan ship buried deep under the ocean. Elvis reveals that the ship contains a megaweapon vital to the Skedar; the reptilian species which Mr. Blonde is a member of. The Scandanavians are in fact Skedar disguised as humans, and they plan to use the weapon on Earth as a test before using it on the Maian homeworld.

In one last desperate effort, dataDyne launches the vessel and they make their way to the ancient alien craft. Joanna jumps into action and dives to the ship, where she finds a reprogramemd Dr. Caroll attempting to decode the weapon. Joanna tries to swap out Dr. Caroll's current programming with a backup copy of his original personality, but is interrupted by Cassandra. After a brief struggle, Joanna kills Cassandra and Dr. Caroll reverts to his normal self, allowing him to set the weapon to self-destruct.

Suddenly, the Skedar launch a massive retaliational attack on the Carrington Institute. The Maian fleet launch an emergency counter-assault on the Skedar homeworld in a desperate effort to end the war. Joanna confronts Mr. Blonde and after a final showdown, kills him and throws the Skedar into disarray, allowing the Maian's bombing campaign to finally prevail.


Eva Green - Joanna Dark

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