Directed by

Rian Johnson

Produced by

Ram Bergman
Frank Miller
James D. Stern

Screenplay by

Rian Johnson

Story by

Rain Johnson


Ryan Gosling
Michael Fassbender
Emily Blunt
Tessa Thompson
Daniel Radcliffe
Orlando Bloom
Nicholas Hoult
Vin Disel
Christop Waltz
Callan McAuliffe
Skandar Keynes
Noah Segan
Ian Harding
Ty Simpkins
Anthony Hopkins
Michael Keaton

Music by

Hans Zimmer


Steve Yedlin

Edited by

Margaret Sixel

Production Company

Endgame Entertainment
DMG Entertainment

Distributed by

Focus Features

Running time

183 Minutes


United States




$195 Million


Owlmen is a upcoming 2017 dystopian action superhero film directed and written by Rian Johnson starring Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Emily Blunt, Tessa Thompson, Daniel Radcliffe, Orlando Bloom, Nicholas Hoult, Vin Disel, Christop Waltz, Callan McAuliffe, Skandar Keynes, Noah Segan, Ian Harding, Ty Simpkins,Anthony Hopkins and Michael Keaton. Set 30 years after a cataclysmic war between Superhero’s and Villains destroy humanity biker gangs full of descendants of Heroes and Villains and mutations of the DNA rule the world. Keanu, the leader of a rival gang to mogul Taper Clark, joins a revolution to take him down and Keanu and Taper’s pregnant wife, Tish head to a community to find the weakness to Taper’s next creation.

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30 years after a cataclysmic war between Superhero’s and Villains destroy humanity biker gangs full of descendants of Heroes and Villains and mutations of the DNA rule the world. Keanu, the leader of a rival gang to mogul Taper Clark, joins a revolution to take him down and Keanu and Taper’s pregnant wife, Tish head to a community to find the weakness to Taper’s next creation.


Chaper 1

The Ringers are riding in the streets destroying things and the cops try chasing them until one tackles a cop of the motorcycles and stabs the cop in the throat. The leader snatches a child from a woman and use she kid as hostage until they note the Owlmen are coming and they then chased by the Owlman and they begin a brawl. A Ringer is seen bumping into Michael and pulls out a gun at him but Michael backs up and rams into the front of his cycle causing him to spin and the Ringer is then hit by a car and he is stopped. Jamie and his friend are looking through a dumpster and they find a book about Ultraman and are intrigued. A Ringer and Renner are chasing and the Ringer shoots acid in front of Renner’s cycles and he curves but shoots at its back and It shoots at Renner until Renner rams the back of his Vehicle and he crashes into a restaurant. Keanu and is being chased by a Ringer and is throwing cocktails at him until Keanu shoots the cocktail while it is in one members hand causing his body to burn. Wallace is chasing A Ringer and he throws a cocktail at Wallace but he then shoots at him and gets him in the back and Wallace gets side to side until the Ringer sticks a grenade under his Bike and it explodes and though the back stays together Wallace bounces off. Wallace stands up and sees them and Wallace chases after the boys until Wallace stops them and tells them to give the book since they are in contempt until and Wallace recognizes one boy to be Jamie and then ask him if he remembers the beating he gave him last time and Jamie sheds a tear and spits in his face and Wallace punches him and is about to strike him with his Baton until Keanu rides through and punches him onto his back and strikes him with the Baton.  

Keanu tells Jamie to stop reading about dead guys and to take care of his mother and brother since the government is not doing shit but Jamie tells him that he wants to join his gang but Keanu declines and Jamie then tells him that he wants to be a hero like him but Keanu tells him that but they are not heroes but Jamie tells him that they are since all the kids look for at them for hope but Keanu calls him and his people desperate and that if they look at them for hope there is a reason why their world is fucked and Keanu then gets alerted by Michael to hurry up and Keanu then leaves. Keanu and the rest are still clashing with Ringers until Cops arrive and Ringers start leaving until Keanu chases after the leader and The Leader rides faster until Keanu turns on the boosters and gets in front of him from a distance and points his shotgun at him and the Leader then takes a late turn and crashes and another rides past Keanu but Keanu shoots the back wheel and the member rolls on the street and when getting up has a gun put in his mouth and shot by a driving Renner.

The Cops come faster as Wallace runs over the leader’s legs in pursuit of the Owlmen. Keanu tells the guys to not aim to kill and just get them hurt. They fire at their tires repeatedly and they shoot Yonder’s tires and his bike crashes to the street along with him but he teleports as soon as he skids on the street. They then begin shooting at the rest of the gang and Michael then slows down his motorcycle and becomes side to side with him and sticks a pole in between the wheels, crashing the vehicle. Keanu continually avoids a cops shoots and then pulls out his shotgun and then shoots the cop once in his leg and then shoots the front tire causing the motorcycle to crash. A cop catches up to the Renner and the cop yells at him to pull over but Renner bumps into his Cycles but he comes back and he takes out his baton and hits him in the face breaking his nose and this angers Renner and he puts his hand on the cycles motor and lights up blowing up the cycle killing the officer and Keanu crashes into Renner for killing and Renner falls off and the vehicles and him crash into a wall. Wallace has Rodney in his sights and shoots him in the back and then in the neck and Rodney crashes into a wall blowing up and killing him and Bummo is angered by this and rams Wallace’s motorcycles into a railing and continues crashing him into it and Keanu shoots at Wallace but he ducks. Bummo continues ramming the car into the railing until Wallace starts hearing the motor and jumps off his motorcycle, as it blows up, and onto Bummo’s car and puts a gun to his head and then tells them to surrender and if they don’t they will kill him but Keanu shoots at him and it blast Wallace’s shoulder and Bummo then throws Wallace off the bridge and onto a truck but is only injured and Keanu and the rest head back to their base. 

