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Order of Independence
 Organization Type Unknown (suspected to be a military government)
 Founding Document Unknown
 Head of State Unknown
 Head of Government Unknown
 Commander Unknown
 De Facto Leader Zeta (suspected)
 Executive Branch Unknown
 Judicial Branch Unknown
 Legislative Branch
 Military Branch Order Military
Societal Information
 Planet Unknown
 Moon Unknown
 Official Language Standard Galactic Language
 State Religious Body
 Official holiday
Historical Information
 Formed From Unknown
 Date Established Unknown
 Date Fragmented
 Date Reorganized
 Date Dissolved
 Date Restored
Other Information
 Era(s) Galactic War Era
 Universe Earth-8000
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance


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The Order of Independence is a enigma galactic government superpower, and one of the four possible major galactic governments on the mortal side of the Milky Way galaxy. Not much is known about the Order, other then the fact they fought in the Great Civil War against the Galactic Frontier, the United Nations Space Command and the Galactic Federation. According to the data files located by Delta Squad, it was suspected the Order possess many de facto leaderships, with one being possibly Zeta, a artificial intelligence of supreme intellectual capacity that made many believe she was a celestial construct.