Paranormal Activity 5 is a 2013 supernatural horror film, written and directed by Christopher Landon. The films stars: Aimee Garcia, Constance Marie, Edward James Almos, Lupe Ontiveros, Rosario Dawson, Susan Kohner, Danny Pino, William Levy, Diego Luna, Patricia Velasquez, Sarah Bolger, Omar Sy and Katie Featherston.

The film is presented in found footage and is the fifth installment in the popular Paranormal Activity franchise. It is a direct sequel to the previous fourth installment and a sequel to all other previous installments.

The film features series star Katie Featherston reprising her role of the infamous possessed Katie and features archive footage of former Paranormal Activity 4 protagonist Sprague Grayden. It is considered a spin-off of the entire despite the fact that it acts as a sequel.

The film is also once again, written by series screenwriter Christopher Landon who also takes the directing helm of this installment, replacing Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman who helmed the previous two Paranormal Activities and did the acclaimed film Catfish. This features the largest cast in the series and mainly comprises of a Latino/Hispanic cast. Hispanic is spoken throughout the film but the core language is English the language of all the previous Paranormal Activity films.

The film provides more information on the demonic invisible paranormal entity Toby who is fixated on the boy Hunter Rey and despite apparently possessing Hunter's Aunt Katie can move around at his own free will and gives Toby a corporeal form instead of relying on the possession of a character whose face transfigures demonically. It also ties up the story with the coven cult which bears the symbol of a triangle with an eye on it and ties to the vatican and the illuminati and boasts an ensemble cast a first in the franchise: featuring the likes of Rosario Dawson, Sarah Bolger, Omar Sy and Edward James Almos.


Two years following the events of Paranormal Activity 4, the NV Police Department have given up on the search for Katie and her nephew Hunter Rey. As well as a boy named Robbie Lincoln and the person responsible for the killing of the Nelson family as well as her boyfriend Ben.

Orangeburg, South Carolina - Sept. 2013. We're introduced to two groups of individuals:

First Annie Lincoln (Aimee Garcia), her party hard roommate Aleisha (Constance Marie), Annie's doting boyfriend Jonathen (Danny Pino), Jonathen's bestfriend Adam (William Levy), their prankster friend Nash (Diego Luna), trackstar friend Kimberley (Patricia Velasquez) and their gay friend Larson (Omar Sy) who is a camera fanatic and likes to camcorder capture everything they do on a daily basis and attend certain parties, whilest all serving as students at South Carolina State University.

Following an out of hand party Aleisha drags Annie and the group to her and the group are startled as a boy rushes to the property and into the arms of Annie. He mutters things which don't make sense to Annie and the others, stuff about someone called Toby, the eye and not letting her be found.

Annie and Aleisha decide to sneak back the boy who tells his name as Robbie back to their dorm room until morning when they will phone a child care agency.

Back at the dorm room, a fairly drunk Aleisha begins to film Annie acting as a mother to the boy they've snuck back to their dorm room and stating mockingly she should upload the video onto YouTube and she'll get a thousand hits as the South Carolina State, 19-year old mom.

Eventually Aleisha comes to pass out an hour later and leave the camcorder (one of which she borrowed from Larson) on the floor still recording. Annie believing it to be off picks it up not paying attention and simply puts it upon their mirror table facing the two girls beds. She places a pillow beneath Aleisha's head on the floor and puts a blanket on her.

She escorts Robbie into Aleisha's bed and tells him she'll be right on the bed across from him and her nice friend Aleisha will be right here to until morning and then they'll find his mommy.

A tired Robbie tries to go to speak amidst his yawning but is cut off by Annie who simply ushers him into bed.

He soon falls asleep and as Annie prepares to turn in herself she receives a phone call from her boyfriend Jonathen who is with Adam and Nash. She then receives a call from Larson asking about the boy and about his camcorder from the party which seems to have gone missing.

Annie tells Larson that Aleisha's got it and that she must of knicked it off him whilest they were tending to the boy Robbie during his breakdown, their phone call ends with Larson telling Annie that they were lucky and that no one from the party saw them with the boy and could know they snuck him back onto campus.

That night, as Annie goes to sleep, a black shadow overcasts her, Aleisha and Robbie which wakes Robbie. He whimpers and attempts to awaken a deep asleep Annie. He then locks himself in their dorm room bathroom. Cracks then occur on the door across the walls slowly and Aleisha's porcelain Malaysian Dream doll has the top of its head broken.