Chapter 2

Keanu is seen seating on the balcony while Bummo and Michael are scolding Renner for murdering the cop. Bummo tells him that there is no reason to kill him and they don’t roll like but Renner tells him that it was blood for blood and that they have to send a message to the cops to warn them but Keanu then comes and punches Renner and tells him that while there under him those ethics don’t exist and that they don’t kill period and that if he doesn’t listen to him he will blast him and when Renner tries standing up fast Keanu punches him and is knocked out.Commissioner Wallace is seen telling the government officials the casualties and the statics of crime as of recently and they are shocked by the numbers of crime and Wallace points that a majority are due to the biker gangs sighting how there are more dangerous than ever. President Jones is seen talking to the rest of senate about fixing the problems and they sight things of complete government control but they disagree as they sight how England did the same thing and that resulted in the death of the King and Queen and their Daughter. They later sight that they take control on their entertainment and education to brainwash them but Taper discredits all of their points stating that all of the tactics are weak and that no matter what humans will rebel and fight against the government because they do something and then sights that they need to scare the citizens and control but not with normal police but something abnormal and it has been someone. The Senate wonders what he is suggesting but and he tells them that something greater than us and President Jones gets defensive ask him to elaborate but he refuses and then leaves while being yelled at by members of the board.

Later Jones goes to Taper and ask to meet with him privately at the banquet. Jones then ask how he is treating his little girl and Taper tells him well and that him and her are excited for the baby and Trish then arrives hugs her Farther and he tells her about the banquet and she tells him that she is excited and Taper then interrupts and states that they need to leave. Taper is then in the elevator with Trish and he angrily ask about her attitude out there but she states that it’s her hormones but he tells her to stop lying but he then kisses her on the cheek and he then ask to do it in the elevator but she states she is not in the mood and Taper is annoyed and stops and he then puts his hand on her stomach and tells her that as soon as the kid is born everything will change. They then walk out and get in separate limo’s. She enters hers and ask for the driver to head to a bar as she needs to speak to friend.Keanu and the Owlmen are seen in a bar drinking and Michael is seen counting his bullets but Bummo “accidently” pushes the bullets down and they laugh, Keanu then tells them to be serious since today is a tribute to their fallen friend but Yonder tells him Rodney was fun loving and wouldn’t want them to shed tears for him and Keanu shows sadness but then agrees with Yonder and continue drinking. Keanu however is shocked as Trish walks in and she ask to talk to him and the Owlmen are shocked to see her. Keanu ask her why someone like her is here and states that just because she is pregnant does not mean some of the maniacs won’t kill he but she states that she did not come for that and Trish then tells Keanu that her Dad has been stressing on stopping his men but he tells her to not worry about but she then ask if they are ever going to have moral compass with the group and Keanu tells her that they don’t kill but she states that that is not enough and attacking and even killing cops sends a confusing message but Keanu tells her that she is not in position to tell him what him and his group should do and that they want on responsibility on them but Trish tells him that they have enough Power and Influence to cause a great change in the world but he tells that if they do a thriving city if they have good guys then bad guys and he tells her that he does not want to bring back that dynamic because every time the good guys always lose and Trish is about to leave but she tells him that they are having a banquet tonight and her father wants his father to go to banquet but Keanu then ask if that’s all she wanted to talk about and she states that’s it but Keanu tells her that she doesn’t love Taper but she disagrees but Keanu ask who’s baby she would rather have his or Tapers but she doesn’t answer and Keanu kisses her but she pushes him off and tells her that she is having Tapers baby and can’t and leaves.

A Couple are seen at a store and they are walking back to the car but they have one man following them asking for the woman’s name until the man turns his arm into steel and the couple starts running and he yells Catalcsimy and the group surround them and they assault the boyfriend brutally and the woman is running and Jetty tells Willy to shoot the woman and nervously he does and the woman falls and then has him shot her in the head and he does and they laugh except Willy who has a scared look but Quaker calls him pussy but he declare he is not and then puts down the farther and they laugh and celebrate and they drive off.Taper is seen having sex and then finishes and the woman, Gila tells him that she rode him better than any of the other girls and Taper tells her that she was amazing and feels on her 2-month pregnant stomach. Taper then checks the time and tells her that she needs to head to Banquet and Gila than ask why he is having that Trish bitches baby but he tells her that he needs it to promote up and that he actually wants one but kisses her and tells her that they will full bred child will the rule the world and kisses her until  and the others enter and Taper tells them that they need an attack tonight and states that they have been lacking as of late and they cannot afford to mess up and Jetty ask what they need to do and Taper tells them that they need to kill President Jones and they are shocked by the decision but Taper tells them that they need to do it and Jetty states he will put the bullet in his head and Taper smiles. Keanu is seen driving up to the River Manor and enters with the key. He comments to himself that everything was similar as a kid and then opens the door case and is entered down to the lair and he sees his farther, former superhero Owlman. Keanu jokingly ask if he has ever left the place but he ask why he is here and Keanu tells him that he should be at the banquet in town and it seems like the most appropriate time for him to come back to the public light but he denies and Keanu ask why and states that him staying down not doing a thing is not helping anyone but he states that it helps innocents form dying from his failure but Keanu tells him that he is not helping anyone but Edward tells him that he is not helping anyone and Keanu brings up what Mom would think and he then hits Keanu with his cane and tells him to not bring her up but he states that all of the people who died in justice would hat e to see him like this and Edward tells him that they all died because of Justice and that he does not want anyone else to the die of the same way and tells Keanu that he should do something and wished that he could have done more and that he is useless but Keanu tells him that he is not useless and can still cause change and Keanu leaves.  

Chapter 3

The banquet commences and Trish and Taper kiss each other and Trish ask why he was late and he states that he was just planning and they enter but a revolt is seen in the streets and the leader, Bertha,  states that the government is not helping the less and that a great amount of the people are living poverty and Bertha than goes to Taper and ask him why they don’t care about helping whatever middle class they have but Taper ignores them and Bertha than ask Trish how she can bring a child into a world where nothing is fair until Taper tells her to not talk to his wife but Trish wants to answers until a guard pushes the protesters back and Bertha’s younger brother, Todd,  takes out a flare gun and shoots a guard in the chest and the Guard is seen dying and he yells revolution but guards push guest in as they commence fire on the citizens and smoke bombs and begin shooting and apprehending the men and Bertha and Todd run but Todd is shot in the rib and Bertha carries him to an ally. President Jones then distracts the go-ers and they focus on the party again.

