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[First lines]

  • Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a little bear called, "Paddington". He lived in London England, and eating with marmalade sandwich for emergencies.

  • Mr. Curry: What's that? Is that you, Bear?! Are you trying to spoil my plans again?! Wait a minute... you're not Bear! This is impossible!
  • Doctor Terence: My name is Doctor Terence. Since you were so kind to release me, my master...I will grant you one wish.

  • Doctor Terence: Paddington Bear! Uhh, this isn't what you're after!
  • Paddington Bear: Huh, you're right!
  • Doctor Terence: That's okay, though. I could use you as a guinea pig to test it.

  • Paddington Bear: Hello Everybody!
  • Mr. Curry: Let's take care of business first, shall we Bear? Hand over the Marmalade Jar, slowly, and then we will talk about your girlfriend! That is if you really care for her.
  • Paddington Bear: Handing over the fake Marmalade, I can kill two birds with one jar.
  • Mr. Curry: Put the Marmalade down right there and BACK OFF!
  • Paddington Bear: You've turned into a big time villain, mister curry!

[Last lines]

  • Paddington Bear: I always keeps a marmalade sandwich for emergencies.
  • Mrs. Brown: How very kind of you.
  • Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Bird, Judy and Jonathan: (laughs)
  • Narrator: And so, Paddington eating with marmalade sandwich for emergencies, And they lived happily ever after.