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Owen Pendragon
Owen during the 5th Century AD
Full Name Owen "Sancti" Pendragon
Current Age Unknown (Possibly Over 230 MYR)
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species / Type Dragon Lord (Dragon/Human Hybrid)
Living Town Unknown Ancient Tribe (Jurassic Period)
Class Swordsmen
Mage (Formally)
Mechanical Engineer
Main Weapon(s) Caliburn (Formally)
Marlin Model 1895SBL
Main Element(s) Light
Vulnerable to Demonic
Everything of a Human
Current Status(es) Deceased
Main Ability/ies Swordsmanship
Photokinesis (Caliburn Only)
Holy Magic (Caliburn Only)
Pyrokinesis (Formally)
Affiliation(s) Unknown Tribe (Formally)
House of Pendragon
Alpha Legion
Alias(es) Sancti Lúminis Claritátem (Child, and was given by Spatium Temporis)
The First Pendragon
Original Caliburn Wielder
The Tamer
Pendragon of Legend
Owen Grady
Master Chief Petty Officer (Rank)
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Ophis (Mother/Creator)
Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Children
King Arthur (Descendant)
John Pendragon (Descendant)
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon (Descendant)

Owen Pendragon was a legendary figure in Albion, and also in Camelot due to the fact he had created them both millions of years ago. He is also the central figure in the Pendragon Origin Legends, which was written over millions of years ago, making it the oldest known literature in human history, older then even that of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

When Arthur Pendragon became the King of Camelot during late 5th Century, Owen was actually one of the Knights of the Round Table called Sir Percival, and is also attributed to also be the Albionian God, Talos.


Mesozoic Era

Jurassic Period

Cretaceous Period

Cenozoic Era

Paleogene Period

Neogene Period

Quaternary Period (Current)

Navy Life

Hunter Life

Jurassic World

Alpha Legion

Atomic War (Fallout)

Alpha Legion


  • Photokinesis - Have coming to contact to the Archangel Mavis, Owen possesses extraordinary abilities over the forces of light and able to kill demonic beings with this skill, until the year 2012, is where he lost his powers. How he lost it is unknown, and requires the use of the sword Caliburn for Owen to use Photokinesis
  • Holy Magic (Sword Only) - Owen, with Caliburn, can harness the the forces of the Archangels of Holy power, capable of conflicting harm to High-Class Demons and Devils to Satan-Class Demons and Devisl, and even the Satan or Prince of Hell Beelzebub was mortally wounded by the Sword immense holy power that Owen wielded.
  • Master Swordsmen - Owen is seen to be one of the strongest swordsmen in the galaxy, including against the Fairy Tail's strongest Swordsmen Arthur "Uther" Pendragon and Erza Scarllet, even without the use of Caliburn.

Tamed Dino

  • Mavis
    • Mavis I
    • Mavis II
    • Mavis III
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Epsilon
  • Trilogy
    • Trilogy I
    • Trilogy II


  • The author merged Owen Pendragon and Owen Grady into one character.
  • Owen's first given name, "Sancti Lúminis Claritátem" is a Latin name being "Holy Light" in reference to the Holy Swords "Caliburn" and "Excalibur", also his descendant, King Arthur.
  • Owen Pendragon as a child is based on "Spot" from the movie "The Good Dinosaur" with "Spatium Temporis" being based on "Arlo" from the same movie.
    • Owen Pendragon is based on "Owen Grady".
      • Owen's or in this case, "Sancti Lúminis Claritátem" is also the Author's main character in the Xbox One game "Ark: Survival Evolved", and Sancti's story would take place in the game.
  • In Jurassic World Canon, "Owen Grady" is a dinosaur researcher, and former caretaker of the Velociraptors.
  • While Owen was hunting for food during the Jurassic Period, the Archangel Mavis appeared, and told him that her brother Lucifer can't find the Holy Sword, and so gave it to Owen to keep it safe, and for the future generations to protect it also.
  • When Mavis gave Owen the Sword, Lucifer started to rebel against God, and was soon cast into Hell by either God, or the Archangel Michael.
Legendary Titles
First High-King of Albion Succeed by
Brutus of Troy
Preceded by
King Arthur
Alpha Legion MCPO N/A