A governor tells Taper that it is ridiculous Guards continue with the peacefulness and should just kill the riders and rioters state that they are almost as crazy as the ones outside of the city and Taper agrees and thinks that Jones should grow some balls but states it is too late for him but when he ask why Taper ignores. Trish is talking to others and they ask how excited she is for her baby and that she is so lucky to be in such a great marriage and Trish lies and states that she loves Taper so much. The Guards are attacking more civilians until a Motorcycle hits one Guard in the face and it is shown to be Michael and the rest of the Owlmen excluding Keanu save the civilians and takeout the guards and Michael and the others laugh but Bertha is shown scared in the ally as she tries escaping but Todd falls and screams and Michael and the others are about to go and help them until Michaels Motorbike explodes beside him and Bummo and the others are shocked and see Jetty and the other members of Cataclysmic arrive and start chasing the three. Bummo has Tyrain and Gore chase him and Tyrain shoots an explosion to the side of Bummo’s Bike and he falls out of the Bike and when on his knee Gore drives by and punches him in the face and Gore gets off and starts pummeling Bummo and tells his little brother to get stronger. Renner is shown being chased by Willy and Quaker and Willy is able to get his shot in Renner’s shoulder and Renner shoots a flame at him but Willy’s bike takes the damage and Renner then shoots an generated flame at him but Quaker turns steel and takes the damage and Renner and Quaker are side to side and Quaker rams into his bike and then punches Renner off the bike and Renner shoots a blast of fire but Quaker walks through the flame but when he gets close to him Renner hits him with a Lead Pipe but Quaker rams him in the gut and then starts chocking him until Yonder teleports and saves Renner but when Yonder teleports and gets Bummo he is shot in the chest as they get away.

Renner and the others then try and healing Yonder and are successful but Renner demands to back and states they killed Michael but Bummo tells him that they can’t and there not ready but Renner calls them pussies but Bummo yells that he wants to kill all of them but he can’t and when they get their hands on them they are kill all of them but can’t and they have deal with that. President Jones tells the citizens that he is scared sometimes that he won’t make it but states that he is just like everyone else and that like him everybody has to be hopeful and cannot let crime take over and corrupt their world and if one person collapse they all do and he refuses to back down and let their world end as the world needs heroes and they must become them until Jetty crashes through the window and the rest Cataclysmic attack the citizens and shoots down many as they run out of the hall and building and Trish goes to her bleeding farther and Jones tells her that she must go to this community that can stop what is going to happen to the city outside of the city and to stay there and not come back until Willy points a gun at her head and tells her to get out of the way but she refuses and he gets angry and tries hitting her until she then stops his arm and slaps him but he then pins her to the floor and points the gun at her head but Taper then punches Willy and takes Trish and Willy then shoots and kill President Jones and but Taper tells her to leave and Taper then sneaks to Jones office. Quaker and Tyrain then start their bikes and chase Trish until Keanu swoops her up and enters a chase with them and Keanu blast Quaker and gets three shoots in his shoulder and he and bike gets off trial and Tyrian stays back. Keanu takes Trish to a bar and she tells him what happened and he is extremely angered and he tries going back but she stops him and tells him that they are already gone and Trish begins crying and hugs Keanu but she pushes him off and tells him that if they had heroes and if he was one this would not have happened but he tells her that she can’t do this to him and she tells him to take her home and he does.  

Taper is able to take the access key to all of the government centers and when two guards come in Taper kills the two with laser eyes. Taper walks through the halls and smiles as he walks past multiple bodies and the Jetty and others arrive and Taper compliments there work and Willy ask why he punched him and he tells him because he almost killed his wife. Taper than where she is but Quaker tells him that Keanu saved her and Taper is angered by this and quickly heads home. A crying Gila is seen at Taper’s home as there is blood on the floor, hinting a miscarriage. Keanu arrives at the apartment and they tell him what happened and he ask where Michael is and Bummo informs him on his death and Keanu gets emotionally and is angered. Taper arrives at home and sees Gila crying in the bathroom and sees blood and he punches a hole in the wall and she hugs him in tears but he pushes her and starts to strangle her and kills her.Day comes and Keanu and the other members of cataclysmic are holding a funeral for Michael and Keanu angrily leaves and Yonder what he is doing but he tells them that Michael was his brother and that they are gonna pay but Bummo tells him that he is not invincible and that he will get hurt and he doesn’t know where to go but Keanu leaves. Taper is seen with pendulums until Trish comes in and he pins her against the wall and ask where she went but she tells him that when the banquet went to hell she was saved by Keanu and he then calls her stupid and states that she is irresponsible for bringing their baby near a criminal but she then breaks down into tears but Taper moves and tells her that he has a meeting with someone and leaves her alone crying. Trish is seen looking at photos of her farther until she feels a gun against her head and the female voice tells her to not move and then ask how far along she is and she reveals that she is 8 and the voice states that she can still be useful and tells her to leave through and the window and the woman helps Trish get out of the house and then leads to train pipe and opens it and enter it.

