Otherworldly is a 2011 American Science Fiction Action Horror Drama Film written by Joss Whedon & Jane Espenson and directed by Joss Whedon starring Rick Malambri, Eddie Redmayne, Yvonne Strahovski, Jay Baruchel, Cam Gigandet, Erika Christensen, Gina Carano, Sebastian Stan and Michael Gambon.

The film is presented in found footage and was shot in the Nevada Desert and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The film follows the exploits of a man, his wife, brother, bestfriend, wife's sister, her bestfriend, two groomsmen and the groom's father who become stranded in the Nevada Desert with murderous extra-terrestials who get inside the group's minds attempting to drive them murderous and insane and turn them against each other.

The film was released on November 18th, 2011 theatrically and was met with a good critical reception.


The film begins with groom to be Darwin James (Rick Malambri) travelling to Las Vegas with brother Abraham (Jay Baruchel), bestfriend Riley Jones (Eddie Redmayne) and two party wild groomsmen Rhys Matchett (Cam Gigandet) and Walter Lyons (Sebastian Stan) for his bachelor party and wedding.

His father meets up with them for the bachelor party which is a wild night filled with strippers, drugs and alcohol.

We also see bride to be Samantha Clairton (Yvonne Strahovski) come to Vegas with her mother, sister Janet (Erika Christensen) and bestfriend Julie Simmons (Gina Carrano) for her bachelorette party.

We see everything that transpires through the cam-corder of Abraham James and the day following the wild bachelor and bachelorette parties Dar and Sam are married.

Following the wedding the group depart for a celebration in the Nevada desert where a meteorite falls from the sky along with what is believed to be a large aircraft.

They come to the site of the wreckage and Rhys is hit with a strange liquid substance which shoots at his face.

From there the limo is damaged and the group find themselves stranded in the Nevada desert far from the road.

Rhys is driven delusional by the liquid substance which hit him and comes to cliff which the liquid makes him believe is a road and where he after being approached by Janet shoots the liquid to her before accidentally falling off the cliff into a pit where he smashes his face in on rocks below.

The group after returning to their campsite after coming to Janet and discovering Rhys' body discover their cell phones back at camp have been destroyed.

A figure is spotted on the horizon and the group upon coming to collect Rhys' body discover his corpse has vanished.

They come back to the strange aircraft that night as Janet sneaks off to it where they discover her yelling at it for it to take something back and the ship opens up and releases horrible looking extra-terrestials which attack and shoot black liquid at Riley and cam-corder wielding Abraham.

Janet's condition worsens after the group escape the extra-terrestials who eventually leave in their ship.

Janet believes them be inside her and begins to have episodes at night where they take control of her body and attack the others whilest harming herself.

The group comes to restrain her and Abraham and Riley discover they are changing.

Janet eventually starts to cut herself trying to apparently hack out what's growing inside her.

Julie unable to deal with all that's happened runs away trying to reach road.

Janet accidentally stabs sister Samantha which leaves with the high chance she will bleed to death within 24 hours.

Janet comes to flee from the group and upon being found begins to lash out and then stab herself in the heart with a weird knife she pulls out of her stomach.

Riley descends into madness and believes that everyone is against him and that they are all mad.

He takes off the night following Janet's suicide to track down Julie who he finds at a road at dawn and who he kills with the knife confiscated from Janet by chasing down Julie on the road and slicing into her back.

A car with a fisherman inside comes to her body and is killed as Riley takes him by surprise and slowly disembowles him.

Riley takes the car and drives back to the others claiming he's got a vehicle for them all to escape in.

Walter clicks on by minute traces of blood he sees on the side of Riley's shirt that he's committed a murder and after wrestling with him with the help of Darwin after Riley lashes out at them is brutally stabbed to death.

He himself is killed by Darwin who turns the knife on him and stabs him through the head.

Darwin's father Peter (Michael Gambon) then rushes away in the fisherman's vehicle with Darwin, the bleeding to death Samantha and cam-corder holding Abraham.

The group by night begin a drive along the road and the extra-terrestials return as Abraham changes into one of them.

He as one of them attacks the others and is flung from the car.

He is flung out of the car with brother Darwin and Samantha whilest Peter James comes to a halt.

Darwin gets the upper hand and after passionatley kissing Samantha tells her to run and that he loves her before storming towards his brother and the rest of the extra-terrestials.

The Abraham extra-terrestial and the other extra-terrestials glance at each other briefly before a grinning Abe extra-terrestial by telekinesis snaps Darwin's neck and causing him to implode.

Sam makes it back to Peter and the car and as they begin to drive away all the extra-terrestials including Abe flip the car which kills Peter in the wreckage.

A further more injured Sam escapes the car and begins to hobble away.

The knocked down cam-corder captures Sam on the road as she begins to change into an extra-terrestial.


  • Rick Malambri as Darwin James
  • Eddie Redmayne as Riley Jones
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Samantha James
  • Jay Baruchel as Abraham James
  • Cam Gigandet as Rhys Matchett
  • Erika Christensen as Janet Clairton
  • Gina Carano as Julie Simmons
  • Sebastian Stan as Walter Lyons
  • Michael Gambon as Peter James
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