Developer(s) Techland

Terminal Reality

Publisher(s) Werewolf Studios
Series Outbreak
Engine Chrome Engine 5
Released July 5th, 2014
Genre(s) Action role-playing, survival horror
Mode(s) Single-Player, Multiplayer
  • (First-person view)
Platform(s) Windows
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
System requirements Optical disc, download

Outbreak is an action role-playing survival horror video game developed by Techland and Terminal Reality and published by Werewolf Studios for Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

It tells a story of six human survivors who are centered in surviving in a worldwide zombie-infested apocalypse and since forming themselves as a team to survive, they have a plan to escape out of the United States and try to head into another state to survive. The game was announced on E3 2011, but was pushed back for a 2014 release. It was released on July 5th, 2014 worldwide and was praised postivive reviews.

It is the first installment of the Outbreak trilogy with two later installments, Outbreak II and Outbreak III.


Outbreak features an apparent open world roaming, divided by relatively large areas, and played from a first-person perspective. Most of the gameplay is built around combat and completing quests. Outbreak is an action role-playing game and uses experience-based gameplay and character customization, though options are quite limited, it is more character selection rather than "customization". The player earns XP by completing tasks and killing enemies. When leveling up, the player gains health and stamina, and can invest one skill point into a skill tree and level up one of their skills. The Player can also preform assassinations when specific or when enemy health is very low

In Outbreak, the game has Melees, Firearms and Sidearms. Melees are in the whole entire game up to the very end of it and are more common to find. Sidearms are introduced during the mid-beginning when the player complete quests or scavenged in hidden chests. Firearms are introduced during the mid-later session when enemies drop them, found in chests or completing quests.

The game features "Special" and normal zombies, which are more powerful than the standard zombie. Players need to use flashlights in dark areas and during night-time sections. The five Special Infected are "The Wyrm", "The Stalker", "The Reaper", "The Juggernaut" and "The Headblind"


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Main Characters

  • Alexander "Alex" Kesslar, a Canadian traveler and hunter from Vancover. In the group, Alex is listed as an Special-Operations Sniper and his signature weapons consist of any Sniper-classed firearms, any Rifle-classed firearms, dual-wielding glocks, any axe and any machete. He is first seen in the prologue with the rest of the characters (except for Jessica). During his backstory, he was born in Vancover and was a traveler from now and then, but he was also a hunter in which, explains why he has many wilderness weapons and usually lived in a camper van. Duing the worldwide infection, he took what ever supplies are available with him and tries to see if anyone else is alive.
  • Thomas "Gunner" Handson, an American soldier who fought during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. In the group, Thomas is listed as Demolitions Expert and in most cutscenes, he is seen wielding any Rocket-classed firearms, sometimes any sidearm, a spade or a pickaxe. During his backstory, he was a soldier during the Soviet war in Afghanistan who weared camoflauged armor and a gas Mask for protection, unfortunatly during the battle, he was shot in the right arm but managed to heal it using medicine. When the Infection occured, he worn back his armor and mask, equipped on his gears and clothing and proceeded to war.
  • Connor Undorm, a Scottish teenager from Scottland. In the group, he is listedas a Strategist and in most cutscenes, he is seen wielding any Assault-classed firearm, sometimes any axe, and mostly any baseball bat. He is first seen in the prologue with the rest of the characters (except for Jessica). During his backstory, Connor came from Scottand and escaped from a helicopter that came from Scottland... but due to the helicopter's pilot was Infected, Connor planed a pipe bomb on the helicopter and landed in a deep lake in the US, having the helicopter explode from the explosion. When the Infection occured, he was able to sneak into the US with and has a few tricks in mind.
  • Jessica Brimsworth, an Australian woman trader and Merchant. In the group, she is listed as a Firearms Expert and in most cutscenes, she is seen with a crossbow, any firearm and a hunting knife. She is first introduced when her helicopter broke down, crashing into the streets... but survived the crash. During her backstory, she loved studing and researching knives and wanted one since she was a kid and dreamed of having one. On another note, her parents had a helicopter since they worked for the police. During the Infection, she took the helicopter after her parents and the whole entire police station were slaughtered by a huge horde of Infected and escaped off to a new destionation.
  • Lilly Tai, a Chineese martial-arts student and knives expert. In the group, she is listed as a Melees Expert and in most cutscenes, she is seen wielding either Assault-classed firearms (Mostly an AK), any sidearm, a fire-axe, or any knife. She is first seen in the prologue, with the rest of the characters (except for Jessica). During her backstory, she came due to a Martial-Arts tournament and resulted her winning the game, but a few days later her roomate was Infected and resulted in killing her roomate with a kitchen knife. When the Infection occured, she uses a varity of stolen knives and any melee with her... and she can be lucky with her Martial-Arts skills against the Infected.
  • Veronica "Verna" Barson, a Peurto Rican manager. In the group, she is listed as an Engineer and in most cutscenes, she is seen with any Shotgun-classed firearm, moddified electrical fists, dual-wielding tasers or any wrench. She is first seen in the prologue, with the rest of the characters (except for Jessica). During her backstory, her father was a craftsman and builted many moddifications to in secret, her father's stored weapons. When the Infestion occured, her father told her to get the moddificatons and equippment and escape as her father sacrificed himself with a grenade blast... although it may be depressing for Veronica,  at least she has the brains to survive against the worldwide Infection.