Trish ask who she is and the woman revels herself to be Bertha and tells Trish that she needs her help in her cause and they turn and see a community of people and Bertha tells her that everyone here is a half-breed or radiated full-bred and reveals that they have all been tested on by Taper and that she needs her help to take down Taper but Trish is not sure and states that she can’t be here but Bertha tells her that she can’t just leave the city her farther died for but as they talk a pregnant woman comes and tells Bertha that her baby has moved for the first time in 2 weeks and she turns and sees Trish and tells her that her name is Emily and tells Trish she has heard so much about her and Bertha tells Trish that Emily is carrying Taper’s baby and she is shocked and explains that he takes whatever full breed woman he can find and he takes the woman and rapes them and gets them pregnant, however, due to the radiation of the bomb set off to end the war, full breed pregnancy miscarriages have a 98% chance of happening and then states that Emily is that 2% but that she lied and told Taper that she miscarried and he order his gang to kill her but she escaped. Trish is overwhelmed by this news and holds her stomach in fear. Bertha reveals that he is keeping her baby for publicity, and Trish agrees to join Bertha’s cause

. Jetty and the others are seen killing a pack of scavengers until Willy notes that he sees someone coming but he then gets scared and notes that it is Keanu and everyone gets prepared. Keanu goes too fast for the others to react and he hits Taper with his bike, breaking his jar. Keanu then turns the bike and is about to run over him until Tyrian causes an explosion in front of Keanu’s bike and Keanu files off and is seen heavily bleeding and injured badly and the other members are about to kill him until a truck arrives and hits Tyrain and Emily is seen trying to bring Keanu into the car but Quarker grabs her arm and she head-butts him but he turns hard and she gets a cut on her head but Keanu is able to shoot him in the should and Michael comes and kicks Quarker and him and Bertha shoot at the others until Emily gets him into the car. Bertha starts driving away but Jetty, Willy and Gore are all chasing the car on their bikes. Jetty opens on of the doors and sees Emily and tries dragging her out of the car until Michael comes and kicks Jetty in the face but he rams back into the car as Emily is struggling to get back into the car and he grabs her from her stomach and puts her on his bike, and he starts licking her and humping her until she Is able to pick up a stick and putt it into his wheels and his bike flips and she jumps off in time and Michael grabs her and puts her back into the car. Gore rips the car door off and points a gun at Bertha and tells her to take her hands off the wheel and she does but she dives into the passenger seat and she takes out her crossbow and he shoots and hits the window and she shoots in arrow into his arm, he takes the arrow out and stabs it into her leg but she reloads her crossbow and shoots him in the eye and he drives away from the car and she then rams the car into Gore and he falls off his bike. When she turns she sees Willy in the passenger’s seat and he points his gun at her until Todd jumps onto Willy the car door opens Todd kicks Willy out to the car and he falls out of the car.  

Taper is seen at a dinner waiting and a man walks in and Taper greets the man and gets down to the chase and tells him that in order for him to be able to save the city he needs his equipment and scientific prowess and the man smiles and agrees and they shake hands, the man revels his name to be Edward and states that he will help bring peace to this terrible city and to make a Powerman and they smile. A women is heard talking indistinctly and Keanu wakes up and sees a gun and tries going for the gun until Todd puts his gun in his face and Keanu raises his hands and Bertha tells Keanu to calm down and she explains that they saved him and that he has been knocked out for 4 days and that he is lucky he is still alive, a pregnant woman then comes out and tells Bertha that Guma has having trouble breathing and Bertha goes to check on Guma and starts pumping more air into her through a siphon and Guma starts breathing and the pregnant girl then tells Guma she is a tough 78 year old but Guma tells her that she was in the superhero war and they laugh. Bertha comes back out and Michael ask what is going on and she tells him that he is gonna help them but Keanu declines but she tells him that Taper is doing testing on kids to make them vigilantes but Keanu ask for his gear as Bertha continues but Keanu then takes the gun from Todd and points the gun at him and Bertha calls him a barbarian until Michael calms him down and Keanu is shocked he is still alive and Keanu hugs his best friend but Keanu turns the gun on Bertha and ask what is going on and Michael explains that she saved him and brought him here. Trish then comes from Guma’s tent and sees Keanu and hugs him and Trish explains how she got here. Bertha than states that since Keanu is with them that she needs him to do a mission and she tells him that since Taper’s plan is coming to its full tuition and since he has a fast bike he needs to go to this community of people who left the city out of fear and that they have Powerman’s weakness, Meta , and that she needs him to get for them and Keanu agrees and Trish offers to come but Keanu tells her that it can be dangerous but Trish tells him that she needs to come and Bertha signs off on it. Emily gives Keanu his weapons and gear and him and Trish get on their bikes, Emily hugs Trish and tells her to be safe so their babies can grow together and Trish promises that they will, Keanu tells Michael to keep everyone safe and to bring the rest of the gang down here and Michael agrees and Keanu tells Michael that he is happy is alive and that he is like a brother to him and to remember that and the two leave.

