Out on a Lamb is a short with Douglas Duck and Chris and Dhris.


Douglas cuts a branch at the chipmunks' tree and puts tar to cause Dhris to stop picking acorns. But things get sticky when Dhris passes the tar to Chris. Just then, Chris tries to get off Dhris and it worked. Douglas then makes a joke with his leaf cutter to make the chipmunks think it's a scary bird, and they got scared, so they tried to hurt it but to no avail. Douglas then makes his cutter an acorn cracker which causes the chipmunks to get mad, so they put a rock on the cutter and Douglas sank in the ground, Chris goes to check and Douglas got mad at them and chased them, but there are tons of leaves. His grass cutter cuts the leaves but also the chipmunks' ears. Douglas eventually ends up getting an electric shock on the high voltage wires and falls on the leaves. Chris and Dhris then put the tar on Douglas, turning him into a leaf monster, which causes the chipmunks to laugh in triumph.




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