We then see the outline of a gigantic black hand scratch at the walls of the dorm room fast and then a small dark smile appear before Annie. A loud crack then sounds following and Annie is awaken. She sees the cracks on the door and then turns the lights on and sees the rest of the damage done to the room as well as Robbie missing from his bed.

She calls out for him and he calls back announcing himself inside their bathroom with the cracked up door. Annie panicking then awakens Aleisha and the two ask Robbie to unlock the bathroom door and the two ask him what happened and wether someone was in the room.

He tells them he doesn't want them to get hurt, he's sick of people getting hurt and that he doesn't want to play the game anymore. Aleisha flips out whilest Annie begins to bombard him with questions about his statements and further more questions about the room.

The time being 6:30 a.m now and Aleisha tells Annie they need to call Campus Security. They dial and are informed that Campus Security is engaged with a fire that is occuring at the Omega Sigma Tri Sorority House on Westover Street. Annie then looks over at a wide eyed Aleisha and asks what the was the name of the Sorority House which had the party they were at last night.

Aleisha confirms it was Omega Sigma Tri on Westover Street and then springs back for the phone and redials Campus Security and asks wether anyone was hurt in the fire, Campus Security tell her they cannot relay that information and Aleisha tells that they are also having an emergency that someone has ripped up their dorm room whilest they were sleeping and that they have a kid here who someone may be after.

Campus Security then tell her they will dispatch some of their uneeded Security Officers to head on over in the next 10 minutes. Annie then comes to the camcorder on the mirror side table and sees that it was on and tells Aleisha they may have who did this on record. Annie tells Aleisha to tend to Robbie and cover his eyes whilest they watch.

The two see a black shape tear up the room, the gigantic shadow outline of a black hand scratch up the walls, the cracking of the door by an invisible presence and the appearance of a menacing small smile before Annie.

Robbie then begins to speak and says to Annie that he wants her to protect him as she is his mommy. Annie tells him that she isn't and that when the nice Security men get here they're going to find his mommy and daddy.

He says daddy is going to get hurt and that mommy is only one who has the chance. She asks chance of what and he answers with protecting him from the mean Toby. The camcorder then flashes over to the arrival of Campus Security.

A campus security officer, David tells the girls that no one was hurt in the blaze severly just the President of the House who sustained an amount of mild burns to his left arms which seem to have left a strange scar on his skin. Annie enquires as to what kind of strange scar and he tells the symbol of a triangle containing an eye. Aleisha whispers into Annie's ear about the boy Robbie at the party last night when he showed up talking about an eye.

Officer David then begins to ask questions regarding what happened to there room whilest they were sleeping. They state they do not know and Aleisha whispers into Annie's ear about showing the recording they have.

Annie whispers back to not as he might believe to be a hoax and that they destroyed their own room. They instead claim they do not know but the boy Robbie they have with them showed up at the party at the now burnt down Sorority house they were formerly at. Officer David begins to ask Robbie questions.

He first asks kneeling down if he saw who did this to the room to which Robbie answers that he can't help him and asks where is his momnmy and daddy upon asking Annie and Aleisha wether the child is theirs and they're answer being no. Robbie claims however once again that Annie is his mother and Officer David states that it seems the boy seems to believe different and asks wether Annie has had a child before and put one up for adoption.

She answers yes which shocks Aleisha stating back in high school in Carlsboro, California her boyfriend Jonathen Aimes got her pregnant and her family and her decided seeing as she was only 16 that they put the child up for adoption. Officer David enquires as to wether the child was male and she answers yes, he then concludes with that Annie should have a DNA test ran to confirm wether, the boy with them now is in fact her child.

Another Campus Security Officer comes Officer Douglas who tells them they've wrapped things up and tells them to inform the girls of what they are to do. Officer David states that the girls have been arranged to stay in another dorm room has this one has now become a crime scene until they confirm exactly what was the source of the damage and that their Headmaster has already been informed of both the Sorority House incident and their dorm room incident as well as the boy.

He states the boy will go into Social Services and taken care of. Robbie detests as they take him away and Annie hugs him stating he will be fine. Aleisha bids him farewell too before collecting the camcorder which has captured everything and Annie makes a final call with their messed up room's phone. She calls her boyfriend Jonathen and tells of what has happened and asks wether she can take up staying with him and wether Aleisha can room with Adam seeing as both have dormitory rooms with a bed to spare.



  • Katie - kills all of the students (add detail here)
  • robbie is her son
  • Toby wants robbie back
  • Also Annie and Aleisha have hot sex at the end of the movie with Toby :D
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