Chpater 4

Taper is seen very angry and then recaps what his men told him saying that Emily lied about her miscarriage and she is still alive and that they had the chance to kill Keanu and they failed and that Michael is still alive and Taper starts chocking Willy and Taper tells Jetty to give him a reason to kill Willy as if he kills Willy he will kill everyone and Jetty tells Taper that they are gonna find them and kill them. Taper lets Willy go and tells Jetty that he better does it. Bertha is caring for other members and Todd ask if he can go take a look around the city to find more entrances and Bertha is against it at first but Todd convinces her to let him go and she hugs him and tells him to be careful and she hugs and kisses him on the head. Michael enters Emily’s room and he gives her some food as he states that they still have some extra food form lunch and notes that she barely eats but she states that she doesn’t want to eat but Michael tells her that it isn’t good for her baby but she reveals that she likes feeling her stomach but doesn’t want the baby but Michael tells her that though the baby is by an evil man that it is still her baby and that he is special and that Taper won’t be involved at all but she tells him that she doesn’t want to do it alone and before Michael can respond she places his hand on her stomach and ask if he will help her and Michael, surprised, agrees and she hugs him and calls him her new husband and kisses him on the cheek. Taper is seen at the senate and suggest they finish the bill President Jones wanted in enhanced police force and they agree and make it effected immediately as police are now given permission to kill and re going to be doubled as Taper walks out and Luke tells him that he has the equipment but that they need the money to beginning testing and to start up and upgrade the equipment and they both know the government won’t fund it and Taper tells him that he knows someone who can help. Keanu stops the bike and starts pumping gas into it but Trish volunteers as she needs to be active, Keanu tells her that he is sorry but Trish tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about anything in the city anymore and she tells him that the community Bertha needs them to go to is the same one her Dad told her to go to and that she is gonna stay there. Keanu is shocked and tells her that she can’t leave but she tells him that she is not gonna give birth Taper by her side and that the city is already destroyed but Keanu tells her that she cannot give up hope like that but she tells him that she is not a revolutionist like Bertha and that she has a baby to think about and Keanu then tells her that it’s her choice and gives up.  Todd is at a gas station telling Bertha the new info on the police. The cashier looks out of the window and sees Cataclysmic and he is shot and Todd is shocked and they shoot the whole gas station up and Todd falls to the ground for protection and Bertha is extremely scared on the radio. As they walk he destroys it but Willy drags him out and ask him where Trish is as his sister took her and he refuses to tell until Jetty handcuffs him to a case tank and threatens to throw a Molotov cocktail but Todd reveals that she is with Keanu and the gang is excited but they throw the cocktail anyway and drive off, killing Todd. Bertha is seen sadden as she assumes her brothers fate, Michael comes and ask what happened but she tells him to go and find his biker friends and that they need more reinforcements. Bummo and the others are walking out of the bar until they see the Ringers again and the leader tells them that since their leader is dead they don’t seem so tough and they are about to fight until Commission Wallace and other cops arrive and kill’s the Ringers and they are barely able to knock out Renner and Yonder and they capture the two but Bummo fights off the cops but is forced to drive away as more reinforcements come. Taper knocks on Edward’s door and the Edward reluctantly lets him in and he tells him that he looks so young but Edward tells him to the cut the shit and to get to point and Taper tells him that his dad and him fought evil together and that he wants to make another Powerman but Edward tells him to leave and Taper tries explaining  but Edward tells him that it will start off good but that it will end bad but Taper tells him to be more open minded as he used to be one of the earth’s brightest brains and that he only needs his funds but Edward declines and tells him to leave but Taper tells him that it was not a question and tries to punch Edward until Edward blocks him and flips him on his back until Cataclysmic break into his manor and beat him up and they then enter his vault and they take his money and leave and Taper tells him that if he tells he will kill him Jetty tells Taper of Trish’s location and they he tells him to go and find and kill them. Bummo is at the apartment and is seen very sad and starts considering turning himself in until he hears a knock and takes out his gun and opens it ready fire until he sees it is Michael and Bummo hugs him and tells him that he thought that he was dead but Michael tells him that they have to leave now as they can’t afford the police to get on their tail and they leave. Keanu and Trish are riding and she ask him how he can basically live on the road and he tells her that he likes it as it is excited and peaceful at the same times and that he can’t fit in with a lot of people except his boys but Trish tells him that he could try when they get to the community and Keanu sees this and as her asking him to join her but he tells her that he is not going with her but she tells him that he doesn’t have much in the city but he tells her that he doesn’t want to start anything over there and that he is content with the road but she tells him that he can’t just live off the road and Keanu doesn’t respond. Jamie is seen roaming the streets and finds a new book but he sees Police corner him but Jamie tells them that he isn’t doing anything but Wallace tells him that he is a special boy as he the knocks him out and a cop ask why they need the boy and Wallace tells him that Taper told him that they need him. Taper arrives at Luke’s underground lab and while the equipment is being upgraded Luke tells him that they are making history with this and they will change the world forever and that they will be in control again and Taper laughs and calls Luke crazy and states that he has been fighting for this power for too long and he thanks the doctor.  Keanu and Trish stop at a Dinner and Keanu tells her that they are timed but she states that they are both hungry and the waitress takes their order. She then asks Keanu if he remember when they used to date and he tells her that they were at a dinner similar to this and he states that it was before his Bike, The Exhaust G6, had its accelerator and that they were so much younger and that her dad hated when they were together but Trish is interrupted as her baby kicks and she ask Keanu to come over and feel it but he declines and she then goes to his booth and has him feel the baby kick. Willy and the others are driving and they stop at a gas station and he then tells them that he is going to get something to go at the dinner. Keanu sees Willy walk and he tells Trish this and she sneakily hands him his shotgun and she slowly goes under the desk and Willy sees Keanu in the corner of his eyes and Willy then shoots the waitress and turns and shoots at Keanu and the two enter a shootout but Keanu gets 2 close shots at him and Keanu and Trish escape through the back of the motel and they get on the Exhaust but Willy notifies Cataclysmic in time and they enter a chase. Keanu tires shooting at them but he can’t get a good shot. Quaker gets beside Keanu and grabs him from the back of his neck and hits him with his shotgun and then as he is pushed away he hits Quaker with a led pipe but Gore rams his bike into Keanu’s and tries snatching Trish but Keanu rams into Gore but Gore then slashes Keanu with his chain and cause a cut on him and Gore wraps the chain around his fist and he punches him and Keanu is badly damaged. Keanu is then able to take out his shotgun and shoots him in the chest 2 twice and Gore is in critically condition, an angered Tyrain starts timing and is about to blow up both Keanu and Trish though Willy tells him not to but as Tyrain is about to do it Keanu gets a good shot at him and blast his handoff and Tyrain screams in pain. This forces Cataclysmic to end their chase and Keanu and Trish escape. When they get out of their reach Keanu stops the bike and tells her that she said that he wouldn’t guys on his case but she tells him that Taper found out someway and that she knew there was no way they would know and thinks that they found out by somebody and she apologizes and Keanu accepts her apology but tells her that he didn’t sign up for this part. Jamie wakes up in a chamber with wires and he ask what is happening and Taper tells him that he is number #100 as 99 little boys couldn’t do it before and Taper tells him that he is going to become Powerman but Jamie tells him that he has been died for a long time but Taper tells him that he won’t be dead for long as he leaves and he then takes a siphon and put his own blood into him and Luke ask him if he is sure and Taper that it is too late to change and Jamie is seen having Taper, Yonder and Renner’s power being put into him as Jamie starts screaming in extreme in pain.

