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Over The Hedge 2 is a 2015 computer animated film sequel to 2006 film Over The Hedge. The film was directed By Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick, produced by Tim Johnson, Bonnie Arnold, Karey Kirkpatrick and Chris Sanders. Matthew O' Callaghan will be a second director for the sequel.

The film features the cast from the first film were Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, Steve Carell, William Shatner, Wanda Sykes, Avril Lavigne, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara reprise their roles from the film with the expections of Nick Nolte (the voice of Vincent). Alec Baldwin replaced him and made his voice higher pitch. New characters will be voiced by Molly Shannon, Andy García, Betty White, Sam Elliott, Joy Behar, Susan Sarandon, Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Schaal, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, Joe Mantegna, Pitbull, Jenifer Lewis, Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, Claudia Christian, Janelle Monáe, Teri Hatcher, Bill Hader, John Leguizamo, Charlie Day, Drake, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann.


Six years after the events of Over the Hedge, Rj and the others continue to steal human food and enjoy life over the hedge. They go on vacation to Louisana to meet new animals and Heather's family. Now Vincent is back for revenge with his new minions and they will have to stop a plot to turn the last of the forest into a new mall by hunters lead by the Hunter Boss and Gladys Sharp.


  • Bruce Willis as RJ, a raccoon and Heather's love interest.
  • Garry Shandling as Verne, a turtle and RJ's 2 in command.
  • Steve Carrell as Hammy, a hyper active squirrel and he's addicted to cookies.
  • Wanda Sykes as Stella
  • William Shatner as Ozzie
  • Avril Lavigne as Heather
  • Eugene Levy as Lou
  • Catherine O'Hara as Penny
  • Shane Baumel, Sami Kirkpatrick and Madison Davenport as Spike, Bucky and Quillo
  • Omid Djalili as Tiger, a perisan cat and Stella's mate.
  • New Voices
  • Molly Shannon as Martha, Heather's long lost mother and Ozzie's wife
  • Glenn Close as Opal, Ozzie's mother and Heathers Grandmother.
  • Andy Garcia as Ivan, Ozzie's father and Heather's grandfather.
  • Katherine Helmond as Lucy, Heather's funny aunt and Ozzie's adopted younger sister.
  • Joy Behar as Mary, Martha's mother who is addicted to Heather and his jealousy to Ozzie.
  • Sam Elliott as Shaw, Martha's father and Heather's 2nd grandfather.
  • Susan Sarandon as Rebbecca, Heather's second aunt and Ryan's adopted mother.
  • Will Arnett as Goose, a duck who is leading the other animals to move the hunters in order to help everything.
  • Alec Baldwin as Vincent, a bear who has own minions to seek revenge on RJ and reformed at the end.
  • Kristin Schaal as Daisy, a green gecko who is Vincent's minion. She is child-ish and dumb-witted.
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Shannon, a pig who is Vincent's book smart minion who is funny and positive.
  • Joe Mantega as Felipe, a scarlet macaw who is a creepest minion of Vincent.
  • Cheech Marin as Nigel, an eagle who is a tomboy minion of Vincent.
  • Jimmy Fallon as Ryan, a fox who is Heather's childhood friend and RJ's friend. When he's afraid of hunters when he's a little fox and stood up to them to rescue RJ and the gang.
  • Pitbull as Bernardo, a Indian American owl who is Ivan's rival.
  • Jenifer Lewis as Margaret, a duck who is Shaw's friend and Heather's nanny.
  • Bruno Mars as Pablo, a spix macaw who is the first member of Ryan's friends.
  • Phillip Lawrence as Tiffony, a scarlet macaw who is the second member of Ryan's friends.
  • Nicki Minaj as Sara, a flamingo who is the third member of Ryan's friends.
  • Claudia Christian as Helga, a Roseate Spoonbill who is the fourth member of Ryan's friends.
  • Janelle Monaé as Viola, a ostrich who is the fifth member of Ryan's friends.
  • Teri Hatcher as Rosie, a badger who is a new member of the family.
  • Bill Hader as Bob, a ferret who is a new member of the family.
  • Danny Mann as Rob, a chicken who is a new member of the family.
  • Charlie Day as Charlie, Hammy's long lost cousin and a new member of the family.
  • John Leguizamo as Jamie, a chameleon lizard who is a new member of the family.
  • Jeff Daniels as The Hunter Boss, a hunter who is a leader with Gladys Sharp and the leader of the hunters who wants to attack animals.
  • Allison Janney as Gladys Sharp.
  • Rebel Wilson as Lei Lei, a flamingo who is sweet and handsome with a ribbon dancer.
  • Drake as Little Bird, a parakeet.
  • Alison Brie as Hannah, a mouse who is taller and a new member of the family.
  • Martin Short as Billy, a rabbit who is a new member of the family.
  • Max Greenfield as Roger, a frog.
  • Leslie Mann as Amy, a ostrich.
  • Bryan Cranston as Digger, a beaver who is nice and smart to RJ and the gang.
  • Jane Lynch as Tansy, a scarlet macaw.
  • Jessie J as Pei, a female spix macaw who is part of Lei Lei's ribbon dancer.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson as Pedro, a chicken who is a part of RJ's team.
  • Alain Chabat as Palipi, a scarlet macaw who is part of the teenage group.
  • Nick Offerman as Blue, a tapir who is welcomed RJ and the gang.
  • Adam DeVine as Steven, a rat.
  • Heather Morris as Jane, a military macaw who is part of the teenage group.
  • Jeffrey Garcia as Root, a chicken who is one of the crowd.
  • Cree Summer as Lara, a Golden Parakeet who is part of the teenage group.
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Penny, a military macaw who is Helga's friend and a part of the teenage group.
  • Ester Dean as Soccer Announcer, a hornbill.
  • John Michael Higgins as Show Announcer.
  • Bernando De Paula as Sid, a spoonbill





  • The film was originally going to be released in June 2014, but it was pushed back on May 15, 2015 due to avoid competition with How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Planes Fire and Rescue.
  • Rated PG for some rude humor and mild comic action.
  • 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation distribute it with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer co-producing.
  • Nick Nolte was supposed to reprise his role as Vincent, but he was replaced by Alec Baldwin.
  • The first Over The Hedge film to be distributed by 20th Century Fox since the end of DreamWorks Animation deal with Paramount Pictures in 2012.
  • Nick Offerman, Charlie Day and Alison Brie previously starred in The Lego Movie.
  • When Bruce Willis recording the voice of RJ, he used the phrase from Die Hard saying "Yippe Ki Yay mother-nature".
  • John Leguizamo, Wanda Sykes, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rebel Wilson, Alain Chabat and Heather Morris previously starred in Ice Age: Continental Drift.
  • According to the teaser trailer, J.K Simmons was originally voicing The Hunter Boss, but he was replaced by Jeff Daniels. Simmons would later voice Kai in Kung Fu Panda 3.
  • Avril Lavigne recorded three songs for the movie.
  • Teri Hatcher and Danny Mann are the only actors that starred in Planes series.
  • When the song "We Are" is playing and the characters are dancing, the actors in the recording booth can be seen in colourful frame.
  • Jessie J's first animation debut, the second is Ice Age: Collusion Course.
  • Nugent the dog from Over The Hedge had a very little screen time in the film.
  • Claudia Christian and Jacqueline Obradors previously starred in Atlantis The Lost Empire.
  • Adam DeVine, Max Greenfield and Neil deGrasse Tyson later starred in Ice Age: Collusion Course.