Partners crime is a Action Thriller Crime Film Starring Taylor Lautner,Selena Gomez,Angelina Jolie,James McCoy,Megan Fox,Josh Duhamel,logan Lerman,Demi Lovato,alicia Silverstone,Nina Dobrev,Sarah Paulson,Dennis Quaid,Sarah Michelle Gerald and Al Pacino


Peter duncan a young billionaire who is seduced by a girl named Gail petrova is a rebel soon the two are chased by a murderer that wants to kill me for saying it to the authorities about his plan now will have to escape or die with the help of several friends can escape before the man's look


Peter Duncan and Gail Petrova and Detective Carrie Slate must be having a account in order to describe it and then a group of Suspects arrive and then Peter Duncan kills the suspects and tells Detective Carrie Slate a good detective about using sensitive skills. In the police unit Peter and Gail and Carrie must go around the police halls and then finds the closest roof to find a group of suspects and then kills them and then leaves the police station. At the computer room Peter talks to Carrie Slate about how it's good to be a cop and know the idea in society to give the option to Carrie Slate in a right way.

Peter and Gail are both going to the picnic to enjoy what's there and then they give notes to Carrie Slate and then she tells him to go do your job. During a guest meet Peter and Gail tells Carrie Slate to see you later and then meets Detective Marcus Damon about the secrets to give what it needs and looks on a eye to give a topic to them as a discussion saying yes and then does the right way or thing to do and then completes it. Peter and Gail finds Lucy a bad lady and then she gets in a fight and then Peter knocks Lucy out and then a group of Intruders arrive and then Peter kills them and then shares a joke and then leaves the picnic. Peter and Gail


Taylor Lautner As Peter Duncan

Selena Gomez As Gail Petrova

Angelina Jolie As Dectetive Carrie Slate

James McCoy As Dectetive Marcus Damon

Megan Fox As Tamara stone

Josh Duhamel As Offcial Charles Donovan

logan Lerman As Nico Labeou

Demi Lovato As Sara Sousa

alicia Silverstone As Arthemis Petrova

Nina Dobrev As Nicole Petrova

Sarah Paulson As Miss Granger

Dennis Quaid As Dr.Anthony Duncan

Sarah Michelle Gerald As Gina Von Pahey

Al Pacino As Voice/Thommas Dusk

Lacey Chambert As Lucy

Georgie Henley As Eleonor

Martha Hingadera As Gracia Alvares

Jake Gallahel As Domico Jones

Erica Durance As Rachel Jones

sandra O As Jessica Lee

Chris Pine As Men In Suit

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