Chapter 5

Bertha, Bummo and Michael have their plan to take save Renner and Yonder set and Bertha goes to Emily and tells her that they might need her to use her power but Guma denies as her using her power takes energy away from the baby but Bertha instead states that they are going to need her help them escape as they will need to escape through the community homes and Emily agrees. Michael is about to leave and Emily kisses Michael and she smiles greatly as they both feel the baby move and she tells him that it has been doing that since she started eating more and that she wants to keep it now and she thanks Michael and kisses him again and Michael smiles tells her that he will back for sure. As night comes Keanu and Trish enter an inn and are about to sleep, Keanu tells her that they have a lot of food and that she needs to eat for the baby and dims the lights and blinds, he has their clothes packed and states that as soon as they day breaks they can leave automatically and fast, he then prepares traps on his bike outside. When he comes back inside and Trish volunteers to clean his wound as he needs to but he tells her that he doesn’t need it but she tells him that he is losing too much blood and is aggravating his body and that he over working but he tells her that he needs to make sure to keep her safe and that that if she got hurt that he won’t be able to forgive himself and Trish is shocked by his strong feelings but he then denies it and heads to sleep but Trish then starts healing his wound and she tells him that she loves him and that she always did but that her farther like her better with Taper but she always loved him and Keanu then looks into her eyes and kisses her and they start undressing each other and they make love, as they finish they lock hands on her stomach as they go to sleep. Jamie’s power transfer is finished and Taper smiles greatly but collapses due to a loss in power but states that he wants to see Jamie in action and to let him roam though Luke is strongly against it they let him go. Jamie is in the hall and starts seeing vision of heroes and them all dying and he begins having great hallucinations and starts screaming for his mother but as he does this glass breaks all around the city. Bertha and the others take out guards and then takes their guns and they were their uniforms and sneak in and they run upstairs. Taper tells them to test him with bullets and guards enter the hall and shoot him but he deflects all of their bullets and throws back at them and kills them all. Michael and Bertha are looking in rooms and Michael finds Renner room and he kills the guards and is able to save him and Renner is shocked by Michael’s appearance and they go. 

Bertha and Bummo are looking until they enter Jamie’s hall and they make eye contact and Bertha is shocked by this and tries asking Jamie what happened he flips and shoots at them but Bummo saves her in time and they escape the hall but he continues after them but more guards appear in front of them and Bummo then leaps through a celling while Jamie kills all the guards in an easy effort. Taper ask for a gun and states that needs something to stop Jamie incase and Luke gives him a gun and gives him a special bullet that takes blood and will make Jamie weak. Michael and Renner are leaving and Renner tells Michael that he knows a way out but Michael tells him to follow him but Renner tells him that the cops ae gonna catch them but Michael tells him that he doesn’t know what he is saying until Renne puts fire at his throat and tells him to follow him Bummo and Trish are running but Jamie is shooting fire flames from below until they find Yonder’s room and they wake him up and Bertha tells them that Jamie is coming but Bummo tells her that  Yonder can teleport and Yonder tells her that he can take them out but needs some time to recharge and but Bertha objects waiting until they hear Jamie in the hall and he starts telling Bertha that she failed him and that she was supposed to keep him safe just like how she can’t protect Todd and he charges a laser blast and is about to disinagrate their room but Yonder teleports them in time. Renner tells Michael to follow him but Michael turns and punches him and tells him that he is are a part of a group that is trying to save him and why he is acting like this and Renner tells him that he is tired of the disrespect and that he is gonna respect him lights his hand and is about throws a fireball at him but Michael moves and it destroys the window behind him and he is about to throw another one until Jamie grabs Renner’s hand. Michael calls for Emily as Renner then tries using his other hand to attack Jamie but crushes his wrist and then shoots his laser beam into his eye and Renne blows up, killing him he looks and doesn’t see Michael but Jamie then tells him that he hears him breathing as Michael is seen hanging over the balcony and Michael drops and Emily comes in time and they fly away but Jamie chases after them but Michael shoots Jamie in the shoulder and it causes a very little cut and he screams in anger as Emily and Michael land in the house of community but the scream cause them to fall and Jamie lands and then causes an atomic explosion but Emily and Michael get into the swearer in time and they escape the blast.

Jamie continues screaming until Taper puts his gun at his head and tells him about what the bullet will do to him and Jamie stops and Taper then knocks him out and calls him his best invention Taper then tells his guards to head down to swearer as he saw Michael enter there and states Bertha’s community is under there and they Emily to keep her alive.  Michael and Emily get in and they hug each other and kiss and Michael then sees Yonder and he hugs him. Bertha states that she doesn’t know how that happened to Jamie but that Keanu and Trish will be back by tomorrow and that they just need to last the night. Emily then brings Michael into her tent and she tells her that she loves him and Michael tells her that he feels the same and she places his hand on her stomach and she kisses him and he gets on top of her and they slowly start undressing each other and start making out until they hear gunshots and Michael looks outside the tent and sees Guards shooting and kill members of the community and Michael takes his gear and he tells Emily what is happening and they get out and Michael shoots at some as him and Emily run for their lives. Bertha enters her room and breaks down until she hears gun shoots and they shoot at her door and she takes her SM&W and blaster her way out and she sees members of her community being killed as she escapes Bummo and Yonder join her. Michael and Emily are running but guards appear in front of them until Guma is able to blast hem away and states that was the all the power she had left and this gives the two time to escape as they hear Guma’s brutal death. Michael and Emily are running down a long tunnel but as they run behind them are guards and Taper and Taper tells Emily to stop or he will have to kill her and he counts to three but she turns and her screeching power on them and Taper orders for their fire and they shoot and Michael and Emily are running and Emily tells Michael she loves him and this worries him but before he can respond she is shoot in the head and he is extremely shocked and sadden but he is forced to continue running in tears but Bummo then arrives and takes Michael and they run through the walls and Bummo, Michael, Yonder and Bertha are the only members left alive. 