​Walkers: Walkers are the typical and common Infected that most of the Survivors see. They are very slow, easy and quicker to kill. They are at a slow paced and are seen throughout the whole entire game. Although, even though they are easy to kill, they can form a horde and thus, making it difficult to kill them at once. They are first introduced at the very beginning and is mostly what caused the Infection to grow onto a worldwide Infection. When killing them, it is very easy to use with a melee as it takes 1-3 hits (depending on Melee and level of Melee), Firearms can kill them with 1-5 shots (depending on Firearm) and Sidearms kill them with between 1-5 shots and headshots kill them easily (depending on Sidearm). These are Infected that preforming an assassination can be much easier.

Runners: Runners are the second common Infected that most of the Survivors see. They are fast and easy to kill, but not quicker to kill. Like mentioned, they can run fast and never stop running at the player, unless the player is hidden and like the Walkers, are seen throughout the whole entire game. The runners come in pairs of 5-8 and are mostly seen with Walkers during horde forming, but are easy to spot.

They are introduced during quater of the beginning when the Player is saving the group from a large horde and are the other reason why the Infestion happened. When killing them, it can be easy to use a melee as it can take between 3-4 hits (depending on Melee and level of Melee), Firearms can kill them between 1-5 shots (depending on Firearm) and Sidearms can kill them between 1-3 (depending on Sidearm). They can sometimes be easy to preform an assassionation on them, but a bit tricky due to the fast speeding.

Crawlers: Crawlers are Infected that the survivors only see during most of the daytime. They are introduced around the beginning, but can be in the form of two ways. The first way is if the Survivor proceeds by having the Crawlers legs or lower half of the Crawler's body removed and is still active. The second way is if they hade the legs or lower body removed, but remain on the ground as a way to trick the player.

Crawlers are very slow and can be easy to kill, but may be difficult as the Crawler can grab the player's leg and try to attack the player. They are introduced when the player heads towards out of the city, after saving the group from a horde. When killing them, it is very easy for a melee as it takes 1-2 hits (depending on Melee and level of Melee), Firearms with one shot and Sidearms can kill them between 1-2 shots (depending on Sidearm). It is possible to preform an assassination on a Crawler, but not common due to the depending of how the Crawler forms in gameplay.

Jumpers: Jumpers are Infected, in the form of a Walker or a Runner, but can jump over obstacles. They are introduced during when the Player saves the group from the horde. When killing them, it depends on what they choose their form in gameplay, if the Jumper is in the form of a Walker, it has the same health as a Walker and if the Jumper is in the form of a Runner, it has the same health as a Runner, but can be difficult to kill a Runner-themed Jumper as it can be possible for the Runner-themed Jumper to dodge bullets via charing at the player.

When preforming an assassination on a Jumper, it depends. If it's Walker-themed, it is easy for it to be preformed, but if it's Runner-themed, it can be tricky for it to be preformed sucsessfully.

Special Infected

The Wyrm: The Wyrm is a large Infected that serves as a Boss or Leader during battle. It is a large tremor-like Infected, but acts more like a Serpent. The Wyrm can be seen only when a Boss Battle occurs and that is when either near an objective or quest is done, or one can spawn randomly during a battle. Mostly, there is one per Boss Battle and are hard to kill. The Wyrm has rows of sharp fangs which can pierce prey with ease, a spiked tongue when ensaring a target, has a body with small spikes for causing damage to targets nearby the Wyrm's body and has a long tail like a whip. The best way to kill a Wyrm is to blind out it's 8 eyes, then have two ways to finishing it off.... either have an explosive and fire it into's it's open mouth, or using an assassination, Jump on the Wyrm's head, using a "Sharp" Melee and have the melee through the Wyrm's head, killing it.

