Pac-man the movie is a 2020 movie made by Paramount Pictures about the classic game.It will be hand drawn.


One simply night a regular Pac person of pac-world encounters a ghost that he met before when he was a kid in the sub way,he then he becomes the city's protector with a rebel ghost named Nathan(Tim Bell) and so this pac citizen faces the leader of the ghosts Lord Death(David Hasselhoff)and admits his love to his next door neighbor Mrs Pac-man(Tara Strong) and he becomes Pac-man (Clancy Brown)


Clancy Brown as Pac-man,Pat and Stan

Tara Strong as Pac-woman,Pinky

Tom Kenny as Inky and Clyde

Dan Bull as 'Hey that's resit!' ghost's

Paul as Chief Honey

some Irish dude as Blinky and uncle Pac

David Hasselhoff as Lord Death,Other ghost's

Queen as there selves

Billy Crystal as News reporter

Erin Mathews as screaming citizens

Bill Fagerbakke as the Ghostly brothers


The Movie got £200000000000000000000000000000000000000 in is premiere and it was a smash hit!IGN gave it 100/10 and said OMG!!!!! better than the Lego movie!would watch again and again until we were broke! so yeah it won all the awards at fact the movie is the world's No.1 movie of all time! the DVD release caused a war and only 20 people survived!


A squeal called Pac-man JR. is being worked on,it will be resealed in 3020 damn that a lot of years at fact we be dead but at least i'd get to see it!


Money from the film went to Charity for a poor Hospital for a disease knowing as but ugly.


  • Blinky must be a fan of memes cause he draws a ghost named Moar ghost which is a reference to Moar Crabs
  • Narwhals comics is a reference to Marvel comics and the viral video by Mr. Weebel.
  • Uncle Pac is a reference to Uncle Ben from Spider man and Uncle Ben is a reference to that company which makes rice.
  • If you hate this movie you'll get shot by a policemen and go to jail.
  • A Hitler painting apper's at the beginning.
  • This is rated pg-13 for Gore,nudity and strong language.
  • This is based on a dream I had.
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