Hermione wake in the coma after shot in ankle then stomach 2 time by her half sister, Esther. Hallie, Lucy and Hermione try tell the Sissy family, Esther is the killer.


The movie open with Hermione McDonnell (AnnaSophia Robb) was chase and shot in ankle by her half sister Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman). Hermione run and go to train station. Esther follow her. Hermione is still beathing when she was shot. Hermione get on the train then Esther saw Hermione on the train. Esther get on the train. Hermione grab vodka and drink it. Esther found Hermione and say her real name is Sophie Klammer. Hermione hit Esther in the bottle is still vodka. Esther and Hermione fight. Hermione got off the train then Esther got off the train and chase Hermione. Hermione found a gun and Hermione miss Esther when Hermione shot in the gun 3 time. A guard saw Hermione take 2 vodka. Hermione hold the gun and said the guard so loudly "Get down, Get down, I got my half sister think I am asshole". Hermione saw Esther. Hermione start run. Esther grab Hermione then hit Hermione 2 vodka bottle is still vodka. Esther grab the gun and kick Hermione 3 time. Esther shot Hermione in stomach 2 time. People scream and Esther move Hermione's body. Nobody saw Hermione's body. Esther push Hermione's body and land the woman's bag. The woman was scream and find Hermione's body.

3 month later Hermione wake in the coma and saw her mother, Rachel Klammer (Rene Russo) in the room. Rachel tell Hermione, her real father was killed by the police in outside when rape Rachel in the bedroom, When Hermione was 6 week old, Rachel give Hermoine to her step mother. Hallie Jones (Keke Palmer), Fredro Jones (Jaden Smith) and Saria Jones (Willow Smith) saw Rachel wake in the coma. Hallie was happy when Hermione wake in the coma. Hermione don,t wanted to stay in the hospital and Rachel go to tell the doctor. Hallie try tell Hermione when she was walk. Hermione saw Lucy (Jodelle Ferland) in outside of the hospital.


  • AnnaSophia Robb as Hermione McDonnell a.k.a Sophie Klammer/The main character and Esther's half sister
  • KeKe Palmer as Hallie Jones/Hermione's best friend and Esther's former foster sister
  • Jodelle Ferland as Lucy Coleman/Esther's former foster sister, she is now 17 years old
  • Rene Russo as Rachel Klammer/Esther and Hermione's mother
  • Jaden Smith as Fredro Jones/Hallie's little brother
  • Willow Smith as Saria Jones/Hallie's little sister
  • Amber Heard as Bea Sissy/A goth teenager who befriended Hermione and Esther's new sister
  • Amy Smart as Olivia Sissy/Bea's mother and she the one who found Hermione was shot in train station.
  • Conner Gibbs as Kevin Sissy/Bea's brother
  • Emma Watson as Lizzy Lover/Bea's best friend
  • Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther Sissy-Jones-Coleman a.k.a Leena McDonnell-Klammer/The killer and Hermione's half sister
  • Channing Tatum as Steve Lover/Lizzy's brother
  • Shia LaBeof as Wilbert Solo
  • Scott Porter as Larry Winstead
  • Olivia Wilde as Amanda Riley
  • Briana Evigan as Hanna Parks


Hermione McDonnell

Hallie Jones

Lucy Coleman

Rachel Klammer

Fredro Jones

Saria Jones

Bea Sissy

Kevin Sissy

Lizzy Lover

Esther Sissy-Jones-Coleman/Leena Klammer


  • Hanna Parks- Head smashed with rock
  • Amanda Riley- Throat slashed
  • Larry Winstead- Smothered with pillows
  • Wilbert Solo- Jaw ripped off
  • Steve Lover- Head cut in half with sythe
  • Olivia Sissy- Strangled with belt


The Opening Scene

  • (Screen black)
  • Hermione: (Breath), Esther, please, don't kill me.
  • (Gunshot at Hermione's ankle)
  • Hermione: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • (Hermione scream and run)
  • (Screen goes black)
  • (Hermione beathing and run)
  • Hermione: GOD!
  • (Esther run and chase Hermione)
  • (Hermione run)
  • Man in the train station: Hey!
  • Hermione: Sorry!
  • (Hermione run to get the train)
  • Hermione: OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!!!
  • (Hermione saw Esther)
  • Hermione: SHIT!!
  • Man in the train: Let her.
  • Another man in the train: Fine.
  • (Train doors open)
  • Hermione: Yes!
  • (Hermione jump)
  • Esther: Good.
  • (Esther jump)
  • Man in the train: You idiot, you open all of the fucking door!
  • Another man in the train: Oh shit!
  • Hermione: Thank you.
  • (Hermione run)
  • Esther: Move.
  • (Esther run)
  • (Hermione grab vodka)
  • Man: Hey!
  • Hermione: Sorry.
  • (Hermione drink the vodka)
  • (Esther saw Hermione)
  • Esther: Got you.
  • Man: Tell her, to....
  • (Esther push the man)
  • Esther: Not now.
  • Esther: Hello, Hermione.
  • Hermione: No.
  • Esther: Or is Sophie Klammer.
  • Hermione: I'm not Sophie Klammer.
  • Esther: I know it is your real name.
  • Hermione: No.
  • Esther: Has you got something to say to me?
  • Hermione: Yes.
  • Hermione: This.
  • (Hermione hit Esther in the bottle is still vodka)
  • Esther: Damn it.
  • (Hermione and Esther fight)
  • (Everbody in the train scream)
  • (Hermione got off the train)
  • (Esther got off the train)
  • (Esther chase Hermione)
  • Hermione: A gun.
  • Esther: A gun, shot me.
  • (Esther run)
  • (Hermione miss Esther when Hermione shot in the gun 3 time)
  • Hermione: Good, leave me alone.
  • (Hermione walk)
  • (Hermione saw Esther)
  • Hermione: SHIT!
  • (Hermione run)
  • (Hermione groan)
  • (Hermione put the gun in the coat)
  • (Hermione run)
  • (Hermione walk)
  • Hermione: Vodka.
  • (Hermione grab 2 vodka)
  • Guard: Hey, hey, hey!
  • Guard: I have take you out of the shop!
  • (Hermione hold the gun)
  • (Everbody scream)
  • Guard: Look.
  • Hermione: Get down, Get down, I got my half sister think I am asshole!
  • Hermione: Stay down!
  • Guard: OK!
  • (Hermione walk)
  • Esther: Hermione.
  • (Hermione run)
  • (Esther grab Hermione)
  • Hermione: Hey, get off!
  • Esther: I hit you with the vodka, not one, two.
  • (Esther hit Hermione in two vodka)
  • (Hermione groan)
  • (Esther kick Hermione)
  • Hermione: NO!
  • (Esther grab the gun)
  • Hermione: Dont, Esther, everbody is watching!
  • Esther: I don,t care.
  • Hermione: No, no, no, no!
  • (Esther shot Hermione in stomach 2 time)
  • (Hermione groan)
  • (Everbody scream)
  • Esther: You are come with me.
  • (Esther move Hermione's body)
  • Esther: Good luck, to wake in the hospital, Hermione.
  • (Esther push Hermione to the woman's bag)
  • (Esther walk)
  • (The woman saw Hermione's body)
  • Woman: Oh my god!
  • Woman: Somebody call 911, she got shot!
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