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Penny: The Shapeshifting Fairy is an 2018 American science fiction superhero comedy-horror film directed, produced, edited, written, etc. by RaymanLover 2018, it is RaymanLover 2018's first horror movie.


When Penny was a baby, In 2000, the three worm astronauts have got the rare "Five Shapeshift Emotions (Disgusted/Fear/Anger/Unknown Emotion (Pig/Gremlin/Monster Arm/Gargoyle/Mouse/Dragon/Hairy Creature)" in space, After they arrived to Earth, the Five Shapeshift Emotions got automatically opened by the emotions, They arrive to Penny's house, And the emotions go right to her blood to be a shapeshifter with those emotions, After testing those emotions in her, Penny's father puts a shell to don't get anyone to see her emotions.



  • Teresa Gallagher as Adult Penny and Kid Penny, an extraordinary shapeshifting fairy that has the "Five Shapeshift Emotions" inside her.
  • Tom Hardy as Adult Gumball Watterson, Penny's future ex-boyfriend.
    • Nicolas Cantu as Kid Gumball, Penny's past boy-friend
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Hytalo Valdez, an Brazilian 24-year-old rock-star that has autism and Penny's current boyfriend.
  • Liam Neeson as Adult Darwin Watterson, Gumball's brother.
  • Michelle Willaims as Adult Anais Watterson, Gumball's sister.

Logo Variantions

  • The Sony/Columbia Picures logo are used from Blade Runner 2049 alternate and prototype variantions.
  • The Tencent Pictures/Start Motion Pictures logo plays normally.
  • the Original Film logo is opening and fading to space.


Rated PG-13 for drug use, mild language, terror content.


  • Sony/Columbia Pictures use the logos from Blade Runner 2049, both prototype and alternate variantions combined.
  • Original Film uses the logo from the 2016 science fiction romance film Passangers.
  • This film is a huge spoof of the 2018 comic book film Venom.
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