Chapter 5

Keanu and Trish get up and are about to leave and Keanu tells her that they are really close to the community, Trish then ask Keanu if he can get the antidote back to the city but stay at the community with her but he is not sure but she begs him so they can leave all the violence and terrible things that happen there and states that Bertha, Emily, Michael and the others can all come as well so her and Emily can give birth where they don't have to fear for their newborn's lives and Keanu accepts and they kiss as they drive off. Taper and the others however see Keanu and Trish drive off from their hut and they then state that they are going in for the kill and all that matters is if they rip the baby out of her and this point and they all agree. As Keanu and Trish are riding all of Cataclysmic come and Keanu parks his bike and tells Trish that a city a few miles and to run and get somewhere safe and that he will find her and she gets off and starts running. Cataclysmic start riding towards them and Keanu shoots at them and is able to get Willy as he falls off his bike and Keanu then turns on the booster and drives start towards Jetty, while driving him and Quaker have collision as Quaker punches his arm and Keanu hits him with a led pipe and Keanu is able to clothesline Tyrain to as Tyrain stabs him in the thigh. Keanu is about to crash into Jetty but Jetty moves out of the way at the last moment and badly crashes his vehicle and Keanu then turns and laughs and says" CRAZY ENOUGH FOR YOU FUCKERS?!" and he shoots Jetty's gas tank, killing Jetty. An injured Tyrain is crawling on the floor and Keanu turns and is about to run him over until Willy is shown hanging on the side of the bridge and as Keanu is about to run over Tyrain Willy throws a stick in between the tires and Keanu files off his bike and he lands badly. Gore then gets off his bike and him and Keanu fight and Gore gets him on the floor and as Keanu tries reaching for his gun Gore slams his knee on his arm and he screams in pain but he reaches for the shotgun in time and he sees Quaker coming and he shoots Gore's bike and it and Quaker's bikes explode, killing Quaker. Gore, in anger of his friend’s death, starts strangling him, Keanu is quickly about to fade until Keanu takes a knife from his rib and cuts Gore's throat and all of his blood gets over Keanu's face. As Keanu gets up with his limping arm and bloody face but he sees Willy and Tyrain driving toward the city and indicates that it's toward Trish and quickly gets on his bike and drives to the city. Trish is in the city and she stops to take a breath until she hears bikes and she looks as she thinks it is Keanu but she sees Willy and Tyrain are there instead and she tries running and they then pin her against a wall. Tyrain then takes out a knife and puts her to her belly and Willy tells her that they are gonna take her baby and then kill her but Tyrain tells him that she is hot and that he needs a little reward and he takes off her shirt and he is about to kill him until Keanu drives and hits Tyrain into a car and then shoots the gas tank and Tyrain is killed. As Keanu turns to see Willy he is gone and Keanu then hugs a crying Trish and tells her that they are over and that they are all dead and she kisses him. As she puts on her shirt they head off to the community. A few hours pass and Keanu and Trish arrive at the community to find a destroyed community and Trish begins crying and Keanu comforts her and tells her that it is going to be okay. As Keanu scavenges the land he does not a thing and is angered and when she ask how they are going to stop Taper he tells her that he doesn’t know. 

Chapter 6

Taper enters a business meeting and he tells them that he has the cure for the city and that it will fix everything and the governors are optimistic and Ethan then brings out Jamie and they are all shocked and Taper calms them down and tells them that he will save the city and that though he is young he will put him under control and that he will be the only hero for decades to come but Edward then comes out and tells him that he just sealed the city's future and Taper tells Edward and the others that they are old fools behind the times and that they need Jamie and Edward tells him that if Jamie ever disobeys he will destroy any chance of their "Future" and a different governor calls him the Devils spawn and Jamie then goes to the  governor and calls him an old bitch and then puts his hand through his chest and everyone is terrified and Ethan and then disciplines him and smacks him and tells him to not do that ever again and Jamie gets anger and causes a big explosion in the building and Edward is crawling in the dust as he sees blood all over the area and multiple dead people and Jamie is floating laughing and Taper yells at him and calls him an idiot and that he is supposed to save the city but Jamie laughs and tells him that he is gonna save the city by making it his but Taper grabs him by his head and slams him to the floor and tells him that it won't happen and that he will listen to him and Jamie is silenced. Taper then tells him that they are gonna make the city in their image and looks upon and he sees a man driving a motorbike and sees that it is Keanu and he tells Jamie to kill him and to save the woman.

Keanu and Trish are driving and they stop and see the building and Trish is worried and thinks that it is a terrorist attack until they see something flying towards them fast and the two don't know what to do and Keanu drives the bike around and Jamie is flying over them and Keanu ask what happened to him but Jamie continues blasting Keanu but Keanu and Trish are able to get away from him but they are on the losing end. Jamie is near them and about to kill them and Keanu is about to jump off the bike and tells her to continue without him until the two are taken and teleported by Yonder and an angry Jamie has a meltdown, which results in the destruction of 2 blocks. Keanu and Trish arrive in their new base and Bertha tells them what happened and Trish begins crying and Keanu comforts her. He tells them that the community was empty and overran and they couldn’t find a thing there. Bertha ask Keanu what he is gonna do and he tells her that he is gonna face it head on the kisses Trish and feels her stomach and tells her that he is gonna make sure he ends it. Jamie is seen destroying the city and Taper is in his building and Keanu comes behind. They talk and Keanu tells him that he will destroy him and every evil thing he wants but Taper tells him that he is gonna reinvent the city and that he would kill him but he let Jamie do that he then asks him where Trish is and he tells him that she is safe and that he isn’t going to need to worry about her.

