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a Movie is Coming Soon in 2052nd June 28th on 10:30 at Night.


The Pigs

  • Peppa Pig – A pig who is the main character. She enjoys jumping in muddy puddles, playing with her teddy bear (called "Teddy"), going to playgroup, and dressing up. She lives with her little brother George and her parents.[2] She is voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine. Peppa is 4 years old as shown in the episode of My Birthday Party.
  • George – He is Peppa's Older brother. He is in most episodes and often seen in possession of his toy dinosaur, which is named "Mr. Dinosaur."George's sounds & Voice are performed by Roger Craig Smith. George is 12 years old as shown in the episode of George's Birthday.
  • Mummy Pig – Mummy Pig is Peppa and George's mother. She is voiced by Morwenna Banks. Mummy Pig does some work from home on a computer, she also worked as a fire fighter in series 3.
  • Daddy Pig – Daddy Pig is Peppa and George's father. He works as an architect (he is seen in many episodes with blueprints and he actually designs a house for the Wolf family in the episode "The New House"). He is voiced by Richard Ridings.
  • Grandpa Pig - Grandpa Pig is Mummy Pig's father. He has a passion for gardening and sailing. Although the two fight in many episodes, he's best friends with Granddad Dog. He is voiced by David Graham.
  • Granny Pig - Granny Pig is Mummy Pig's mother. She is a fan of perfume. She grows apples in an orchard near her house. She has three chickens. She is voiced by Frances White.
  • Uncle Pig – Uncle Pig is Daddy Pig's brother, and is Aunty Pig's husband and Chloe and Alexander's father. He is voiced by John Sparkes.
  • Aunty Pig – Aunty Pig is Uncle Pig's wife and Chloe and Alexander's mother. She is voiced by Judy Flynn.
  • Chloe Pig – Chloe Pig is Peppa and George's cousin, she is also Baby Alexander's sister. Her friends are Belinda Bear and Simon Squirrel. She is slightly bigger and older than Peppa, and wears a yellow dress. She is voiced by Zara Siddiqi.
  • Alexander Pig – Alexander Pig is Chloe's brother. His first word was "puddle". He is voiced by Minnie Kennedy-Parr.

The Hedgehogs

  • Heather Hedgehog - Peppa Pig's Rival, She's is faster,Smarter,Stronger & Coller then peppa pig. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Uncle Jones Joe Hedgehog - Heather's Hansome half lazy half active Uncle. He is Voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Father Hedgehog (Called by Haether) aka Vector Vipers Hedgehog (called by His brother) - Heather's Father & a Rival to Daddy Pig. he is Voiced by Corey Burton.

The Villains

  • Senior Mintosaur - a Main Antagonist in this flim he want to sale the pig's house. He is voiced by tim curry.
  • Evil Peppa pig - a Evil conterpart of the regular peppa pig & she crated by Senior Mintosaur. She is Voiced by Tara Strong