On New Years Eve, 1953 a Monarch laboratory experiment in their initial Outpost in Munich, Germany goes horribly wrong opening a portal to a dimension titled the Anteverse: which releases a colossal titan monster codenamed the Destroyer which decimates the base leaving only one survivor Corporal Gottfried Haines.

Destroyer from there calls on the dormant German Mountain kaiju monster Methuselah and commands the beast to follow in a path of destruction leading to the world's core, where the lead beast plans to open another a portal to the Anterverse, allowing all other monsters from it's dimension through.

In the time following Haines aided by Monarch and secret initiatives from the UN, establishes the Jaeger program and assembles a team to pilot gigantic, advanced weapon possessing mech suits to combat the two major threats.

The team is to be led by British WWII veterans Vincent Maurier and Norris Everen, representing England who will pilot the Thames V, while American scientists Coleman and Cassandra will operate the Gipsy Danger, Australian medics Deidre and Blanca the Warrigal Unna, Mexican patrolmen Javier and Ryder the Border Run, the German Slater siblings the Surge Showman, Canadian benefactors Maycar and Dennis the Maple Bruiser, French engineers Pierre and Castille the Eiffel March and African activists Andia and Colleen the Savannah Inferno.

In secret though Norris along with a secretly governed team of criminals and engineers has constructed a mech suit based on the legendary Godzilla entitled Mecha Godzilla and betrays the group. Norris infected by the influence of Destroyer aids in the plan to open the portal to the Anteverse at the world's premiere hot spot: the centre of the Bermuda Triangle.

Methuselah is subdued in battle in the Canadian rocky mountains but Surge Showman, Eiffel March and Maple Bruiser are destroyed, killing Gregory Slater, Pierre, Castille, Maycar and Dennis.

Methuselah is transported from the triangle outpost sedated by Monarch operatives and is re-awoken by Destroyer who appears with a kaiju morphing Norris who pilots the Mecha Godzilla Jaeger.

The rest of the team face off, but find themselves at critical damage as Destroyer, Mecha Godzilla and Methuselah take down their Jaegers, leaving only Gipsy Danger standing.

However in close proximity to a storm wall shrouding the hidden Skull Island, a massive ape monster family emerges (the youngest in their family Kong) and a just arriving Godzilla join the battle.

Gipsy and Godzilla take down the Mecha Godzilla, killing Norris with the help of Cpl. Haines who sacrifices himself as he solo pilots the prototype Jaeger Zero Patience against him self-destructing as Godzilla's radiation flame delivers a final blow.

The Anteverse portal begins to open and release the Anteverse ruler Colossum which is held back by Gipsy.

Godzilla pushes Destroyer through the anteverse portal and with that the control over Methuselah ends leaving the Kong family, Godzilla, Gipsy and Methuselah to defeat Colossum who is pushed through as the portal ends. The Kong family disappear through the storm and Godzilla swims away, Monarch rescue party and the remaining team members reclaim Gipsy pilots Coleman and Cassandra.

The film ends with the reactivated Jaeger program and the anteverse portal opening to expel all of Colussum's legions which leads to the future where worldwide Jaegers are dispatched.


  • Hasan Minhaj as Coleman Anders
  • Lili Reinhart as Cassandra Winston
  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Andia Maura
  • Hugh Grant as Vincent Maurier
  • Damian Lewis as Norris Everen
  • Tyler Posey as Javier Romero
  • Miranda Tapsell as Deidre Uba
  • Peppermint as Colleen Davies
  • Dave Bautista as Ryder Laleigh
  • Jannik Schümann as Gregory Slater
  • Emma Schweiger as Nila Slater
  • Ernie Dingo as Blanca Norritz
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