Everest's Forest

Based on the Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends episode "Henry's Forest", written by Andrew Brenner and narrated by George Carlin & Michael Angelis.


  • Everest
  • Marshall
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Rubble
  • The Legendary Power Rangers
  • Jake
  • Mayor Goodway


Everest the Husky and ranger pup has lived in Adventure Bay with her caretaker & father figure Jake since they met in the Antarctic. She wouldn't want to be anywhere else. She loved every part of Adventure Bay from the fields filled with flowers, to the blue skies, the quiet sea, and the white sandy beaches. But there is one place that Everest always enjoyed & loved more than any other. Jake knew this too. The forest.

Everest loved it here. The forest was filled with broad oaks and tall pines. She could remember the day long ago when she and the team brought some new trees to be planted and Rocky & Rubble helped haul them into place with Skye putting them into place from her helicopter harness. Now she could see the trees growing among the others. She always felt better for being here. He couldn't really explain why but Jake understood.

"It's peaceful," he said. But one night, everything changed. Everest was sleeping over at the Lookout with the other pups when a storm hit, so that meant the storm was too rough for her to drive back to her cabin. Ryder had all of the pups come inside the tower to stay dry.

"Listen," said Skye. "Can you hear a strange whistling sound?"

"It's the wind blowing outside at the Lookout," Replied Rocky. "But I never heard of like this before."

"Do you know," added Marshall. "If Rubble wasn't here now, I say it was him thundering due to how loud his stomach growls." All the pups laughed except for Everest.

"I hope despite how strong it is, the wind won't harm the forest," she said worried.

By morning, the fierce winds have gone but it was unknown if the damage was done.

"Can you any of you come take me back home," asked Everest. "I don't feel comfortable going up by myself after that storm last night."

"Of course," replied Marshall.

"Me too," added Red Princess Samurai Ranger. Everest felt alittle better knowing Marshall & Red Princess Samurai Ranger were going with her. They were just halfway up the hill when Red Princess Samurai Ranger noticed something & was shocked.

"gasp Uh Everest," she began. "You might not want to look at this."

"At what?" she asked curiously. Then it was too late to suggest turning back, what Everest saw was terrifying.

She has gotten out of her snowcat and walked slowly at what she saw. The forest was destroyed, trees either struck down by lightning or set to blazes before the rain put the fire out during the storm. She felt her heart stop at the moment and was speechless.

Everest lost her forest speach bubble

"M-my forest is gone," she finally said, depressingly. "What will happen to all the animals and other living things now?" She tried her best to hold back tears, but it was no use. Marshall held her in his arms.

"Shhhh," he hissed. "It'll be OK."

"I'm so sorry for you," added White Tiger Ranger.

"Take me back to the Lookout," she pleaded. "I don't wanna go back home, ever!" Marshall and The Power Rangers agreed and took her back to the tower. She was too sad to drive, so Beast Morphers Silver had Dino Charge Purple Ranger come and towed her snowcat with his winch hook. After they gotten back, Beast Morphers Silver & Super Megaforce Pink told them everything.

"That's awful guys," said Super Megaforce Red.

"I know," replied S.P.D. B-Squad Pink Ranger "It's a great shame."

"Now she won't go back home," Ninja Steel White says feeling terrible for the Husky as they looked at her with her back facing them while lying down.

They took all the destroyed trees in carts to a timber mill where they would be turn into furniture and other things, Everest helped too even though deep inside she didn't want to. She was please to see the wood from the trees would be put to good use, but still felt heart-broken knowing that part of the forest she loved was gone. Marshall looked at her from a distance from the others.

"I never seen Everest so sad before," he said unhappily. "I wish we can do something for her to make things right again."

"Yes," said Beast Morphers Orange Ranger. "But what can we do?"

"It's impossible to mend trees that are entirely broken," said Ninjor. Marshall thought for a moment then had an idea as he drove to city hall.

"Hello Marshall," said Mayor Goodway. "You look very upset."

"I'm worried about the forest after the storm, Mayor," explained Marshall.

"Yes, I've heard."

"But it's not just that," Zeo Ranger V – Red added. "The forest was a special place for Everest, she really loved it alot and treated it like she lived there. It's like Heaven to her, and now she won't even go back to her cabin with Jake. Isn't there something we can do, ma'am?"

"Hmmm," she thought. "I think I might have something prepared for you pups tomorrow at 12pm at the train station. But don't tell Everest or bring her with you."

"Yes ma'am," Marshall saluted. "We'll see you at noon." So he raced back to the Lookout.

When the pups went to the station, they saw the train come in with freight cars and by their surprise saw the cars full of new trees. They team was delighted by this sight as they winched carts on their vehicles and Skye's helicopter harness to take them to the forest up in the mountains.

"This is the best job ever!" Marshall proclaimed with the others nodding in a agreement.

Back inside the Lookout, Everest was eating her favorite liver-flavored cheese kibble when all of a sudden she got a call on her communicator.

"Everest, this Chase," said the noble leader. "Listen after you're done eating, come up to the mountains with us."

"I told you guys, I'm not going back up there again," she said very upset from hearing this.

"Do as I say, and that's an order," he said in a leader voice.

"sigh You're the boss, boss." She got in her snowcat and head off. She couldn't stop thinking about that horrid storm until she got to where the others were in the mountain. And she gasped in surprised. The pups were clearing the torrents stumps and branches.

"Look Everest," called Skye from her helicopter, "We're beginning again. The hillside will look better than ever before. You'll see."

Everest's forest -2 & 3 crying

2 weeks later, the forest was better than it ever was and the animals and other living things cameback. Everest couldn't thank the others enough.

"It's beautiful," she said while crying with joy and hugging her friends. "Thank you."

Now whenever Everest goes the forest, she could see the new trees growing strong and tall. Sometimes, everywhere was very quiet, and the other times, Everest could hear leaves rustling, or birds wing brushing the air. Often she can hear the distance sounds of children laughing, and always she is happy here.

Everest hugging tree
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