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40 minutes


Bradley Steven Perry
Laura Harrier
Charlie McDermott
Amy Jo Johnson
Matthew Perry

Origins is the television series that showing the origins of The Darcy Kids.


It shows a boy named Alex Williams, whom before he become Cillian Darcy, who has an overprotective mother who's a senator, a patriarch dad who owns a expanded franchise and some siblings.


  • Bradley Steven Perry as Alex Williams, the protagonist who became Cillian Darcy in the two-parter episode, Cillian Rises after an accident by Max Junior.
  • Laura Harrier as Molly Williams, Alex's older sister who enjoys bullying him.
  • Charlie McDermott as Max Williams Jr., Alex and Molly's eldest brother who was forced by some woman to create an terrible accident on Alex.
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Jenny Williams, Alex, Max Junior, and Molly's overprotective mother who's a senator.
  • Matthew Perry as Max Williams Sr., Alex, Max Junior, and Molly's patriarch dad who owns a expanded franchise.
  • China Anne McClain as Melanie Wilson, Alex's girlfriend and Mike's sister.
  • Doc Shaw as Mike Wilson , Alex's best friend and Melanie's brother.
  • Cameron Boyce as Eric Powers, Alex's ally who became Cillian Darcy's brother Lorcan Darcy in second season, He's the professonal dancer turned gun shooter.
  • Maisie Williams as Frozen Star , The mysterious girl who becames Cillian and Lorcan's younger triplet sister in the tenth episode of the second season.
  • Morgan Lily as Melanie Winters, A Royale Princess who's prepared to be assassinated. She became Cillian and Lorcan's younger half sister, Ellie Darcy in the season two finale.
  • Armani Jackson as Caleb Warrens Junior , Son of the head of the NFFA who became Nightmare Darcy in the third season.
  • Mckenna Grace as Rachel Quinn , A daughter of a task force agent who is adopted by an martial arts dojo owner. She became Kino Darcy.
  • Courtney Cox as Melissa Brennan, The series main antagonist who's a Spider Queen. She is serves as the Darcy Kids arch enemy and the Queen of both Spiders and Demons.


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1 1 "Pilot " Julie Anne Robinson DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler September 30, 2017 276047 8.71[3]
Alex Williams is a teenage boy who hates his life when his father makes him work in a family restaurant. His mother's a senator and made a speech for her meeting. 
2 2 "The New Location" Lee Shallat Chemel DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler October 7, 2017 3X5701 6.79[4]
Alex becomes the city pariah after being forced by a rival school to kill a girl that he ever love in his life, He later meets Eric, Frozen,  Melanie, Caleb and Rachel aka The Outcasts. But at the abandoned gold mine, They sees something new that'll give them power.
3 3 "The Argument" Gail Mancuso Rob Ulin October 14, 2017 3X5703 6.77[5]
4 4 "Cillian Rises" Lee Shallat Chemel Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter October 21, 2017 3X5704 6.53[6]

After Alex angrily quits the family restaurant, He gets a letter from his childhood friend, Joey to help him to get into the factory but it was all a set-up

5 5 "Cillian Rises Part 2" Ken Whittingham Alex Reid October 31, 2017 3X5702 6.49[7]

Six days after the transformation, A newly transformation Cillian Darcy couldn't visit his family due to his transformation. Jenny is furious at Max Junior for left Alex to death in the power source and grounding him for a week. Max Senior reads the article of Cillian's first crime with a gun and Molly encounters Cillian for the first time.

6 6 "New Founding Fathers of America" Michael Spiller Russ Woody November 4, 2017 3X5705 6.04[8]
Jenny meets the New Founding Fathers of America who offers her a special opportunity by making a speech about the hosting the event called Tournament of the Gods.
7 7 "Where are you, Alex?" Wendey Stanzler & Alex Reid DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler November 18, 2017 3X5707 7.06[9]
While going to the restroom, Jenny's computer becomes the hub of all the family's activities when she gets stuck at the airport and is desperate to reach Alex after a big fight with the family. After FaceTiming with Max Senior and the rest of the family to help track him down, Jenny quickly turns to online snooping which inevitably becomes disturbing real quick and everyone gets sucked into the online drama.
8 8 "Beginning of the Tournament Wendey Stanzler & Alex Reid DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler November 29, 2017 3X5707 7.06[9]
The Tournament of the Gods has finally begin and Max Sr decided to apologize to Alex for everything.
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