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Password is 2014 American spy action thriller film and directed by Tony Gilroy. Starring Karley Scott Collins, Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton, with Marion Cottilard


After one of the CIA's 14 years teenager's daughter was dead after get shot 2 time in the stomach and in the back and is the target. 12 year-old troubled girl and Kevin Hanson's daughter, Kacey Hanson is new target of CIA with the flash drive, the CIA look for new target and she is on the run, Kacey need know password of the flash drive from the CIA.



  • Karley Scott Collins as Kacey Hanson/A 12 year old girl need to know the password is in flash drive
  • Mark Wahlberg as Kevin Hanson/Kacey's father and CIA agent
  • Edward Norton as Dylan Roberts/A CIA agent wanted to find Kacey and kill her
  • Marion Cotillard as Maureen Hanson/Kacey's mum and Kevin's wife and is kidnapped by Dylan
  • Gillian Anderson as Stella Peterson/A CIA agent wanted to find Kacey for the death of her daughter
  • Kay Panabaker as Maxine Hanson/Kacey's 16 years old sister and Kevin and Maureen's daughter
  • Anne Hathaway as Samantha Hooper/A undercover CIA agent who was send in the school to follow Kacey to uses the name, Sam Hooper. But Kacey found out Samantha is Sam Hooper and Dylan kills her by shot her
  • Tenika Davis as Amber Washington/A teenager who lives next door to Kacey. She and her brother try to help Kacey.
  • Adrian Kali Turner as Tony Washington/A 12 year-old boy who is best friends with Kacey and is Amber's brother.

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  • It is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with Lakeshore Entertainment and Original Film.
  • Released on June 20, 2014.