The epic conclusion to the "Orphan" saga.


  • Ellen Wroe as Lucy Coleman/The main character and Esther's former foster sister, she is now 19 years old
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Hermione McDonnell/Esther's half sister
  • Keke Palmer as Hallie Jones/Hermione's best friend and Esther former foster sister
  • Isabelle Furham as Esther Sissy-Jones-Coleman, a.k.a Leena Klammer-McDonnell/The killler
  • Rene Russo as Rachel Klammer/Esther and Hermione's mother
  • Vera Farmiga as Kate Coleman/Lucy, Daniel and Max's mom
  • Jimmy Bennett as Daniel Coleman/Kate's son
  • Aryana Engineer as Max Coleman/Kate's daughter
  • Nico Tictorolla as Luke Cooper/Hermione's ex-boyfriend
  • Jaden Smith as Fredro Jones/Hallie's brother
  • Willow Smith as Saria Jones/Halle's sister
  • Vanassa Morgan as Carrie Jones/Hallie's cousin
  • Bobby Campo as Jerry Alton/The principal of Trinter High School and Lucy's love interest
  • Odette Annable as Elise Jeans/Esther's target
  • Nikki Reed as Penny Looken/Elise's new friend
  • Meagan Good as Isharia Jansen/Elise's new friend
  • Atticus Mitchell as Carlos Finkle/Elise's new friend
  • Amber Heard as Bea Sissy/Hermione's goth friend and Esther's former foster sister
  • Conner Gibbs as Kevin Sissy/Bea's brother
  • Emma Watson as Lizzy Lover/Bea's best friend


Lucy Coleman

Hermione McDonnell

Hallie Jones

Esther Sissy-Jones-Coleman

Rachel Klammer

Kate Coleman

Daniel Coleman

Max Coleman

Luke Cooper

Fredro Jones

Saria Jones

Carrie Jones

Jerry Alton

Elise Jeans

Penny Looken

Carlos Finkle

Bea Sissy

Kevin Sissy

Lizzy Lover


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