The Stalker: The Stalker is an Infected that appears during battle or only at night, when there will be a few Infected out. The Stalker's appearance is that of a normal Infected, but has a long mutated sharpful tail to ensnare targets and when the target can't escape out, the Stalker will slit the target's throat with it's sharped end on the tail. The Stalker's face contains teeth and eyes of that, of an Anaconda, giving it more of a deadly look to it. The Best way to kil a Stalker is using a weapon of any sort, weaken it by either aim at the chest, or blow one of the Stalker's arm/hand off... then with a final blow, aim at the head and strike at it, it can result in a decaptiation, the head being shattered and crushed or have the weapon through it's head (Sharp melee only). Another way is behind the Stalker, preform an assassination quickly where then it can be easily defeated.

The Reaper: The Reaper is an Infected that appears only in the nightest of daylight. The Stalker has an apperance is a large hunter-like Infected, but with slited red eyes, long sharp fangs and long claws that can rip flesh into pieces. They have a crouched back and can pounce onto a Survivor out of the darkness. When so, the Reaper rips open the Survivor's chest and finishes them off by having to bite at the Survivor's face.. killing them with ease. The best way to kill a Reaper is to stick together and wait until you hear one of your teamates being attacked by one and if so, you can kill the Reaper easy by having a good weapon. You can try to preform an assassination on a Reaper, but it is hard since they are at one of your teammates.

The Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is a large Infected that acts to kill "anything" that is still human or is still alive. The Juggernaut consists of having a small rounded head with a lowered jaw, and seen to have a giant musclular body, with two arms. One of the arms is a big and muscular arm with a powerful fist and shows to have medium-sized fingers for picking up any target, wheras the other arm is a thick and dangerous arm in the shape of a blunted club, that can be pretty lethal in battle. The Juggernaut's feet are normal sized, but can run pretty fast at the player, but can be dodged out of the way. The best way to kill a Juggernaut is with at least 4 players, sticking together and to avoid the Juggernaut's attacks or speed running. If you are playing solo, the best way is to have a good leveled weapon of sort, avoid the Juggernaut's attacks and aim mostly at the head for a more faster way to kill it. It can be possible to assassinate the Juggernaut, however it must be required that the Juggernaut must be at low health and if the Juggernaut runs at a wall and crashes into it, there's a few seconds to run behind it and preform a assassination on it.

The Headblind: The Headblind is a Special Infected that can use the ability to blind or to distract the player. The Headblind is seen as a chubby and slow Infected that has both of it's eyes slashed out, but can still sense the players by movement. The Headblind is seen as a blinded Infected, however there are two versions of the Headblind. The male Headblind is seen wearing shirtless and having torn and ripped jeans and is shown having . The female Headblind is seen as having a pink torn shirt, dark black pants and dirty running shoes, with blond hair and instead of having slashed eyes, are just eyeless slots.. Both of these versions have the ability to blind the player by using a lime-colored slimely liquid out of it's mouth and hurling at the player or throwing up at the player and while occuring, the Headblind can attack the player while the player is covered in slime. The best way to kill a Headblind are two ways, either avoid the attacks of the Headblind and attack it with a good leveled weapon of sort, or since the Headblind knows by movement, just stand still for around 5 minutes or slowly move into cover and wait until it's far away for you to kill it (May want to use a Sniper-themed Firearm for this way). It's a little tricky to preform an assassination on a Headblind since it can tell by movement, however if you jump onto the Headblind from a high platform, you can possibly preform an "Air-themed" assassination to kill it.


In Outbreak, Weapons are the main key and resorce to survive. Most of these weapons are common, while some are pretty rare to find. Weapons are the one thing in the game that is mostly seen anywhere and can defeat any Infected with all the might that the weapon has


Melee Weapons are weapons that is most common in the game. Some of the characters have interest using these melees, especially Lilly. Melee can depend from lowest durability, to the highest and the best melee in the game.

  • Brass Knuckles
  • Broomstick
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Cane Knife
  • Canoe Paddle
  • Crowbar
  • Construction Hammer
  • Combat Knife
  • Cleaver
  • Fire Axe
  • Felling Axe
  • Frying Pan
  • Golf Club
  • Hatchet
  • Heavy Brass Knuckles
  • Homemade Cleaver
  • Homemade Knife
  • Homemade Machete
  • Hunting Knife
  • Katana
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Kukri
  • Machete
  • Mace
  • Metal Baseball Bat
  • Nail Hammer
  • Pickaxe
  • Pitchfork
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Police Baton
  • Pocket Knife
  • Shovel
  • Sickle
  • Spade
  • Sledgehammer
  • Splitting Axe
  • Spiked Brass Knuckles
  • Spiked Baseball Bat
  • Stick
  • Switchblade
  • Trench Knife
  • Wakizashi
  • Wooden Baton
  • Wooden Baseball Bat
  • Wrench









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