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Paul and Company 2: All Grown Up is A 2004 Sequel to the 1988 Movie.


  • Billy West as Paul the Orange Cat
    • Matt Weinberg as Young Paul
  • Grey DeLisle as Daisy the Purple Cat
  • John Cena as America the Red, White, and Blue Cat
    • Kat Cressida as Young America and Penny
  • Edward Hibbert as Simon the Evil Pug
  • Andy Dick as Butch (Simon’s Nephew)
  • Steve Blum as Sparky, Ted and Juliet’s Son.
  • Jennifer Hale as Bubu, Wallace and Sally’s Daughter.
  • Robin Williams as Wallace the Dog
  • Maggie Roswell as Sally the Saluki and Young Daisy
  • Tress MacNeille as Juliet
  • Wallace Shawn as Ted the Chihuahua
  • Frank Oz as Frank the Bulldog
  • Patrick Pinney as Ernest the Great Dane
  • Nicole Sullivan as Kanna
  • Mae Whitman as Teen Penny
  • Paul Eiding as Teen Jake
  • Charlie Adler as Faggot
  • Michael Bell as Waltham


  1. Fun and Free - Wallace
  2. I Hate Kitties - Simon
  3. We’ll Always Be Together - Paul and Daisy
  4. You Can Still Have Fun - Sparky and Bubu
  5. Goodbye - Daisy