Our Sons is a 1995 drama film written and directed by Gabriele Mucchino starring Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Daryl Hannah, Melissa Leo, Oliver Platt, Kelly LeBrock, Aaron Ashmore, Shawn Ashmore and Gary Sinise.

The film concerns two twin youths with a mother in a lesbian relationship and all the problems and complications that come with their mother's new sexual orientation and her choices.

The film was nominated for two oscars 1. For Best Original Screenplay and 2. Best Supporting Actor: Gary Sinise.

The film received the 1994 Palm D'Amor for truly moving picture.


Christine Lavish (Julia Roberts) is a single mother raising her two troubled 15 year old twin sons Burt (Aaron Ashmore) and Michael (Shawn Ashmore) following the death of the boy's father and the seperation from her abusive psychopathic criminal ex-boyfriend James Ollings (Gary Sinise).

She has just struck romance with a woman Eleanor Dubont (Julianne Moore) who has moved in with her and who assists in the raising of the two troubled twin boys.

The boys Burt and Michael find themselves picked upon by other school students for their mother's new sexual orientation and in defence of their mother have got into alot of fights.

They also find themselves dealing with a Principal Lennox (Melissa Leo) who is against gay people and keeps continously suspending the boys for their fights which are in mere defence of the nasty bullies making comments about their mother and her orientation.

Things become more complicated as vengeance seeking James strolls into town with his junkie girlfriend Patricia (Daryl Hannah) and becomes interested in killing his ex-girlfriend and her two sons as well as her new lover Eleanor.

He strikes first by murdering Principal Lennox and making the crime look as though it was committed by Eleanor which lands her in prison and turns Christine against her.

He then comes to kill Christine and the two boys but ultimatley fails as his abused junkie girlfriend Patricia distracts him long enough for Burt to shoot him to death witha gun he takes from Christine's night-stand.


  • Julia Roberts as Christine Lavish
  • Julianne Moore as Eleanor Dubont
  • Daryl Hannah as Patricia Farmage
  • Melissa Leo as Principal Amy Lennox
  • Aaron Ashmore as Burt Lavish
  • Shawn Ashmore as Michael Lavish
  • Gary Sinise as James Ollings
  • Doug Jones as Grocery Store Clerk Campbell
  • Oliver Platt as Detective Rhys Hogan
  • Kelly LeBrock as Detective Juliet Mason
  • Michael Schoeflling as Detective Mike Handle
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