As Keanu is about to leave the building he sees Edward and he hug his father and he gives him a new jacket and belt and tells him that he is going to go somewhere safe and that the city is in his hands and that he should have helped when he had the chance and not be a bitter old man but Keanu tells him that he had his reasons and that he is gonna do this for him. Jamie is floating until he hears multiple sounds and Jamie gets frustrated until Keanu drives and hits Jamie with his Bike and Keanu tells him that he failed him and that he couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a hero to him but that it’s too late now and an angry starts rising the ground and Keanu starts driving away and Jamie pushes into a building and Keanu is hurt and Jamie then picks the building up and launches it into air and Jamie files with it. Keanu then gets on his bike and rides out of the building and while in midair shoots Jamie in the shoulder and he is horrified that it actually hurts him and Jamie throws a building at Keanu but he misses Keanu lands onto a different building and an angry Jamie then throws another building on top of Keanu’s and a crash commences. Jamie goes back to street and tries regenerating his arm, crying in the process Keanu then comes out of the rubble and punches him but he has no effect and Jamie then pushes him through some of the building and Keanu is badly damaged. Jamie then walks to Keanu to kill him until Keanu uses a smoke pellet and Jamie is blinded by this and Keanu gets behind him and cuts his throat and the two fall to the ground hurt. Keanu hears Jamie’s chest as it is making odd noises and Keanu gets on his bike and starts driving away and Jamie’s body then emits a super wave that engulfs a lot of the city and Keanu barely escapes the radius and is flung off his bike and into the ocean. When Keanu gets up he sees Jamie above him and he picks up the water along with Keanu in it and Keanu gets a perfect shot right in Jamie’s Chest and Jamie falls to his death along with the water and Keanu wipes over his dead body.



Ryan Gosling as Keanu Rivers – The leader of his gang, Owlmen, and Son of legendary Superhero, Owlman. He is usually relaxed but serious and quick minded. He only has loyalty to his members and is willing to give his life for his friends. He is cool and collected and hates how the government is structured. Though Powerless he owns the strongest gun ever made by his farther. It can kill Heroes with two shots and cannot be destroyed and with his trademark Bike, The Exhaust G6, He is one of the most courageous fighters in the world.

Daniel Radcliffe as Michael – Is Keanu’s best friend and second man in the gang. He has known him since he was 8 years old and is very loyal to him. He is playful and not as serious as Keanu but still has the respect from his peers and members. He is the son to Owlman’s sidekick, Mouseboy who died in the war. He is also powerless.

Callan McAuliffe as Renner – A member of the Owlmen, he is one of the members with powers. He is able to inflame his body with fire. He is very playful and reckless with his power. He has hate for the Cataclysmic due to them killing his mother and for one time torturing him. He is very expressive and loves the street fights.

Kevin Durnad as Bummo – The most loyal member of the Owlmen and the biggest and strongest. He has super strength and can leap for long and high distances. His father was a villain who broke Owlman’s back and was known as the Brogger. He saved Keanu when he was younger and Keanu saved him from death from Cataclysmic and Bummo owes his life to him.

Skandar Keynes as Yonder – A member of the Owlmen with the power to teleport and is a vital member of the group. His mother was hit with radiation while she was pregnant with him and he garner the ability. He is very quiet and keeps to himself but enjoys hanging out with the group.


Michael Fassbender as Taper Clark– The leader of the rival gang, Cataclysmic, An government official and Trish’s husband and father of her unborn child. The original descent of the most powerful hero, Beyondman, His father died along with other heroes which triggered the end of the war. He has his father’s powers and in his youth used it to help the city but stopped after losing the inspiration. He is obsessed with creating another Powerman and is willing to do anything to make it.

Orland Bloom as Jetty – Taper’s right hand and leader of the street fighters. He is very dangerous and has a great hate for Keanu for blasting off his arm and has then tried taking his arm off as well. He is rude and use a heavy dose of curse words. He has the power of telekinesis.

Nicholas Hoult as Quarker – A member of Cataclysmic, he has the power to make his skin sliver and deflect bullets and fire. He is very quiet but still dangerous. Though he lacks personality he follows orders and does them well.

Noah Segan as Willy – A member of Cataclysmic, He has regenerative powers and is the lackey of the group who is usually bullied. He tries to prove his worth but has no respect in the group.

Vin Diesel as Gore - A member of Cataclysmic. He is Bummo’s brother who also shares his power. He hates his brother for being weak and fragile. Gore is aggressive and is known for torturing Renner.

Ian Harding as Tyrian – A member of Cataclysmic. He has the power of explosives and is able to make objects explode at demand. He is crazy and is known for being the most unhinged member of the group.


Emily Blunt as Trish – Tapers pregnant wife and daughter of President Jones. She is shown to care deeply about the city and cares deeply for her peers and loves her farther. She is married to Taper only due to political reasons but some suggest otherwise. She later joins Bertha’s revolution to stop her husband’s efforts.

Tessa Thompson as Bertha – The Leader of the city revolution. Not much is known about her past but she is avid to cause change in the city by leading riots and assaults on the city’s officials. She is hardened and keeps to herself but she cares for her community and deeply for all of her peers.

Aly Michalka as Emily – Part of Bertha’s community and one of leader of the resistance fighters, she was one of Taper's expirements and lied that she had a miscarriage and used it as a coy to escape. She is pregnant with Tapers child and grows an affection for Michael.

Anthony Hopkin as President Jones – The 47th President of the United States he is worried and determined to save the world. He was the vice president during the superhero war. He was almost killed during the war but was good friends with Beyondman.

Ian Somerhalder as Commissioner Wallace – The leader of police force in the town. He is shown to be very agressive and has an extreme hate for the biker gangs.

Christoph Waltz as Luke Gene – A former world renowned scientist credit for being able to multiple super powers. He was captured after the war and spent over 6 years of Federal Prison and 3 years of torture by world governments. He is escaped along with millions of people linked with starting the Superhero war. He is seen to be kinda off due to the years of torture. He wants to make a hero that will bring peace to the world.

Ty Simpkins as Jamie – A poor boy living in the community 

Tyler James Williams as Todd – Bertha's younger brother who she cares about deeply.

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