Peppa Pig: All Grown Up is a British animated Tv show made by Dino Sapien of JayMeDino TV. It was released in September 6th 2010 and the first episode to air being ”New Life in the City”, and with 4 episodes unaired in the United Kingdom. It had been nominated for 5 Annie awards and won for 8 Nick Kids Choice Awards.


All Grown Up was first shown in the JayMeDino Magazine as the only new character comic that year on May 15th, 2009 and is first shown on the JayMeDino website on June 2nd, 2009. According to Jayden Nono, his idea was that he would make a Tv show. Melanie, Erica and Dino agreed.

On 2010, JayMeDinoTV aired the show and the first episode aired with “New Life in the City”, and a pilot called “Pickle Dingle”. Prior to that, the channel launched in 2007 as a Sky Service.

It has a JayMeDino Diner snack, Adult Blueberry Cake.

In 2011, Zoë Zebra appeared on BelieveWorld and read Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Missing Treasure.

The show had a special movie called “Peppa Pig: The Curse of the Sneaky Pred” and it premiered on October 27, 2013 and is won as the “Best Film with Awesome Scenes and powers”.

It left the network in 2014, Wii Party Crybabies aired in it’s original timeslot

However, the show returned to television and aired on JayMeDino TV on Thanksgiving 2016 after a two year hiatus. 2 days later it first aired on Cartoonito

On April 20th, 2020, it was announced that the seventh season and the second film named “Peppa Pig: Big Sleepover Party” has been delayed to June 21st, 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


”The Cursed Fish” was the second episode of the first season and it focused on Rebecca Rabbit throwing a carrot at Pedro Pony, who was sitting near an axe, causing him to fall over, get split in half and die. This episode was banned for two years after it’s released due to gore. Rebecca Rabbit was very unlikable in the episode as many children blamed Rebecca for killing Pedro and traumatising the viewers watching it. Rebecca didn’t appear until the third season in the episode “Sailor Blue”. Chicken Licking, the third segment, turned out that it is a joke and Avery Jefferson, one of the directors revived pedro pony.


Peppa Pig - (Voiced By Harley Bird in the first three seasons and Amelia Bea Smith in the fourth season and onwards) She is a girl and loves playing with her friends and attending high school.

Suzy Sheep - (voiced by Meg Hall in the first three seasons and Ava Lovell in the fourth season and onwards) Suzy is Peppa’s best friend and their favourite game is Dress Up.

Rebbeca Rabbit - (voiced by Alice May in the first three seasons and Ariana Choudhury in season 4-present) she is a bit bossy at time. She is notorious for carrots being her favorite food.

Candy Cat - (voiced by Madison Turner in season 1 and Tallulah Conabeare in season 2-season 3, 4, 5 and 6) after being involved in a car accident when she was 8, her vocal chords were damaged making it a struggle for her to speak, despite this, she seens to be friendly and kind.

Pedro Pony (voiced by Sammy Price in the first 3 seasons and Stanley Nickless in the next 3 seasons) Pedro is always late and never stops talking.

Danny Dog - (voiced by Jason Mills in season 1-3 and Charlie Stewart in season 4-6) Danny’s favourite sport is football and loves to play pirates.

Zoë Zebra - (voiced by Sian Taylor in 1-3 and Isla Gudgeon in 4-6) Her favourite toy is a monkey And is a zebra, but she is graduated in high school and has a job in the episode “School Buddies”.

Emily Elephant - (voiced by Emily Blunt) She is somewhat shy and is friends with everyone.

Delphine Donkey - (voiced by Mona Marshall) She has a french accent and is the most popular character in France.

Freddy Fox - (Voiced by Jamie Oram) Freddy has the best sense of smell in his family

Wendy Wolf - (Voiced by Chaniya Mahon) She howls at the moon when it shines bright.

Molly Mole - (Voiced by Rosie Hulzen) She has glasses. Her noise is squeaking and she shuts her eyes when she does it because moles are blind.

Gerald Giraffe - (voiced by Leo Templer) A giraffe who despite having a minor

Madame Gazelle - (voiced by Morwenna Banks) She is a music teacher in high school and is shown playing Peppa’a guitar in seven episodes.

George Pig - (voiced by Oliver May) He is Peppa Pig’s little brother,

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