"Oval Murdering and Haunted Houses"




Guest star(s)

Angelina Jolie as Laurie Ghost
Steve Blum as the ghost leader


Tom King
Nate Cash
Chris Savino
Bob Boyle (teleplay)


Tom King
Tim Hill
Meghan McCarthy

Production No.



October 23, 2007

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"Oval Murdering and Haunted Houses" is an episode of Season 6 from Cartoon Network animated series Johnny the Oval. It aired on October 23, 2007.


Johnny and his dad are watching scary movies and it makes them scared. Johnny's mum was anxious when she tells them not to watch horror films. When Johnny's family go to sleep, the murderer entered his house and stabbed Johnny's dad to death because it was terrible. The police arrived to investigate some crimes. Johnny's mum tells him and Holly that they should not enter the house because it was condemned. Johnny and Holly asked their friends for help if they can solve mysteries. So they went to the haunted house and Sammy think it is terrifying but the zombies are attacking them. So, Johnny, Sammy, Holly, Jimmy, Timmy and Lucy managed to defeat the zombies but Tommy is afraid of them. Johnny said "Holly, Lucy, Tommy and Sammy, go to the secret entrance while Timmy, Jimmy and I go to look for some ghosts." and they went to look for some ghosts. Johnny, Jimmy and Timmy found a ghost girl (Laurie) and a ghost leader and they ran away from them.

Johnny and his two boys used ghost vacuum cleaners to get rid of them. Holly, Lucy, Sammy and Tommy cheered to Johnny, Jimmy and Timmy and ghosts got of the vacuums, however. Johnny and his friends went to the lab to have a plan to get rid off zombies and ghosts. They became poltergeists to get rid of them and Johnny uses Sammy as a vacuum cleaner to suck them. The oval kids finally found the blood and the skulls and managed to get out of the haunted house before it collapses. Johnny and his friends saved the day but Johnny said to the police and realised that Jimmy is the criminal. After solving crimes, Johnny and the rest of his family went to their father's funeral but he's turned into a zombie scaring the citizens of Ovalsburg as the episode ends.


Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Nicole Dove as Johnny's mum

Additional cast

Guest stars


  • This episode proves that horror movies are scary for Johnny and his dad.
  • Johnny's dad has been murdered and killed off for the only time
  • The episode shows that Tommy has fear of zombies and ghosts.
  • The scene was cut in Australia when the oval zombies eats the kids' brains.
  • The episode is banned everywhere (except Australia and US) due to blood and gore.

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