The Pro Heroes are Flawed ... look at Mt. Lady.
~ Patrick addressing a citizen

Patrick Jones is the main antagonist of the MHA Fanfic series. He is the leader of Necro Yami, an organization who hates Pro Heroes for their hypocrisies and failings. He possesses the powerful book Necro I, which stands for imagination. Using his imagination, he created the Hime Maniacs. As the leader of the Necro Yami, he goes by the villain name Monochrome.

At the end of episode 1, he uses the Necro I Book to transform into the villain Monochrome, gaining the powers of making a Thunder that he could change between Black and White.


Patrick has no problem asserting the fact that he and his allies could work together.


  • Black Thunder
  • White Thunder
  • Marble Twister - a powerful ki blast.
  • Imagination - he gets this from the Necro I Book.


As Monochrome, he had bloodshot red-eyes and has a jet-black armor. His shoulders have two moons on the shoulders of his armor.

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