Paddington Bear The Movie (1989) Poster
Paddington Bear: The Movie
Directed by Brian Little
Produced by David Yates
Barrie Edwards
Ivor Wood
Written by Sandra Kerr
Screenplay by Susan Sheridan
Story by Amanda Root
Based on Characters Created by Michael Bond
Starring Michael Hordern
Paige O'Hara
Susan Sheridan
Amanda Root
Sandra Kerr
Neil Buchanan
Richard Waites
Edward Kelsey
Music by Ron Aspery
Editing by Nigel Rutter
Production company(s) FilmFair London
BBC Films
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) March 24, 1989 (UK)
April 7, 1989 (USA)
Running time 95 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Paddington Bear: The Movie is a 1989 American animated adventure family film, produced by FilmFair London. The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures, and first released theatrically in the United States on April 7, 1989.



  • The film was released on April 7, 1989.


  • Paddington is animated in stop motion. Paddington himself is a puppet in a three-dimensional environment, whilst other characters are paper cut-outs.


  • Although this movie was rated G in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.

Home video releases:


  • Paddington Bear: The Movie


  • Paddington Bear: The Movie


  • Paddington Bear: The Movie
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