PR the Series Movie: Broly (극장판부작 사무엘 VS 브로이 Geugjangpanbujag Samuel VS Beuloi?) is the 2018 second PR the Series Movie VS Trilogy movie and the sequel to PR the Series Movie: Baron where an unaltered past Kumon unintentionally free Broly from the Other World. Zuzu-Samuel confront his arch-rival, Broly and she met Broly's Timeline 2 counterpart who allied with the Frieza Force.





  • Zuzu-Samuel - The main protagonist while he searches his physical body since his body was stolen by the unknown force.
  • Beerus -


  • Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan who escaped from the Other World after unaltered past Kumon rips the Ultra Wormhole. He merged with his Timeline 2 counterpart with the stolen Earth Potara Earrings into Legendary Super Saiyan God which Broly simply refers as Broly God.

Movie-Exclusive Characters

  • Timeline 2 Broly - Broly's Timeline 2 counterpart who allied with his Timeline 1 counterpart by using Frieza Force as a practice test.


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